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  1. valentin

    Achievement: Lots of Aurlis.

    Done one of the games biggers mission, total of about 30K Aurlis in stage 1,2 and 3.
  2. valentin

    Need some help.

    Hi all... Havent been inside this game for a time and now i can see that i cant get same control over my mouse like before - so i need some hael so i can get back the control over my mouse like i had before.:)
  3. valentin

    Question: Issues about the skill Intuition.

    Wondering what function the skill Intuition how it is noticed in the game,if you notice something in the game when you get this skill if you compare before and after this skill.:)
  4. valentin

    Help: cant log in.....

    Want to ask if it is some problems because i cant log in today.:confused::confused::confused:
  5. valentin

    Should MA Allow Avatars to be sold

    Should MA Allow Avatars to be sold. As it is just now, we are not Allowed to sell ours Avatar in the game even if we know that many ppl, has sold theres Avatars " with MA:s good memory ". Ok. Officially we cant sell ours Avatars but We can always give away the avatar to another player. And...
  6. valentin

    How much.

    For evade 9100 points and commando 7500 points to days price before ESI if i want to sell the skills. :) Sir Valentin
  7. valentin

    Question: Bulk sell.

    Hi. Have to ask. How do i sell my Avatar skills as bulk sale in the game when the skills is still on my avatar. Ok i know many players has sold theres avatars and still do that if i want to do that how will i do that. !!! Need some answers about how i had to do if i sell all my skills as bulk...
  8. valentin

    1000 Globals and Hofs.

    Got one of my goals today to get 1000 Globals and hofs on Osse. :yay::yay::yay:
  9. valentin

    Selling: Shadow M (ul)

    Selling Shadow armor M (ul) full Tiers 1 or 2 New price goes for 30k peds. Have to tell i am not in hurry to sell. If you want adj 5B plates full set put on 7k peds.
  10. valentin

    Whats the price nowdays.

    Want to ask how much for a Shadow full ul M parts is tier 2-3 and a DOA RJ ME tier 7. to day. :)
  11. valentin

    Price info

    Hi..I want to ask price on Full Shadow M ul most parts is tier 1.9-2.9 and a DOA RJ ME tier 7.9.
  12. valentin

    Selling: A bit of sale.:)

    Hi all. 510k skills for sale, only in package deal.:) When i sold my skills i will start to sell my items. :dance:
  13. valentin

    Osse mission is over.

    Osse mission is over for me.:)
  14. valentin

    Well done MA.

    I went to Mino to get a Amp with my blood sample Have A+B+C+D and it only accepted the Blood sample D and not the rest of Blood samples so i havent got a Amp and now i lost my D sample.......Well done MA.:mad:
  15. valentin

    Modified EWE EP-40 Mercenary.

    Hi. Have to ask. Whay do so many ppl sell theres Modified EWE EP-40 Mercenary because its the best weapon in the game or it used to be that,!!!:coffee:
  16. valentin

    1M sweat :)

    Hi all sweaters i have put a new goal to try to sweat 1M sweat, just now i am at 103k will see how my goal will be.:)
  17. valentin

    Do MA count ours total skills in any other way.

    Something is strange with that we can see all skills now because many ppl i talked to in the game seems that they have less skills then before. I had 533667 Points 09-09-2014 today i have only 499702 Points. Be friendly if you counted on your skills before the UV verify that it is correct or...
  18. valentin

    Unlimited armor drops part II.

    Unlimited armor drops angel or higher - What mob drops what? Just in normal hunting no Events.
  19. valentin

    Apartments have been too light again.

    The bug is back, the apartments have been too light again.
  20. valentin

    I have discovered stealth mob and I call it "Type 3".

    Stealth 1 mob just pops up and attacking you. ( This all know ). Stealth 2 mob pops up and waits until you kill the mob you kill now and then it attacking you. ( These mobs began to appear with longtooths this year ). Stealth 3 mobs, you hear their footsteps beind you all the time and it...
  21. valentin

    Have finally reached the magic number of 10,000

    Have finally reached the magic number of 10,000 Hofs and Globals in hunting.:yay::yay::yay:
  22. valentin

    Question about skill Intuition.

    Would like to ask all the players who have skill Intuition if they noticed any difference before and after this skill.:)
  23. valentin

    About armors.

    I do not understand why people have begun to find top armors are so expensive !! often I have heard that there are at least as good (L) armors so whay buy a (ul) armor för that kind of money. But....Lets say...Take a shadow full armor (L) whats the price - Lets say about 2000 peds and if you...
  24. valentin

    Hey. Thought to ask you all ..

    Hey. Thought to ask you all .. Since the game counts as a hobby in Sweden and according to Swedish law, all gains are taxed but I have the right to deduct for those investments I made. My investments are the money I invested in the game - then the question now, I can see how much money I put...
  25. valentin

    Total skill over 500K.

    I had a bit boring so I added up my total skill and its now 533667 Points. :):yay::):yay: