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  1. Dragon Moon

    Selling: Nusul DNA part

    Selling Arkadia DNA part: Nusul flesh. PM your offers.
  2. Dragon Moon

    Failed login attempts from China?

    Anybody else got an email about failed login attempts on PCF? Somebody with an IP address from China seems to have tried to get into my account. Dear Dragon Moon, Someone has tried to log into your account on with an incorrect password at least 5 times. This person has...
  3. Dragon Moon

    Arkadia Mob and TP Map [with mob levels and tp coords]

    Here's a link to my map with the current mob on Arkadia, incl. the mob levels, and the teleporters and outposts that I found so far, with coordinates.
  4. Dragon Moon

    Crysis 2 Live Stream on Youtube right now

    Youtube started it's Live Stream platform today [ ], and there's a live stream of somebody playing Crysis 2. Now that's what I call excellent graphics.
  5. Dragon Moon

    Loss of skills?

    Anybody else reached a new skill level after they've had that level already for a while? Just happened to me... I got a green swirly telling me that I leveled up to lvl 61 laser pistoleer. Well... I reached that level already about 4 weeks ago! I hunted alot and I skilled a lot since then, and...
  6. Dragon Moon

    Selling: AAAAH...the SGA Angel Arms F

    Yes fellow male avatars, you're not alone. I too looted an armor part F and can't use it. So SGA Angel Arms F are up for grabs. This is not an auction because I'm holding the arms for a buyer for several weeks now, but she hasn't logged in or contacted me as planned. So no auction just in...
  7. Dragon Moon

    Angel Arm Guards F SGA

    I can't use them :( Any suggestions what would be a reasonable price for those? Thanks in advance.
  8. Dragon Moon

    Pet doesn't skill?

    I tamed a female Snablesnot and an Exa young last night and got the Exa finishing lvl 3 just fine in a short time with a few nutrion bars. The Snablesnot reached lvl 3 and doesn't skill at all anymore. The first blue marker on the skill bar is filled half and doesn't move ever since, but the...
  9. Dragon Moon

    Question: Anybody ever fell for this....

    .....Hunting Guide, ? If so, please tell if it was worth the money (which I doubt) or if you feel ripped off (which I assume). Set me straight if my assumptions are wrong. Thanks guys!
  10. Dragon Moon

    Too cool to loot? :0

    I'm wondering if I'm too cool to loot now after I unlocked coolness 10 days ago. I'm at a loss about the things that are happening ever since. And btw, this posting is not meant as complaint or whining. I'm just trying to figure out why things are how they are, or if they even are how I assume...