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  1. Poisonhearts

    No idea what to do

    I sold my skills and all of my items quite a while ago and I just got PE back up and running and I have no idea what to do. I want to do some low level hunting and I will deposit about $70 to get things rolling. What armor and weapons should I get? What kind of mobs should I be hunting? I'm just...
  2. Poisonhearts

    Any Entropians around the Edmonton, Canada area?

    Hey guys I think there are a few Entropians from around this area. Was wondering if we should get together and have a few drinks one day :).
  3. Poisonhearts

    FYI: New Group: Entropian's Trying to Lose Weight!

    Description: A group for all those Entropian's trying to lose some weight in real life. Share your stories about the subject and give some Entropian's encouragement in their journey. I don't know if this group is exactly needed on EF but I thought what the hell. I'm currently going through my...
  4. Poisonhearts

    Selling: Full Gremlin (M)!

    Selling Full Gremlin (M) with TT+250 PED SB and TT+300 PED BO.
  5. Poisonhearts

    Happy Birthday Darkfire!

    Happy Birthday Darkfire! Have a wonderful day :birthday:
  6. Poisonhearts

    Selling: Full TT Adj Korss

    Selling Full TT Adj Korss H400 (L), that is 912 PED TT value. Selling for a few days here. Startbid is set at 150% Buyout is set at 155%. Send me either a PM or post here.
  7. Poisonhearts

    damn youy all

    im so fucking drunkmD
  8. Poisonhearts

    Strange sound anyone?

    Yesterday at about 15:00 MA time I was standing around and noticed a rather odd sound emanating from a TP. It sounded similar to breathing, but sort of mechanical (closest thing I can compare it to). As I walked away from the TP the sound became softer and softer until there was no more sound...
  9. Poisonhearts

    Happy Birthday Kacper!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday, now you're the big 18 :yay:. I hope you have a wonderful day full of alcohol fun :D. :birthday: :bowdown: :shots: :headbang: :beerchug: :dunce: :woot: :birthday:
  10. Poisonhearts

    Music Recommendations

    Just wanting to add to my music collection so I'm asking you guys for some recommendations on some great music. I like every type of music so anything is welcome :).
  11. Poisonhearts

    Happy Birthday RazorFire!!!

    Happy birthday to one of Entropia's finest :wtg:. I wish you all the best in the years to come. I'll pour some drinks to you, although I think last night you had enough to last you while :laugh:. :woot::beerchug::woohoo::shots::headbang::drink: :bowdown: :birthday::dunce::yay:
  12. Poisonhearts

    My dry streak has been broken! :D

    Hehe my last hunting HoF was almost 3 years ago now. Today I was talking to a society mate about it, then later tonight I decided to get some globals for one of NEVERDIE's competitions. Not impressive but it's still a HoF :yay:.
  13. Poisonhearts

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Happy Birthday to Karmic!!! May you have a wonderful day off from work :yay:. :shots::cheer::drink::birthday::beerchug::woot: Also think it's chai's birthday too, so happy birthday to you too bitch :). :yay:
  14. Poisonhearts


    Nevermind, posting this was probably against the forum rules.
  15. Poisonhearts

    Buying EFD

    Buying some EFD, probably like 10k-20 EFD. Just PM me your offers :).
  16. Poisonhearts

    To all the whiners in the Universe

    Poisonhearts whining about the EU whiners Everday on Entropia Forum people are posting new threads and topics whining about how bad Entropia Universe has gotten, frankly I'm getting really sick and tired of it all. I will admit there are some people posting legitimate complaints and concerns on...
  17. Poisonhearts


    Hahaha great song and the video is pricless, check it out! MySpaceTV Videos: A Little Piece of Heaven by carrion™
  18. Poisonhearts


    Was playing Entropia Universe about 30 minutes ago when I get this chat window saying "Hi". I said hi back and then he began to ask me about Entropia, and if it was possible to earn money without depositing. I said yes, and that he should download the game and try it out. I thought the...
  19. Poisonhearts

    Vista and Xfire?

    I'm on my laptop for a few more weeks but it sadly has Vista. In Vista I must right-click on the EU icon and run it as administrator for EU to work. When I try to launch EU through Xfire it won't work because I can't run it as administrator when I try and launch it. Anyway I can get EU launched...
  20. Poisonhearts

    A really beautiful song!

    This song and video are just amazing! Nightwish - While Your Lips Are Still Red What do you think of it?
  21. Poisonhearts

    Selling Caldorite at 127%

    Selling alot of Caldorite, PM me with how much you need and how much you pay and we can do a trade if I like it.
  22. Poisonhearts

    Starting a Blog :).

    711 added this feature and it looks pretty cool, guess I'll try to write something to my blog :). I'll start out by giving my background to EU. I first heard about EU in 2004 when one of my friends at school told me about it. He said there was this game that used a real cash economy and it was...
  23. Poisonhearts

    Nice little Cald :).

    I'm not really a miner but today I decided to head up to CND and get some mining skills. Wasn't going good at all then this popped up :). No amp was on when I got it, had just broke all my amps :P. Click to enlarge
  24. Poisonhearts

    Tiny Chat With Marco

    Hello everyone. Was having fun in the Entropia Forum chat room when guess who decided to pop in for a tiny little chat, Marco :). Nothing much was said but some questions were asked. Here is some of the chat log. Took place roughly around 15:30 MA time. Questions are in blue, answers to the...
  25. Poisonhearts

    Favorite Youtube Videos!

    Hey guys, I did a search for a similar thread but I didn't find anything relevant. How about we start a thread where you post your favorite youtube videos, and why they are your favorite videos on youtube. I'll start :). This video is very beautiful and ironic...