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  1. turk1077

    voice chat voucher

    Some folks in my society and I were team hunting this evening and we looted a voice chat voucher. Anyone seen one of these before and have any idea what they are worth or if they are just worth tt value?
  2. turk1077

    Outback Land Area 14 - Open for mining!

    After a long hiatus, Outback Land Area 14 is open for business! DNA on the Land Area has been reset and at long last, the Neconu are gone. The area is now safe for miners of all skill levels! In addition, a shopkeeper has been added at the local shed, stocked with all the bombs and probes you...
  3. turk1077

    Selling: Outback Land Area 14

    Up for sale is Amethera Outback Land Area 14. Serious offers only. PM me with offers and/or questions.
  4. turk1077

    Selling: Land Area 14

    After much consideration I have decided to sell Outback Area 14. I have had less time to play since buying it than I thought I would. The area is located a couple of jumps north of Akmuul Island. You can see the current settings for the area here...
  5. turk1077

    Selling: Selling Improved Isis LR32 (L)

    Selling this great eco weapon. Auction will last one week, ending at 6:00 MA time on the 17th. Good luck! Improved Isis LR32 (L) SB: 100% BO: 130% Current High Bidder: Sofia - 100% 218 Improved Isis LR32 (L) 1 1380.60 PED STORAGE Good luck! I reserve the usual rights, blah blah...
  6. turk1077

    Selling: Selling bulk weapons!

    I've been holding onto these for a while and it's time to get rid of them. I have put the weapons into groups I would like to sell them in, so please bid on whichever group you would like. If interested in only one item in a group, feel free to bid, but know that I will give preference to a...
  7. turk1077

    Question: What to do with the open DNA slots on LA 14?

    Since the first of the year there seems to be an explosion of Neconu Land Areas. I'd like to try to differentiate myself to provide a good option for hunter. I have just increased the maturity of the Neconu on my area up to mid level Neconu (Provider, Guardian, Dominant) based on some requests...
  8. turk1077

    Outback Land Area 14 - First Week of 2009

    Greetings! In honor of the new year (and the end of the Robot War and Merry Mayhem!), I have reduced the taxes on Land Area 14 to 2% for the first week of January, effective immediately. The area is heavy on low maturity neconu with some longu and atrox mixed in for good measure. Currently...
  9. turk1077

    Land Area 14: Under New Management

    ***Maturity update, Neconu now at mid level, provider to dominant*** ***Land Area 14 is under new management*** Star was gracious enough to sell me Land Area 14 and I'm just getting started with the area. Right now, it has 2 Neconu DNA, 1 Atrox, and 1 Longu. Currently, the Neconu are set to...
  10. turk1077

    Buying: Set of 5C plates

    PM me or post me your offer. Thanks! -Cramoth
  11. turk1077

    Achievement: Serendipity

    At long last after more than a year of playing, I have unlocked Serendipity! Click to enlarge Click to enlarge I had been getting close, and I thought that it might be this hunt that got me there. Sure enough it was! The crazy thing was that my soc M8, Jaywalker, unlocked marksmanship on...
  12. turk1077

    Buying: Aurora Harness (Male)

    If you have one, I want to buy it. High tt preferred. PM me with offers. -Cramoth
  13. turk1077

    Selling: Log 13

    Looted Log 13 tonight with a soc m8. Posting it up for auction. TT = 1.65 start bid: 150 buyout: 250 auction will run through 10-17-2008 at 6:00 AM MA time. -Cramoth
  14. turk1077

    Tao tCramoth and Ai - Argo Young Global

    Went hunting last night with one of my soc m8's, Ai. Came across this little argo. A good hunt overall! Click to enlarge -Cramoth and Ai
  15. turk1077

    Question: The Role of Memorial Island

    Greetings my fellow Entropians I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about Memorial Island and the role that it should play in our lives. Currently, there are two memorials located on the island. With the number of people who play EU, it is likely that over time, more memorials will be...
  16. turk1077

    Selling: Argonaut Skulls

    I've accumulated a fair number of argonaut skulls over the past few months and they are taking up room in my storage. I'd like to sell them all to someone who could use them. I have the following: Argonaut Skull: Count: 45 Value: 47.16 Argonaut Fractured Skull: Count: 35 TT Value: 33.16 PM...
  17. turk1077

    Cramoth's 24 for Charity Hunt

    In case you haven't seen it, there is a charity event ( going on in EU and I have decided to participate. This is a log of my hunting runs for the event. I usually focus on hunting Argo, but will occassionally do a run on...
  18. turk1077

    Pricing of high vs. low tt items

    It is probably intuitive logic for most people that limited items with a higher tt should sell for a higher markup than those with a low tt. The basis of this logic is that high tt items have a higher amount of usable value relative to a low tt item. This simply means that for a low tt item...
  19. turk1077

    How long do you wait?

    This comes from something that happened to me last night. Hunting out at Twin, there was an Argo Hunter that I was avoiding so I had dragged the health bar up on my screen. A green dot appeared on my radar and worked it's way right over to the Hunter. I see the green dot shooting the Hunter...
  20. turk1077

    Feff Global

    After a long time complaining about how I never get anything good out of feffoids, I got this nice one last night east of Camp Phoenix: Click to enlarge 2K+ eye oil in this one, no korss, but still I am happy!
  21. turk1077

    RDA Unlocked

    Well, I finally did it. Only took me 9 months (I know, I could have done it much faster!). Tonight while hunting Argos at Twin, I unlocked RDA! Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  22. turk1077

    Entropia Fashion

    Ok, first of all, i did a search and i know it is my friend so please don't flame me for asking this! I know they exist, but I can't find them now... I am looking for a site with examples of what various clothes look like in EU with full tt. I have a jacket that is about 30% tt and I am...
  23. turk1077

    Selling: Dr. Almon Duchev Log Part 7 & Piece of Paper

    I have the following up for auction: Log 7 SB +50 BO +100 Current Bid: Sold for Buyout Piece of Paper SB +25 BO +60 Current Bid: Sold for Buyout Auction will end on Feb 29 at 4:00 MA time (10:00 PM Central Time in the US). To avoid sniping, bids must hold for 5 minutes just like the MA...
  24. turk1077

    Selling: Dr. Almon Duchev Log Parts 1, 2, 3, 5

    I have the following logs for auction: Log 1 SB +10 BO +75 Current Bid: Epictetus +50 Log 1 SB +10 BO +75 Current Bid: Ragnor +45 Log 2 SB +10 BO +75 Current Bid: Ragnor +45 Log 3 SB +20 BO +300 Current Bid: Epictetus +110 Log 5 SB +10 BO +150 Current Bid: Epictetus +50 Log...
  25. turk1077

    Minor Nerve Blast Chip

    Was tt'ing some stuff to free up some ped last night and got ready to drop a few minor nerve blast chips in when I thought "I had better just look at market value real quick." Was surprised to see them now worth tt+200! LOL! So is this a case of "ped transfer" like people do with the Opalo or...