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  1. DaisyColdFinger

    Dev Notes #19 - Item Dropping Changes

    As any glitcher can testify it is not the item drops that slow the game down but rather more likely the wasteful coding that exists throughout the game in the form of triple layered walls & floors, hidden land masses and half built discarded buildings beneath the surface.
  2. DaisyColdFinger

    R.I.P. to PvP

    You have described Cyrene's Hub - which would be a far greater & persistent success on Cally...
  3. DaisyColdFinger

    Help: launcher stuck

    Same issues with the launcher on my side as well. Tried that - no joy.
  4. DaisyColdFinger

    I hate this damn game!

    Edit : NVM Well with all the stuff going on as of late over here im done posting on pcf Tried to help the guy out and post his pro game positive image of a game win with the line "Here is your image" and you lot come and take the image down but leave my text hanging, making me " now ex pcf...
  5. DaisyColdFinger

    The Idiocy of people

    I smell pirates.....would the real "Gustav Skytte" please sta.............
  6. DaisyColdFinger

    Loot Wave Prediction Software

    You can try to directly avoid it, but whether we like it or not it exist and is far more prevalent than it seems most folks realize.
  7. DaisyColdFinger

    Show us ya face!

    So you looking for a female color square or circle icon img companion ? Sry dont know any but good luck sir.
  8. Coldfinger hits 40

    Coldfinger hits 40

    Omw to a poker game
  9. DaisyColdFinger

    Your Top 5 TV series/box sets

    Yes i got hooked on Incorporated and Caprica, but sadly just one season for Incorporated. Interestingly, looking at everyone lists there is a definite taste among EU players for Dystopia and SciFi type shows. Found most of what i like via Tastekid ( Now TasteDive) recommendations, but not sure...
  10. DaisyColdFinger

    Your Top 5 TV series/box sets

    Current Billions Better Call Saul The Americans Colony Bates Motel Previous Incorporated Lillyhamer The Good Wife Ray Donovan Low Winter Sun Vikings House of Cards Breaking Bad The Borgias Caprica Crisis Westworld Black Mirror and lots you all already mentioned.
  11. DaisyColdFinger

    Solo Kong Skilling

    Well the headline is rather dull and generally i dont look to get impressed in dull places....but maybe thats just me ey :cool:
  12. DaisyColdFinger

    Solo Kong Skilling

    Yea apparently it's a thing and this is what those post event revive kong solo sweaters are getting ============================================================================= DODGE Skilling on Kongs Skill 1x L494 Kong Dodge gives +24.73 Dodge Skill Points Per L494 Kong Level 1x L494 Kong...
  13. DaisyColdFinger

    How old are you?

    Gen X, hit Level 40 few months back - thank cod i just missed the millennial generation roll call (there is still hope for some of you). Any ideas for level 40 midlife crises missions ? - meh will be too busy - nvm :smoke:
  14. DaisyColdFinger

    How come Entropia is not more popular?

    So my theory for the moment is that they want more players but are not ready to risk loosing existing players due to an almost inevitable and massive increase in lag spikes that will almost certainly accompany a large influx of new users.
  15. DaisyColdFinger

    Pictures from the MindArk office!

    What the hell they doing in Rinkeby, Sweden :eyecrazy:
  16. DaisyColdFinger

    Jambon For Online Ambassador For Rocktropia - Check Out The Website...

    Oh what fun > Three words " Deep state milieu " It's game on :smoke:
  17. DaisyColdFinger

    In case the Euro falls

    No but here is a multiple pairs screenie of another "RCE game" i play. ( Do not make trades based on indicators in this image. These are extremely long term projections and not at all reflective of current trends and counter trends within the indicated trends.) OP, if your concerned about...
  18. DaisyColdFinger

    Battle Simulator: Overview

    So once the lay of the land ( shooting sequences, etc) are figured out and with if all things being fully equal, the fastest time will eventually only be determined by connection speed ?
  19. DaisyColdFinger

    Suggestion: Wearable item which changes swirly colours?

    What will be its pronouns :eyecrazy: fekking ponies
  20. DaisyColdFinger

    State of the Universe Address 2017

    One would think it goes without saying - then again this is a world with adult coloring books, safe spaces, selective tolerance "collective free " screeching, pronouns and cave drawings i mean emotes replacing text. I have abandoned psychology (not) and opted for skilling smoke signalling and...
  21. DaisyColdFinger

    State of the Universe Address 2017

    Not much to instill a sense of excitement - new stuff in without finishing half implemented existing ideas. Conclusion = ADD is real :yup:
  22. DaisyColdFinger

    How come Entropia is not more popular?

    Oh ok, im kinda new to the game so helps to know that - thank you so much. + rep comming your way :)
  23. DaisyColdFinger

    How come Entropia is not more popular?

    Cause there are too few Safe Spaces in EU :marching boots: ? < Wtf no emote for "unity" ? LMFAO