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    Selling: Full Vigi (M) Set & Full Predator(M, L) Set

    As the title says. Offers in comments :)
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    Buying: Full Rascal (M) Unlimited set

    Hi guys, As the title says, I'm looking for a full rascal (M) unlimited set. Cheers! :tiphat:
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    Buying: White Master/Cognac Coat (M)

    Hello, I'm looking for a white/white 'ish Master/Cognac Coat (M). Requirements: - Additional colors are allowed (prefer dark colors) - Textures are allowed - If you're selling a full set, I'm willing to buy that to. Message me a picture and if I like it we sure come to a deal. Cheers...
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    Help: Increase damage level

    Hi guys, I have the following problem: My damage level is way below my hit level. I checked the Breer px pistols and the rifles, but there is no gun that gives me SIB on my damage level. (Or My pistoleer hit is too low to use it, or the gun is not eco to shoot with (because of low damage))...
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    Test decay tool

    Location: Fort Ares Mob: 55 Berycled Young - Old Weapon: Breer p2A (L) Armor: Pixie Plating: Results: Globals: 0 Weapon decay: 6.51 PED Ammo burn: 18.29 PED Armor decay: 0.83 PED Total cost: 25.63 PED Cost per mob: 0.47 PED Est. Skill increase: 0.94 PED Loot (TT): 7.91 PED Loot (MU): 7.99...
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    When will I HOF on Daikiba? - Win 10% of HOF!

    Hi guys, Every now and then someone HOF's on a low maturity Daikiba. I hope I'll be that someone during my Daikiba missions. At the moment I globalled once on these during my missions, unfortunately no HoF. My question for you: Which daikiba is going to give me an HoF? At the moment: 0/5000...
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    Achievement: My first mining global!

    Hi guys! Today I joined a free mining event @OLA 26 (Sarah's Allophyl Farm) and I told the others it would be a miracle if I globalled.. I dropped soooo many bombs everywhere without one single global.. Suddenly, out of the blue it caught me by surprise.. After the 9th bomb I heard those...
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    Buying: Opalo: High TIR and/or high tier

    Hi guys, I'm looking for an Opalo with a high TIR (something like 1450+). Current tier doesn't matter. Cheers! :tiphat:
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    Selling: Full Rascal (M) set

    Hi guys, Full Rascal(M) set totally repaired with a TT value of 60.65 ped. All pieces around tier 0.6. SB: 100.65 (TT+ 40) BO: 120.65 (TT+ 60) -> Still slightly under MU!
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    Help: Where, How and When to mine efficiently with what type of equipment?

    Hello guys, I'm pretty new to mining, so I don't know what to do actually. I've got a lot of questions like: - Where to mine? - Ore/Enmatter? - When to mine? - Type of equipment? - Amped? - Mining strategy? My skills are ~ 2000 in prospecting and surveying. I've got a eMINE EMF at the moment...
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    Selling: Zero Legend Business Blazer + Chinos (M)

    Hi guys, If you're interested, make your bids. Looking for a bid ~ TT + 420 (Blazer + Chinos)
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    Buying: Jaguar (M,L) Full Set

    Hi guys, As the title says.. I prefer full TT pieces!
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    Buying: Zero Legend Business/Office Blazer

    Hi guys, As the title says.. I forgot the (M), so only (M) please. PM me please.
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    General Alcazar - Back to Basics! Win 50+ PED

    Hi guys, As we all know, Entropia Universe is a game in which you should invest our money wisely. If not, you risk losing valuable PED's in no time. However, sometimes you just can't resist.. "Hmm, I feel like crafting today!" or "Wow, nice item, wanna have!" And you feel bad, because the PED's...
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    Achievement: My first global! (Daikiba Guardian - 67PED)

    Hello guys! Today I got my very first global! With my good old CB5! I was pretty excited, as you can notice in soc chat :silly2:
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    Selling: Rex Top Hat (M,C)

    Hello guys, I'm selling a Rex Top Hat (M,C) with a TT value of 46.50 PED. If anyone is interested, state it in a reply :). Thank you!
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    Might be silly - Shogun

    This might be silly, but I'm just a noob and I don't know the price. It would be lovely if you guys could help me. What is the markup for a full Shogun(M) - set? Thank you.
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    Loot already inside creatures?

    Hi! I was wondering.. Does a creature spawn with loot? Or is the loot generated on the moment the creature has been killed? Probably no one could answer my question, but what do you guys think? Greetz, Alcazar.
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    Help: Robots control the JC TP!

    Dear users, I strongly suggest that you stay away from Jason Centre. Robots control the place, gathering around the TP. Some of us are defending, but it's no use. Try to stay away, because the robots won't let you leave! Over & Out.
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    Free event: Find me!

    Hello guys! I have been lucky with loots and other events and I want to share my profit with you! Other players have done the same with me and now it's my turn to return the favor. What? Well, you probably know Rave's "RACE FOR THE PED'S-events", so this is pretty much the same ;) I'll be...
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    Question: Does EU make you happy or depressed?

    Hello all, A lot of games are supposed to be fun for the players. But this game is different.. 90% of the time it makes me depressed because of bad loot or no loot. Sometimes when I hit good loot (global or HOF) it makes me happy. Very happy! Unfortunately this does not happen that often :( So...
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    Help: Teleport after serverswitch?

    Hello guys, I was hunting the other day, while suddenly I lost connection. When I tried to relog, I was asked to change server, because this server was overloaded. I clicked yes. Before the crash I was in Orthos West Mound, but when I was back in the game after the crash I was in an outpost...
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    Connection lost - problems

    Hi, Prolly it's here somewhere on the forum, but I can't find it. I get disconnected 4-5 times a day saying connection lost.. I've got good internetconnection, so I find it weird. Can someone explain this? Or could I prevent this? Thanks for the help!