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  1. Lobbe

    Selling: Everything I got, items and skills.

    Hey! So I have finally decided to sell out everything. Here is a list of all items I'm selling. 1B armour planting, will only sell as a set of 7. With shogun armour they are pretty good against bots. skill NOT on chip: Marksmanship, esi needed 33,9ped Combat Reflexes, esi needed 9,38ped...
  2. Lobbe

    Selling: Xfire clothes Male

    Hi! Alright the time has come for me to sell my Xfire clothes set :) it contains a xfire jacket and xfire pants. Auction will run from now until Monday 26th of october at 00:00 UTC Opening bid is tt+300ped by Mirom (PM bid) Buyout bid tt+500ped Happy bidding!SOLD FOR BO TO MIROM
  3. Lobbe

    Xfire clothes Male

    I'd like to know the price for the xfire shirt and pants in a set (male). Because I'm thinking of selling my set. Thanks in advance Click to enlarge
  4. Lobbe

    Dream Hack

    Tomorrow it's Dream Hack 2009 summer (in sweden if u didn't know) My friend invited me today because he had a ticket over. So if any Entropia player want to meet up u could contact me on msn or something or 0706368451 :) see you there hopefully
  5. Lobbe

    Selling: Armor Planting.5B Mentor Edition

    Last Sunday my dad had his first deciple graduated and the gift he got was an Armor Planting Mark.5B Mentor Edition. And as my dad doesn't have an EF account I'm the one selling it for him :) This every nice plate has a start bid of 1000 ped and auction will run for 1 week when start bid...
  6. Lobbe

    My Bikes

    I just wanted to show u my bikes :) enjoy Btw now I want u to show me ur bike :)
  7. Lobbe

    Selling: Martial Harness Male (L)

    Hey! Me and my friend Simon looted a martial Male harness last Sunday. And now we want to sell it. It has a hight tt of 104ped and we want about 200% as that's what the markup is. When I took the picture last sunday it was close to 200% when I looked today it was 200% :) so somewhere around...
  8. Lobbe

    My new appartment

    Alright I fineally found my new appartment weeiiiii Ratio helped me to place my things at the right place :D Marie and Viper just stood and watched :) welcome to visit me now when I got my new place :) my stuff my nice glass window :) and the view from the roof
  9. Lobbe

    Selling: Xfire clothes Male

    Hey! My dad has decided to sell his xfire clothes that he won from the xfire competition last year. He would like to sell as a set. Opening bid for jacket tt+148ped or offers Opening bid for pants tt+51ped or offers Opening bid for set tt+175 u save 24ped, or offer SOLD TO TheRock for...
  10. Lobbe

    Question: All Time High Sound

    Hey everyone! Yesterday I started to think about ath's and I really would like to know if they have a different sound compared to hofs? As I haven't get an ATH I can't really tell so I hope that someone who reads this thread can answer me :) Thanks in advance And if ATH's have their own...
  11. Lobbe

    Achievement: Ranged DMG Assessment

    Hey :) today 1 hour over 00:00 I finally unlocked RDA it feels so good :)
  12. Lobbe

    Healing service

    Hey everyone i'd like to advertise my healing service and the point of it is to gain some skills so I can max t15 at least. Faps I got: Fap 80: 23-32, 27 times per min that's how I can use it atm Fap 50: 13.1-26, 24 times per min I can use a Hedoc SK-20 and it's maxed 25.7-34.3, 20/min an...
  13. Lobbe

    HoF: Karleby LAN HOF

    Me and 4 mates had a blast hunting trox :) all except me have just play a few times before so we went out with cb5 and wow we even managed to take guardian down ;) but I had to heal em a "little" ... We took a young and BANG it was a 746ped hof :D wow shit we screamed like crazy and my friends...
  14. Lobbe

    Achievement: Sweat gathering failed 50 times

    I was out sweating today and I found a mob that i sweated but failed and failed over and over again :) actually I did fail 50 times in a row :D and he didn't even touch me^^ after that i tried to kill him but I could not even hit him, strange =) :wtg:
  15. Lobbe

    Buying: 1B armor plates

    Hey I'm looking to buy a full set of 1B armor plates. If someone could craft them for me that could also work I'm sure we can come up with something:)
  16. Lobbe

    H-E Soc Hunt On CND

    Some ppl from Honest Entropians went to CND for a soc hunt and here u can see it :)
  17. Lobbe

    Atrox Hunt

    Hello :) I filmed my soc mates a while ago when they hunted big Atrox at the rig and now I used Night's editing service :) Night did a great job for sure:)...
  18. Lobbe

    Selling: XFire Survival Knife

    Okey my dad Oskar88 on xfire who won a Xfire knife wish to sell it now :) tt=119.29ped 99.4% so very close to full tt. if u look on markup only 2 have been sold and it seams to go for ~133% tt+38.71 (158ped) see that as a mark~ :) End of the auction is Sunday the 26 of october at 24:00 MA...
  19. Lobbe

    Selling: MegaView Display (PC)

    Okey I got MegaView Display (PC) screen form the xfire contest and I would like to sell it as I don't have any place for it :) IT'S SOLD!!!
  20. Lobbe

    Xfire prize ceremony

    At 17:00 MA time today xfire hold their prize ceremony as they had promise. When I got home from school today I checked on EF as usually and I saw a thread named xfire bla bla bla :) and u could see the winners there. So I started of with who won the Xfire video contest and on number 2 it said...
  21. Lobbe

    My Xfire Movie

    Hey. Me and Sexywoman made an Xfire move and I hope u like it:) and please vote cool :) :yay: Have a nice day. Feel free to ad ur own video here :)
  22. Lobbe

    Where to buy Ukash

    Hi boys and girls here on EF :) Last week I figured that I should go buy a Ukash to try it out:) So I went to and checked where I could buy it. There was a place that should have it not to far away form where I live. The Next day I went there and asked for a Ukash voucher but no...
  23. Lobbe

    Selling: Beast BLP Amp

    Selling Beast BLP amp tt+127 SB tt+130 BO I want it to get sold fast:)
  24. Lobbe

    EU is down, CryEngine Comming?

    Okey atm EU is down and I get the feeling that CryEngine is on it way. Let's hope MA is surprising us :) Hold ur tumbs everyone :)
  25. Lobbe

    FireFox Download Day

    Hey. Today it's FireFox download day and they will try to set a new world record the most downloaded software in 24 hours so go download it and be a part of the fun :)