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    Achievement: Finally, Kill Strike :)

    After months of waiting, finally hit the magic level today. Thought it might pop doing Chomper daily, but skills went up slow. Finished off dailies on prancer, so used a fast shooting newb Kallous gun, and it popped after 3 quick kills :) Starting to feel less newbie now, but still a long way...
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    Game keeps crashing out after today's patch

    Ok, 1st time I've ever had a problem logging into the game. Updated client, click launch, put in password and code, get the loading screen, and after about 10 seconds, back to desktop. Anyone else having this issue, or is it just me. Will see if it's a common problem, before doing anything...
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    Achievement: Storm Coat charcoal (f) finally

    Finally, after years of grinding up daily tokens, got the long awaited coat for 6000 tokens. :wtg: Pic shows the gold, but got the charcoal, think it suits Shadow better :)
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    Silver Eomon Mission

    Just want to know how I unlocked Silver Eomon, yet have not finished the Iron stage of the Eomon mission. Can anyone jog my memory how this was accomplished?
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    CLD voting for ingame consideration

    When will the promised CLD voting system be introduced? If it has been abandoned, why was this not communicated to CLD owners.
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    Uber: Defender Gen 08 1304 ped

    Thought I'd get a few mission points whilst they are readily available in 1 spot, and got this after an hour or so of average loots. Twitch Clip
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    6th Uber, Feffox 1117 ped

    Bored, so wanted to grind a few Feffox points, to finish it, as I hate these mobs :) Twitch link
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    FYI: Shadow armour no longer black, but metalic grey shine

    As per title, my Shadow armour is no longer black, but looks like shiny metallic grey colour. Sort it please Devs, and don't make it take so long as the fubared clothes still out there.
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    Question: Is Longtooth loot borked??

    Ok, done quite a few Longtooth, and for the most part lost a lot of peds. Started off on Alpha to Stalkers, like I usualy do, and no matter how hard I try, I cannot loot one from 16-49 ped. The loot is either Nova (from Old Alpha's) to 15 ped. Stalkers loot from 2 to 15/16 ped, or a global if...
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    Does Face Paint (general beauty products) drop on Caly anymore?

    As the title suggest. Not looted any face paints, make up removers, glitter etc. in a long longgggggggggggggg time on Calypso. Does Calypso have any mob that drops these, or have they all been moved to other planets now? If they have been moved, that's kinda annoying.
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    Uber: We come in Pieces... but not very often. Mulman Degenerate 1837 ped

    Decided to do a short run on these, as it was late, and hit this half way in the hunt. Not a bad weekend overall, with a nice HoF on Osseo yesterday to. Link to Twitch if you want to see the short highlight. Now just waiting patiently for the...
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    Modified Isis LR53 Tier 8

    Finally, after an extremely long and tiring wait to get my gun tiered up, finally popped tonight. Know there was another 53 close behind on my tier, but got the 8th global to reach tiers for it in a row, onwards to 9 and 10, where my tier numbers are a lot higher :) And twitch for video...
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    We come in Pieces... but shared 1416 Warchief

    Doing these Friday evening, loot was ok, had a 700 odd pedder before, then this 1 popped up 10 minutes later.. Stream link For the smaller HoF For the 1416 Ped
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    Uber: Kerberus Cat 4 Team hunt 1938 ped

    Well, with solo going so darn badly, tried a team run. 2nd uber this year on Cat 4, but screenshot never worked :( Anyone buying tokens btw :) Or for the Video (this time twitch did not mute a trumpet blowing)
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    Items dropped at Twin Peaks Service Centre

    Found 6 items outside of Twins Service centre at 4.30. If anyone has dropped them by mistake (if so how?) and want them back, please feel free to contact me in Game or here on forum. TT value of items not much, 47 ped, but I picked them up rather than a scoundrel who'd pick it up hoping for a...
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    Legionnaire Gen 5 1359 ped

    Well, after saying English players get squat the other day, I get this. Nothing unlimited in it, but got a Spirit 2, Enigma L5 and a Brilliance Retro, rest was shrapnel. Now all I need to say is those in England do not loot anything noteworthy :) Or on Twitch, with the dopey fools saying...
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    Is 90% returns still the norm?

    As the title suggests, is everyone getting roughly 90% returns on hunt? My normal returns for the last 2 weeks are 80% and less, with 1 good return in 2 weeks, i.e. in the black, or got more than I went out with, but not much I might add. People can check out my streams if they think I'm not...
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    T-Shirts from Entropia Store

    Just noticed on the client loader they are now starting to sell merchandise. Will order my t-shirt at the weekend, nice to see them keeping up with other developers to sell merchandise :) Would be nice if they added a picture of some of the more good...
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    We come in Pieces... did it twice in a night :)

    Got these 2 tonight, thank you MA, loots improved a lot the past few days. Number 1 2736 ped Number 2 1027 ped Or if you prefer to see it live as it happened.. #1 #2
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    Longtooth 1127 ped

    Only my 4th time posting here solo, but after a few mobs got this fatty longtooth. Or on Twitch, this time with sound :yay:
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    We come in Pieces... get to post again in here

    Finaly, after a long long longgggggggg time, we hit this Aurli tonight 2563 ped. :yay: Or on Stream..
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    Question of the week

    If you could name any new gun in Entropia, what would you name it and why? Think I'd call mine.. Isis Spitfire Isis because I like that name :) Spitfire from the planes of WW2. (if your a Brit, you'll know this). P.S. Please don't move this to weapons section, it's just general chit chat...
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    1710 ped spider MM3

    Not often I get to post in here for a solo uber (3rd time ma, c'mon :) ) Small 60 ped to start with, thought ah well, this is going to be another average run. Then hit the big one, and nearly wet myself. Closely followed by a 572 pedder, then a 376 a few minutes later. Best run in EU to...
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    Achievement: Commando

    Finally, after years of aiming for it, got it tonight, and only 6 days past my ultimate deadline of 31st Dec. Health at the time of unlock was dead on 183, which I got last night. Or on my stream
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    One mob I would like to see an Iron Challenge for..

    The Formicacida. Any chance these will be added soon to? Loved hunting them in the past, but no incentive at the moment to hunt these nice looking mobs.