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  1. Tina Walther

    Buying: Supremacy (F)

    Hello, as title says i´m looking for the following female armor parts: Supremacy Thigh Guards Supremacy Gloves Supremacy Foot Guards Hoping that in Eomon Migration new parts drop, since spare parts outside of existing Armor sets seem to be non existant. Feel free to PM me here or Ingame if you...
  2. Tina Walther

    Buying: Easter Ring 2020 or Christmas Ring 17/18

    Hello, as title says im in the Market for an Easter 20 or Christmas 17/18 got PED´s Ready but my current Righthand ring can be part of the Trade EDIT: Trading my MMOWC + Ped for your Christmas 17/18 Ring or Halloween 19
  3. Tina Walther

    HoF: Back to Back HoF´s on Eomon

    Hello PCF community, today was a nice day as i got two HoF´s in a row on Eomon Alpha/Old Alpha spawn :) 688 PED OA 2524 PED OA
  4. Tina Walther

    Selling: Teleportation Chip III

    Hello fellow Entropians. I´m selling a freshly looted Teleport Chip III with 15.53 PED TT value. Looking for tt+280 PED.
  5. Tina Walther

    Selling: Summer Ring 2016

    Hello PCF, I am willing to sell my Summer Ring 2016 8% Faster Reload 20% Faster Run speed 40% Increased Regeneration 2% Increased Critical Hit chance 25% Skill Bonus - Laser Weapons 25% Skill Bonus - BLP Weapons 25% Skill Bonus - Melee Weapons Contact me via PM with your offer in...
  6. Tina Walther

    Selling: Supremacy (F)

    Hello, I am Selling the Following Armor Parts: [Supremacy Harness (F)] [Supremacy Helmet (F)] [Supremacy Arm Guards (F)](Tier 1) [Supremacy Shin Guards (F)](Tier 1)
  7. Tina Walther

    HoF: Tina´s HoF

    Having a good time in EU with good loots :) Warlock Gen8 1244 PED Quasar the Punisher Team Loot 775 PED Letomie Mature 3162 PED Warrior Commander 010011 1967 PED Eomon Old Alpha 506 PED Eomon Old Alpha 997 PED Eomon Old Alpha 2229 PED Eomon Old Alpha 14857 PED Eomon Stalker 701...
  8. Tina Walther

    Selling: Empty Skill Implant 1159.87 PED TT

    Hello PCF Community. I want to sell a Empty Skill Implant with a TT value of 1159.87 PED You can contact me via PM here on PCF or Ingame by Player Register, search for "Tina Abuyin Walther"
  9. Tina Walther

    Selling: Selling Some Stuff

    Hello fellow Entropians. I want to put up the following items for Sale: Improved A-3 Justifier Mk.II Tier 3.9 Meckel & Loch PSG-45 Sniper Tier 5 Meckel & Loch ML-45 Tier 5 DetPil V-Rex 2000, SGA Edition Tier 6 Bicak Blix Shortblade Level 22 req. Tier 5 Hedoc Mayhem Improved Tier 1 Also i...
  10. Tina Walther

    Buying: Chelydra Parts (F)

    Hello, as title says im buying the following parts of Chelydra armor: Helmet Harness Thigh Gloves PM me please
  11. Tina Walther


    i did not really expect that i will ever post on that forum section but here it comes: miau
  12. Tina Walther

    Selling: Mourner DNA Sample

    Hello, I´m selling one Mourner DNA Sample
  13. Tina Walther

    DNA Samples from cat 3 MM

    price check on Nexnecis DNA Sample Gokibusagi DNA Sample Mourner DNA Sample
  14. Tina Walther

    Selling: Eon Female Unlimited (Harness, Shin, Helm, Arm)

    As topic says, i would like to sell my four Eon parts. Entropedia Link Eon Armguard (F): TT: 210ped Eon Harness (F): TT: 300ped Eon Shinguard (F): TT: 205ped Eon Helmet (F): TT: 170ped Asking Pricerange: TT+ 21000 Ped for all parts or PM me with your offer for single parts Edit...
  15. Tina Walther

    for an cK free universe

    Click to enlarge without words...
  16. Tina Walther

    Bugged PvP3

    There are PPL out there running around in PvP3 that can not be damaged. they know that there where they are is usaly PvP zone, but they stated that their "bulb" is green. :mad: i have screened it and gonna write suport case.
  17. Tina Walther

    Bored at Work...

    well i got bored at work so i pimped my forklift :D
  18. Tina Walther

    PC: Pleat Coat (F,C)

    well my Pleat Coat have two Burgundy fields, and one 99,x% Rutol Field Click to enlarge I payd for the coat something around 3200ped, and the Coloring/texturing around 1500 ped (i duno what it was exactly but something around that:scratch2:) what is it worth???
  19. Tina Walther

    Lichter Carbine Decay Test

    There was no Information over THe Decay on Wiki, so i make a decay test with sweat AFAIK make that an Decay of 1.5pec. Am I right? p.s. already added decay to wiki...
  20. Tina Walther

    S: Adapted Montgomery Anabolic (L)

    Im sell My Adapted Montgomery Anabolic, its a (L) Laser Carbine Stats Damage: 62 HP Range: 66 m Attacks: 50 /min Reload: 1.2 sec Dmg/sec: 51.7 HP Power: 3410.0 Economy Max. TT: 893.00 PED Min. TT: 26.79 PED Ammo: 13 Decay: 1.482 PEC Total Uses: 58449 Cost: 14.48 PEC Dmg/PEC: 4.28 HP Damage...