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  1. AlphaGeek

    Moving to West Virginia

    So, it looks like I'll be moving one state over from my home, and into the woolly wilds of West (by god) Virginia. I don't know a huge amount about it over there, but I hear there are fun things to see and do. It'll be further from my beloved ocean, but mountains are kinda pretty I suppose. They...
  2. AlphaGeek

    The *real* first millionaire gamer- and his movie!

    Anyone seen Man on a Misson yet? I'm tempted to sign up for amazon prime so I can watch it.
  3. AlphaGeek

    This just strikes me as amusing for some reason.

    I was looking at demotivational posters and this one strikes a chord with me for some reason... Get one of your own here.
  4. AlphaGeek

    Info: Beacon Mission- Tactical Data Exchange! :sniper:

    Greetings, Valiant Robot Fighters! In order to help your fellow colonists achieve victory against the robot forces on the new fields of battle, please share whatever accurate information your raiding team can gather. Manticore will be taking the fight to the Robots ourselves on 17 December as...
  5. AlphaGeek

    Great deal from Mr Joe Ryan Roger!

    Did anyone else get a great banking deal in PM from a Mr Joe Ryan Roger? I'm gonna send him a handling fee and all my financial woes will be over!!! WOOOOT!:eyecrazy::tongue2::scratch2::laugh:
  6. AlphaGeek

    These guys want a word with Mindark

    Apparently, the lack of robot conflict and storyline have upset these... individuals. Kim, you'd better get us some robot war luvvin' and fast!
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    Why is this labelled "funny"?

    Going in general discussion here because it's not my listing on ebay. While looking for something else I tried a search for Entropia Universe and found this item in the rl auction: Entropia Universe License Plate Frame Why did the seller go with "funny"? Meh, at least it isn't someone...
  8. AlphaGeek

    once More into the Breach! H-Day Cometh!

    To: Gen. Frank Jameson (ret) - Governor, Calypso From Alpha AG Geek – CEO, Manticore Re: Colonist reoccupation of Hadesheim General Jameson, As a veteran of the defensive actions against the robot forces of Akbal-Cimi, you are no doubt aware of the actions take by their forces two years ago...
  9. AlphaGeek

    Chilling Hel's Fire

    I got curious looking at a Fire of Hel in the auction window and decided to zoom in to see what the labelling read. Oh, bitter irony!!! No, really, this is on them, I didn't make this up:
  10. AlphaGeek

    Aniara Mothership- Name of Class Etymology

    From Wikipedia: "Aniara is an opera in two acts by Karl-Birger Blomdahl, with a libretto by Erik Lindegren based on the poem Aniara by Harry Martinson, that was premiered in 1959.[1] The opera was described by the composer as a "review about Man in Time and Space".[2]" Reading the entire...
  11. AlphaGeek

    The Big Man has left the band- RIP Clarence Clemons

    Over the weekend I heard the sad news. Clarence Clemons, sax man for Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, passed away. Clemons' work provided much of the signature sound that the Boss enjoyed during the band's heyday. Jungleland and Born to Run would be nothing without the Big Man. Goodbye...
  12. AlphaGeek

    So...Who is in charge here?

    Dear MindArk, The player community noticed the brief notice indicating that once again, MA is owner of Calypso, or at least in control of it. It might be a good thing for someone in your ranks to step forward and at least say something to we who are once again your customers. Are any of the...
  13. AlphaGeek

    "Thunderbirds" Stamps (and a new series!) are GO!

    Ok Gerry Anderson fans, here ya go!
  14. AlphaGeek

    SpaceX commercial orbital test flight a total success! AND a Top Secret...

    ...cargo! Yesterday, the SpaceX company lofted, orbited, and recovered the first successful commercial orbital craft. The unmanned Dragon space capsule, perched atop SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket, lifted off from Cape Canaveral Florida, made two orbits and successfully re-entered the atmosphere...
  15. AlphaGeek

    11.5.1 The little touches that count!

    Every VU has some bugs, but I'm not starting this thread to whine. In fact, one of the coolest things I've had happen in game in a very long time occured this evening. I decided to check out the Medusa islands. After landing by the TP, I started walking through the structure. I came out level...
  16. AlphaGeek

    Mob reports from the Medusas?

    So, what's going on out there? Come on somebody, taunt me with details while I'm still at work! :laugh:
  17. AlphaGeek

    Kernel Panic = EOL for Harbingers?

    So, the last intercept showed that at lease one processor in the robot mindcloud had gone into kernel panic. For those of those dealing with Terran concerns this early in the day, could someone scout Hadesheim and report if any changes in Harbinger activity have occurred? Have we won the day...
  18. AlphaGeek

    Leslie Nielsen- RIP :(

    From "Leslie Nielsen, who dazzled with deadpan in The Naked Gun and Airplane!, passed away on Sunday at a hospital near his home in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., where he was being treated for pneumonia, according to the New York Times. He was 84." Earlier in his career, Nielsen played some...
  19. AlphaGeek

    Intercept- 25 Nov, 13:29 UTC

    New this morning after it seems we took out Briers' assassins at PA. Please place any decryption in the main thread. 0xAB6ED5632D57DFDA989AE9F660ADA1C7DAB259F 0xF2FB9BA5CD597C71DEB5E3 0xF3969AC4B5BE26039F35B76ABE8360FFAD7E7 0xEEA6DADB66B
  20. AlphaGeek

    Prepare for the seven!...maybe.

    They're attempting to attack commerce next, and there may be a clue as to what Calypso will face next. Given the new encryption key, I found this Here's an excerpt, which includes a correct spelling of the encryption key text: DESCRIPTIONS OF "THE SEVEN" I Destructive storms and evil...
  21. AlphaGeek

    FORUM: If moving a thread to another forum area, say WHY!

    While I have no objection to the moderators of this forum moving topics to areas that they feel more appropriate to the conversation, doing users the courtesy of mentioning that it has been done and why would be nice. Thank you, AG
  22. AlphaGeek

    5 years ago...

    ...after my body had been reconstructed from the attack on my shuttle, I set foot in an area surrounded by a large yellow containment wall. Confused, I had to learn to walk again, how to communicate, and how to accomplish the most basic of chores. I managed to make my way into Port Atlantis and...
  23. AlphaGeek

    The eleventh day of the eleventh month... the day many nations remember as either Armistice Day, Rememberence Day, or Veterans Day. Those that have fallen in the name of freedom can never be thanked enough. Their sacrifice was ultimate. For those that have answered the call to support and defend your nation...whatever nation...
  24. AlphaGeek

    Hadesheim / Typhon Unearthed

    For those that haven't ventured into the area of our beloved Capital City, I've recorded a recent fly over I made so you can see what those frakkin tin plated refugees from a toaster factory have done. PS: MARCO! Give me a weapons loadout for my VTOL so I can go all Zaxxon on their ass!
  25. AlphaGeek

    RX Unit / Mutant connection?

    Whatever happened to Shelly Nakajira? Did the robots do something to her? One last edit to try and keep the first post information as accurate as possible. Apologies for the now probably incorrect implication of mutants in the title. Seems Nakajira was out of mutant hands for quite some time...