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  1. lareka

    Boorums? Aaahhh ...

    Just saw Boorum Male Raider global ingame .... are they back? Please tell ... where? :yay:
  2. lareka

    HoF: Trying to copycat Lady Trisha ...

    ... it was a good start on the Leviathans and we got this after 8 minutes hunting: Thanks to my fellow Squires Mants and Warpath for the nice boat trip! :yay: Obviously we have to try much harder to get even close to LT :)
  3. lareka

    Selling: Abrer Laser Sight Blueprint +45PED

    Selling two of those (0.01 and 0.13 tt). Please PM me or post here if interested. Thanks!
  4. lareka

    Info: Soc List 2011

    Society Websites List 2011 Advantage - Age of Enlightenment - All great of EU - Alpha Aeon - Alpha WildD3amons and Cadets - Antipodean...
  5. lareka

    Info: Society Websites List 2009

    13th Legion - Advantage - Alliance francophone - Alpha WildD3amons and Cadets - Aquarius - Antipodean Army -...
  6. lareka

    Ambu steaks - 'raw', 'medium', 'well done'

    Just went out for lunch with my soc mates. Ambus were on the menu and we all picked our favorite recipe. Bon appetit! And ... all globals are in honour of our Lady Trisha :) Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  7. lareka

    7 little DKs dwarfs went on a beacon ...

    ... and met Snow White who filled all their boxes with many many gifts. Thank You my soc fellows Chest, Master, Mack, Downfall, Mir and Pale. :wtg: Thank You Sol for buying it and Neo for organizing! This made my week and probably also the next months :yay: Click to enlarge Beacon 35 hard.
  8. lareka

    Hogglo Baby darling can be yours

    "One little hogglo was sitting on a shelf....." You want me, don't you? Keep reading :) Participate in Dark Knights Squires 'We Want Your Skull' event We will ship the Baby to the player with most globals / HoFs You will only need to feed it regularly :) Big Thanks to Lady Trisha for...
  9. lareka

    21 - 27 April ~ We Want Your Skull

    :vampire: ~ Competition is closed - thanks a lot for participating ~ And the proud winners are: Most globals / HoFs: 8 globals - Thorpie Highest single loot / global: 279 PED by Mir Highest mining find / global: 263 PED Cald by eein Daikiba tusk - prize claimed by Thorpie Daikiba...
  10. lareka

    EFs in foreign languages

    Made a search on this but found nothing ... Does anyone know of foreign language Entropia Forums and if so, could you please add them here? Might give our ever growing player base a second entry point. (main I'd say is and remains ;)) 1. German EF: 2. Polish EF...
  11. lareka

    Moonlighting at the landgrab

    What an evening ... Landgrab was meant to be a support job for us in DKs. Our mother soc Dark Knights did awesome ... so instead of the big massacre we had plenty of time to do some hunting while scouting for the foes. And ... my first HoF popped up unexpectedly on the DK LA to be. :) Thanks...
  12. lareka

    Moonlighting at the landgrab

    double post pls delete admins :hammer:
  13. lareka

    Society Websites Lists 2008

    Opening up a new list of all Society Websites active during 2008. To add / alter your website, please leave a link together with the official society name and I will update the list. The list is limited to 2008 so we only get the active society websites. List of 2007 can be found here...
  14. lareka

    Sweet drone of mine

    Hello swirlies haven't seen you for a while :) - at least not on my own. Small but sweet :) Click to enlarge
  15. lareka

    as good as it gets

    Humble thanks to Lootius, these were 3 great days! Started off with my first crafting global ever, had to be on Filters of course. Click to enlarge Later that day, we had a nice Happy B-Day run for Sol and yay, MA decided to grant him (and the team) a nice present Click to enlarge Not...
  16. lareka

    Team 'Friends having fun'

    Teamhunts may not pay, but the fun can't be compared. Imagine having the buddy from Australia giving you directions to great Onlinemusic, friend Claire (aka AJ) complaining about iceland's rain and our mate from Germany digging out his Excel sheet to make a nice maths record of our hunt, while...
  17. lareka

    DFA & Carloz went HoFing

    Still lost for words, so I let them pics tell the story. Thanks to Zolo, Heroman and CarlOz!!!! And thanks to Lootius ... :)
  18. lareka

    bored of Feffoids yet?

    Hehe, I am not :) . Thanks and rep to Billy BB Braston, who came by accidentally and heroically fapped me during my fight against the big, white tower in front of me, also known as Feffoid Clan Warlord. What a morning ... good loot at 7am54, never got into EU so early. Now I know why they say...
  19. lareka

    silent luck on CND

    First time up there looked like a very expensive and frustrating experience for 45 minutes. Yellow line, yellow line *yawn*. Ready to leave, I was about to just click that loot window away ... when all the sudden ... the corner of a vigi helmet (m) started swirling at me :yay: . So I decided to...
  20. lareka

    Drones Team Hunt - 2 Globies ;o)

    yaay, this was nice ... first time on a random hunt with a bunch of Hungarian Atrox Killers and it was worth every minute :) - how could I ever forget I was born in Budapest??? :rolleyes:
  21. lareka

    First solo global

    MA surprised (or rather shocked) me to grant me such a nice first one after 6 months of playing :) . Loved the 1,5 hours 'work' that it meant ;) . Special thanks to Anomaalia! He was a wonderful guard killing off all vultures (hiryuus) looking for food (drillers). In the meantime I learned...
  22. lareka

    First solo global

    MA surprised me or rather shocked me to grant me such a nice first one after 6 months of playing :) . Loved the 1,5 hours 'work' that it meant ;) . pic above