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  1. J

    How to convince players to come back to EU?

    Everyone talking about losses... not really good to get players to come back with those posts lol. Maybe show off new avatar clothes that rival IMVU or smth.
  2. J

    Mining on Arkadia Moon

    I remember when we were so excited for the ark moon! It actually happened?! Must be really nice! Is it like FOMA?
  3. J

    How to convince players to come back to EU?

    Ah, yes. And that's why I decided not to come back yet ^^ But tbh, that's not enough of a sample size. Shoulda done like 1k peds probes.
  4. J

    Current state of the game (returning player)

    I think I remember you from twin too.. I WAS planning on returning too, lol! But... just from reading the replies XD, all the headaches came back. Now I think ahhh-- I'll leave my newfound entropia lust away from the stay at home situation.
  5. J

    7 CLDs sold for 1400ped, instead of 9800ped

    I think Pollus's error is actually really easy to make. It's not the new system's fault, I like the TT+ for CLDs, it makes it easier and prevents lots of errors. I don't have any CLDs, so I can't do a test, but.... when you put a stack of CLDs in the offer window, and set the price, does it say...
  6. J

    7 CLDs sold for 1400ped, instead of 9800ped

    Thanks Serica for the explanation, at first while reading through, I understood the OP misclicking (so he was selling for way below the order price). Now I understand that the OP actually filled the order correctly. Thus, technically, there actually is no "misclick / mechanical error", but...
  7. J

    2014 State of EU address late?

    tbh, why is everyone so interested in the 2014 announcement? They didn't even fulfill most of the 2013 stuff, so there's really no surprise concerning the contents of the upcoming statement.
  8. J

    2014... Failure...

    well, at least now Peezle knows Zenzile care about him :). Bff ftw?
  9. J

    Do you think its rude to scan people?

    I used to play a MUD based on GodWars. Your stats, just like in EU, aren't available at first glance, you have to "read" people. "Reading" a person from a different clan/soc is enough to start a clanwar, so it need not be mentioned that people attacked/killed each other for...
  10. J

    2014... Failure...

    Hey Zenzile, You're really cool, and we met last year, and you're a nice guy throughout the year. I don't think you should quit, you've made some posts on forums that have good points and that I mostly agree with :). However, I agree with Neil though. Peezle kind of um, he kind of started...
  11. J

    Selling: Mothership " the varyag"

    Free bump :)
  12. J

    Selling: Vibrant Sweat

    Those aren't overpriced... I mean isn't sweat supposed to be 2/k Anyway I'm sure sweat will be worth more now that the portable tt/repair bps need 5k per click LOL. I <3 MA for giving power to the sweaters. They're showing that they equally treat the non-depo'ers as the depo'ers. (it only took...
  13. J

    Another Scammer wrecks it for the rest of you

    I'm actually with Serica on her overmodding for this thread. SoReal blatantly labeled the guy a scammer, but look, he paid anyway after his (pc lag, etc.) was fixed and SoReal was able to find the guy. That's happened to me once, a guy said he'd pay me later, logged off, 3 days later he logs...
  14. J

    Buying: Liakon Shins (F)

    My friend is buying liakon shins, and she doesn't speak American well (wait I meant English... gah). She's decidedly avoiding forums because of this, so I thought I'd make this post for her :). She's buying this piece and is willing to pay around the MU. Please reply here if you're willing to...
  15. J

    New Ship/MA Ship/etc?

    imagine that, there are UFO sightings in space. Even EU has its UFO conspiracies hehe.
  16. J

    Shop owner getting personal details on sale?

    Warp mine, kismet, etc. Let's say you don't want people to know you're a double-agent-pirate. Other reasons: the shop sells stuff below mu, so you buy it to resell but don't want to be labeled a reseller. Some embarrassing items... But actually, I had wanted to purchase a shop someday when...
  17. J

    Monria Server Offline

    still down
  18. J

    cheaters paradise, should MA been seen to act?

    I think Arch is right, if it just looks weird to you, like someone gets 3 mining globals/hofs in a row planetside, just report it. There's no harm in reporting it. Yes it's unlikely to be a bug, but at least it will be investigated, and if MA finds that there was something wrong in the...
  19. J

    Account locked for mining Monria

    I think MA won't take away the claims. When the level 13 bug happened, I don't remember people telling me that claims/peds were removed from their acct. I did hear permabans though So for this Monria bug, I think the claims won't be removed. However, if they are removed.... the very sad part is...
  20. J

    Monria Server Offline

    Those 5 mins were too precious to begin with,. imagine if they gave 20? In those 20 someone might have used 3 level 13 amps and found 10 ATHs+.
  21. J

    The Day After

    When logout is removed, wonderful things will happen :). 1. MS/privateer MU will go up! And with it, gold ingots :D. 2. We won't have to worry about not logging out, or crashing in space, because, finally, we're all forced to stay online. So there's no way you could ever get looted unless #3...
  22. J

    Will you go invisible when we have new chat system?

    I don't understand. PMs don't just pop up by themselves, you have to click them. If you're doing an instance, you can just ignore the shiny light-orange box ? (Unless you're a toreador and it's too hard to resist :D) This game is highly-based on dealing with others - it's an economy, I don't...
  23. J

    CAUTION bug with limited prints!

    Did this bug get fixed with yesterday's patch?... I wanted to click some L bps
  24. J

    SSHHH - this game is a secret!

    Well it's a non-US game. So... you know. Most of the MMOs that end up known the most by gamers are ones in the US. I'm not saying the US is the center of the world. I'm saying its stuff gets strut around the most
  25. J

    Significant drop in success rate

    So I guess the next time there's a universe-wide bad loot for continuous months... it's followed by a month of ATHs and huge ubers? Is that what Bertha bot was trying to say about "not enough of a large sample"? It's not TT-based but time-based?