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  1. DaisyColdFinger

    Solo Kong Skilling

    Yea apparently it's a thing and this is what those post event revive kong solo sweaters are getting ============================================================================= DODGE Skilling on Kongs Skill 1x L494 Kong Dodge gives +24.73 Dodge Skill Points Per L494 Kong Level 1x L494 Kong...
  2. DaisyColdFinger

    Smart Drugs

    Any smart drug users here ? And by that i mean only the research proven ones such as modafinial , coluracetam and so forth, not the other mixes etc. Situation is this ; I got allot going on and i now want to take my psychology degree further and could do with whatever edge i can get. No need to...
  3. DaisyColdFinger

    Pets = Storage

    Suggestion ; Since we get our pets out anyhow, why not allow them to store goods the same way we do with vehicles. Up to a max amount depending on their rarity + level them up for more storage potential. DCF
  4. DaisyColdFinger

    Question: Real Space Mining

    Question If you accidentally discovered Space Mining a while back, would you all class it as an exploit, glitch or just a bit of fun ? By Space mining i am saying that you would be able to run or walk outside of a space ship in lootable space, equip different tools and be able to drop probes...
  5. DaisyColdFinger

    Evading Mobs

    Is there a tool or chart somewhere that shows you how much Evade / Dodge is required to lessen per (various) mob's hit rates on the ava ? (or that matches your existing evade / dodge levels with mobs best suited to your level) Tnx DCF
  6. DaisyColdFinger

    Replace "PET" with COMPANION and .........

    Outside of hunting......................... In light of the recent thread pertaining to the use of violence to induce obedience in so called pets of animal and human nature i make the following suggestions. SUGGESTION FOR MA Replace "pet" tag with "Companion" Replace whipping with "Care"...
  7. DaisyColdFinger

    Secret Island loading screen stuck on 47%

    Anyone else still unable to dl Secret Island ?
  8. DaisyColdFinger

    Selling: x4 Legendary Pets

    Id like to consider offers for these (1, 2, 3, 6) Rarity = Legendary pets. PM or post offers pls DCF
  9. DaisyColdFinger

    He can who thinks he can

    Came across this oldie the other day again and figured it might provide some guidance to some of you. Bout 5 hours of wisdom, not overly/very academic at all (yet researched that way) easy listening. I often listen to lectures and so forth in the background while whilst trading, so...
  10. DaisyColdFinger

    SexEd VID like you have never heard it before ;)

    This one will linger for longer than you would like ;)
  11. DaisyColdFinger

    Japan's Disposal Workers Net Cafe Refugees

    Zami, youre fired, i told you no talking to the press and why were you sleeping !!!! :smoke:
  12. DaisyColdFinger

    20 Things That Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

    I might be a Darksider but here is a little gem to hopefully make some of you a little "stronger". SOURCE
  13. DaisyColdFinger

    Ambushing WARP Ships

    Seeing as i am in the mood (apparently ^^) with the Quad Combat Mini Guide and all and In the interest of encouraging space fun i have decided to reveal just enough detail on how to ambush any warp ship in space. Who knows, maybe some of you can see the fun (if not profit) in that. Enjoy...
  14. DaisyColdFinger

    Quad Combat Training Guide

    K started posting this in another thread midway through it. So figured i might as well post a new thread, easier to search for. Most of you know me as PKer turned Pirate EU Villain, Asshole, Uber Douche....and i love it. My Ava was the first player to start pirating in EU and make it a full...
  15. DaisyColdFinger

    New RT Movie Destination = Machete Kills ?

    He said, she wishful thinking or what ? Trailer : Legit ?
  16. DaisyColdFinger

    Cities that can be Decayed and Maintained for Realism

    just had a listen to KIM's interview, heard revamps, they want to try and find ways to enage the community more, etc and all sorts of stuff. Then this idea suddenly popped into my head a min ago.....(so haven't really given it any proper thought goes.....) Quick overview ...
  17. DaisyColdFinger

    Skulls Cartel

  18. DaisyColdFinger

    Selling: Jaguar Thigh Guards UL (F&M) - Under MU

    . Selling................................ Jaguar Thigh UL (M) UNDER MU @ TT+950 Jaguar Thigh Guard UL (F) UNDER MU @ TT+496 Send PM if interested........ .
  19. DaisyColdFinger

    Question: EU Stock Exchange

    Does anyone know what happened to this idea ? I recall a old 2000ish interview with some folks from MA (Patric Sundstrom i think was one of em) who mentioned there may well be a fully operational EU Stock Exchange for EU soon (back then) . Anyone know if the idea was shelved or just forgotten...
  20. DaisyColdFinger

    More accurate society selection options

    For new joiners and i guess regulars looking for a change. Would it be possible to allow newcomers or regulars to make more refined, educated choices at the terminals when selecting a new society? ie: By allowing existing society membership globs and hofs in particular professions to...
  21. DaisyColdFinger

    Cant log in - The area you have tried to enter has

    The area you have tried to enter has reached its population i click continue so it can move me but it just hangs on the log in screen loading, loading etc....normlly id have been moved and in game by now, but prolly been about 10mins now just hanging.... Anyone else getting this ...
  22. DaisyColdFinger

    Ever Seen a all Robot Rock n Roll Band ? :D

    Its Legit :yay:
  23. DaisyColdFinger

    Pirating 101

    Art of "Baiting" DCF Oh you gotto be kidding me...that legit :scratch: Yes, yes it is :yup:
  24. DaisyColdFinger

    PETA Europe Add ;)

    Totally legit PETA add...cant protest...its just veg LMAO
  25. DaisyColdFinger


    Beats VR hands down......right ^^ Get inspired, get it done while you can, cause later is never for most, and then you gone. What's your LIFE LEVEL ^^