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  1. Freelancer_Main

    Help: Account compromised - Completely wiped-out all inventory

    Hi guys, Just want to say - look out, change your passwords, get the 2FA. I lost about 2k of PEDs worth of items. Everything got transfered (incl. Common dung), except the things that cant be traded. I couldnt login, then somehow logged in and noticed I was in Camp Icarus (???) and no PEDs on...
  2. Freelancer_Main

    2,92PED per shot? Ewe LC-300 Ambush (bug?)

    This HAS to be a bug, please check it somebody else too. 2,92PED/shot is just wicked sick with that low damage. also somebody has put in entropedia that it should be 2920 not 29200 link HERE
  3. Freelancer_Main

    Earn PEDs ! - Entropia Partners

    Earn PEDs ! - <removed link>Entropia Partners This stuff really works, and it can get you over periods when you are low on cash. You can do tasks, search for treasure, surveys, get rewarded while you are doing something else (e.g. sweating). This is very good for newbies to help them get some...
  4. Freelancer_Main

    Pop Dragons YOU want to HUNT!

    I guess everyone noticed a recent boom of pop dragon hofs/globals. Better hunt them while they are still hot and drop decent MU. :rolleyes: Do I need to say more? (Consider this thread as news in hunting section, since nobody says here anything about those darn beasts lol)
  5. Freelancer_Main

    Basic sheet metal bug in auction

    (No idea if it belongs here or not.) Found this out when I wanted to buyout it and got a "Could not execute" error. Its still there and you can check it too. Quantities differ ????
  6. Freelancer_Main

    HoF: Some Caldorite 400ped HOF

    Some older Caldo HOF which happened almost 2 months ago. Wanted to post it here but forgot. So here you go. More pics coming soon :rolleyes:
  7. Freelancer_Main

    How Rare is Xeremite?

    Hi, I just recently found some xeremite and I have no idea how rare is it. I read its at over 700m depth, which seems correct. But does it spawn just in some place? Or is it wholeworld spawnable? Why im asking this is because i found some in an area which has never been listed as possible...
  8. Freelancer_Main

    Selling: Shear Pro600 (L) FULL TT, MU 270%

    This beauty: drop a line how I can contact you
  9. Freelancer_Main

    how to +rep here??

    im like a noob to these new forums..can anyone point me? :rolleyes:
  10. Freelancer_Main

    Achievement: Calypso Ground Assessment :)

    cool, i can even see the proffesion bar going faster again :D:D also some cool pics ;) :
  11. Freelancer_Main

    Some recent globals and Hof(s)

    Hunting: Last one could have been my first drone hof BUT it was too low (although there wast anyone on 100th with a HOF :/ ) Mining: First one was really near TP (check the radar ;) ) and third one was really not even worth a HOF sound :silly2: please +rep :D
  12. Freelancer_Main

    Happy Birthday Freelancer_Main !! :D

    Happy Birthday Freelancer_Main!!! :birthday: From all of the staff and members of EntropiaForum, we wish you the very best wishes on your birthday! wooot!!! free 250 EFD :D ty guys :D
  13. Freelancer_Main

    Recent Swirlies :)

    been mining a little and hunting also :D overall it was a good profit i must say :wtg: 1:run would be profit even without it ;) 2:random mob while mining, never had an armax global :D 3:wooooooot :laugh: 4:some bots...or boots? :D (press that BLUE button that says "Gratz" please and if you...
  14. Freelancer_Main

    HoF: First Mining Hof and im still a noob:D

    :wtg::wtg::wtg: gonna brag a lil´ ;) 20ped bomb run, NO AMP and its the DAMN tt-finder :yay::yay: gotta love these unpredictable timings:laugh:
  15. Freelancer_Main

    Mining PWNS :D

    pulling out so much oil can make ya a bit bored with just TT driller :rolleyes: ...but pulling this one was better :D happened near PA :ahh: :wtg::wtg::wtg: and I am a HUNTER ofc :D
  16. Freelancer_Main

    Achievement: First Mining Global!

    Nothing fancy really, pure luck for non-depositer with tt orefinder. I always grab couple bombs when hunting, only this time it wasnt couple but dozen:rolleyes: ...also note that someone hoffed on saba young :D
  17. Freelancer_Main

    No way! - RDA

    :yay:about time it happened.. my trusty opalo is thinking if it wasnt better to just be (L) cuz this is toooooo much suffering for it:D:rolleyes: can someone point me to icon shop ? :rolleyes: (4th option in poll.. its not "ped" but "efd" ;) )
  18. Freelancer_Main

    Noob Achievement - 3k rifle

    all got with without depositing :D:yay: RDA... here i come!:cool:
  19. Freelancer_Main

    Help: Combibos or Foul?

    I have a hard time choosing what mob to camp... 1. Combibos loot nice stuff (like vigi parts if you are damn lucky) and many people seem to hof on them (not that it is a factor,but it shows many people are hunting them).... 2. Fouls (small ones) loot nice bones at nice markup but damn often...
  20. Freelancer_Main

    Stones!!-- NEED PRICE!!

    Can someone point me to a page where is shown how much is the price for each stone??:rolleyes: i cant find anything :(:( (i mean street price like how much is one stone of kaldon,brukite...etc)
  21. Freelancer_Main


    Chi-Unit went hunting, and it went good :rolleyes: (except for the part before, when we hunted ambulimaxes and we had no global but w/e.. ) 4globals but only 2 were captured :rolleyes: (im freaking naked! :D ) LONG LIVE THE CHI-UNIT!!!:wtg::wtg:
  22. Freelancer_Main


    :yay::yay: So i went to hunt with my soc-mate Brownie, and it turned out to be damn good fun (also profit lol :D ) Personal note: notice the time :rolleyes: its exactly 2 hours from the another global:wtg::ahh:
  23. Freelancer_Main

    Another one.. bout time!

    I was especting to see "The creature didnt carry any loot" sign :rolleyes: (the FAP is (as always) -5 ) nice profit thou ;)
  24. Freelancer_Main

    Weird.. no coin but still profit :D

    so i went on drones, to try my luck and to loot some (one :D ) coin... had no luck with that tho:( but things got good as soon i got a global: 10mins later another LR41!: overrall profit from a 170PED hunt (with decays) was 400PEDs:laugh: damn .. im back on track lol :D (i would like to...
  25. Freelancer_Main

    My FIRST hof! (and im a noob! :D )

    i was like :yay::yay::yay: notice i still use opalo/pixie ;) PS: this is pure luck i guess:silly2: PSS:edited