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  1. Thantos

    How much will each hangar owner get paid?

    MA said they are going to pay the hangar pilots this summer. How much do you think each one of them will get? I'm not sure how many there are, so I am going to guess 75k-100k each. Am I too high? Not high enough? What do you think?
  2. Thantos

    New tool for reaching those hard to get to mining claims.

    :eek: The guy gets a HOF at the end of the video. :laugh: RobaJKGMMiE
  3. Thantos

    Trying to loot every item from drones.

    I'm going to try something different. I am going to try to loot every item from drones (that is listed on that is not an event item. If the item is marked "Rare" or "Extremely Rare", I will try to include a screen shot. I will put the date looted next to each item. I will...
  4. Thantos

    Achievement: I reached lvl 3 prospector today.

    :lolup: :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  5. Thantos

    Here is some Rocktopia video for those of you at work.

    Sorry, this is my first video ever so it is not edited. Just wanted to get it online for those of you at work. Don't mind my pause in the middle, I was answering some questions on EF chat. Yes, I got pwned by the dragon. :ahh: bCjLiStjTVg
  6. Thantos

    Here are scans of two of the new VU11 mobs

    Dragon shoots fire and kicks my noob butt. Dancers are easy. Maturities for dancers: Drunk Bootylicious (rofl) Dancer Voluptuos Frisky Foxy Strung Out Moody Coordinates on dancers: 137101, 83735 Dragons just east of there. Lone Wolf Coords: 135537, 84322
  7. Thantos

    What is so hard about posting content now MA?

    I still do not understand why MA posts content changes after the update. So after the new planet is introduced, we can start trying to figure out how to get there? Why can't we read about it now? That way, we are ready as soon as we can get back in. To me, this actually makes MA lose money...
  8. Thantos

    Buying: Bodyguard footguards M unlimited

    Anyone have this BP or a spare set of these footies sitting around? I need one pair of M,UL. I will make it easy on you and just buy them from the auction for a slightly inflated MU. Thanks. :yay:
  9. Thantos

    No claim post in new version?

    First mining find I had in new release this morning has no claim. I am going to drop a few more to see if this was an isolated incident, but be careful. Second one, same way. I will relog to check it out. Nope, relogging didn't fix it. You may not want to mine right now. :rolleyes...
  10. Thantos

    If you could change one thing back to the way it used to be....

    If you could change one thing back to the way it used to be, what would you choose? Better loot is not an acceptable answer. :silly2: Mine would be: The ability to put a A104 amp on the opalo again. :ahh: I miss that combination severly and would love to have it back. A 50 ped hunt on argos...
  11. Thantos

    Selling: Selling 12 ESIs from 10-115 ped TT value

    I have the following ESIs for sale: I'm going to lower my MU by 5% each time I bump these. BO now 670%. 10.34 PED 10.96 PED 11.10 PED 12.22 PED 12.85 PED 13.56 PED 17.16 PED 19.20 PED 12.49 PED 12.79 PED 64.37 PED SOLD 115.49 PED SOLD Of course, I would love to sell them in a...
  12. Thantos

    Selling: Rutuba Back Strap and Foot Guards M,L

    Selling Rutuba Back Strap and Foot Guards M,L Full TT Current winning bids: Back strap: 450% by Nord Foot guards: 250% by Nord Stats here: Back Strap Starting Bid: 450% Back Strap Buy Out: 560% Foot Guards Starting Bid: 250% Foot Guards...
  13. Thantos

    Trying to set prices on sweating, flights, etc is illegal.

    Before we have 10 billion posts talking about the decline in sweat prices and how people need to band together and set a price, I though I would share this with the community. It is illegal to try to set the price on items with competitors. You cannot conspire to do it either. It is against...
  14. Thantos

    When the login screen says "servers online" we should be able to login.

    This still drives me crazy. When we have a green check mark, we should be able to login. Please fix this. :rolleyes:
  15. Thantos

    Uber: XXII Gazz

    Wow!! I finally ubered in mining. It is not my main profession, but I've been pretty tired of hunting lately so I headed up to CND. I was half asleep when it happened and I thought, kewl, a two or three hundred pedder. I turned around, saw a tower, and looked at the HOF message and went...
  16. Thantos

    Should MA/FPC let us continue to teleport to CND?

    I think MA/FPC should continue to let us teleport to CND, CP, and anywhere else even after the hangars are up and working again. Split the peds, once per month, to all hangar owners. Now at this point, some of you are saying this isn't fair. Just hold on and read the rest. Pilots will still...
  17. Thantos

    Selling: 9 ESI's

    I have the following ESI's for sale. Right now, it is a bulk sale only. Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 19.20 PED CARRIED Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 13.56 PED CARRIED Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 11.10 PED CARRIED Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 10.34 PED CARRIED Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 12.85 PED...
  18. Thantos

    Where can I find exa stalkers?

    I looked at the creature chart for VU 10 but can't find them. Nostrops LA is empty (did he get banned? I can't remember) so I couldn't find any there. Any help is greatly appreciated. Oh, yeah. A good spawn too, not just one or two scattered about.
  19. Thantos

    1 Million Ammo Spent

    I do not normally keep track of what I spend ingame (too depressing). But, I decided to document some of my ambu hunting. I determined very quickly that it was going to be very easy to expend one million pieces of ammo. Here are the results: Start September 1, 2009 Loss 2409.15 peds 40 hunts...
  20. Thantos

    Who is Chery Lady's real avatar?

    I knew Chery Lady was too much of a troll to be a new avatar. He admits it in this thread: So, who do you think his real avatar is? I have no idea myself. Here is the quote from the thread.
  21. Thantos

    No SGA Items for you.

    Just replace the word "soup" in this video (when the soup nazi says it) with the words "SGA Item".
  22. Thantos

    How long did you assume it was going to take to get to VU10.1?

    Yes, I assumed we would get VU10.1 within one week. You know what happens when you assume. :lolup: What did you think the VU schedule would look like? Has MA said anything about this. I haven't seen it, but I may have missed it.
  23. Thantos

    Night globals :D

    Well, I haven't seen anyone post any night globals so I thought I would share these. I think they look pretty kewl. :ahh:
  24. Thantos

    How to prepare yourself for VU 10.0

    This will probably be the biggest VU we have seen since Project Entropia was released. With this release, there will be unforseen issues. That is to be expected with any large software release/upgrade. So, the question is how do we prepare ourselves mentally for such an eventuality? One of...
  25. Thantos

    Info: Rules for PVP

    This will be a bit of a rant, but there will be good info also. :ahh: I've been doing a lot of green dot hunting in PVP 4 lately. For some reason, it fits my mood right now. I've noticed, there are quite a few people who get very upset when they are killed in PVP 4. Some of them give mild...