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  1. Zapforker


    yada yada:silly2::ahh::scratch2::lolup:
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    Finally ....:cool: Click to enlarge
  3. Zapforker

    In 4,5 hours from #0 to #34 on Tracker

    Marvel at the Power of the cK-Shadows :laugh: :cool: :woot: :wtg::wtg::wtg: btw .. that was awesome fun :)
  4. Zapforker

    some nice loots on cKs LA's

    A nice Itu Hof on LA 10 A nice big ESI on LA 19
  5. Zapforker

    Selling: Sentinel Gloves (M,L)

    We are taking offers on this fine piece of armor :) tt is 160 ped for those who wonder --------------------------------------------------- SB: 750% BO: 1500% End date: Sunday, 07.Dezember, 20:00 MA time
  6. Zapforker

    Uber: Greetings from AcKbal Cimi

    Click to enlarge My turn this time :)
  7. Zapforker

    Selling: Limited Edition Collector's Coin

    For sale @ 1,5k if someone is interested pm me or meet me today 22:00 MA time @ Fort Zeus Auction.
  8. Zapforker

    Uber: Trox Love

    After more than 1 year without any uber Hof ....
  9. Zapforker

    Combat Sense

    Finally got it :yay: Click to enlarge commando here i come :laugh:
  10. Zapforker

    All bots must die

  11. Zapforker

    Buying: Boar Helmet m

    as the Title say, i'm lookink for a boar helmet m. PM or post here if you have one for sale. thx
  12. Zapforker

    a nice Formicacida

    Thx for this one MA 2nd mob i shot :D
  13. Zapforker

    Minor TP

    no global sounds or swirlies :rolleyes: Was searching for M vigi foot guards but found those instead at least very useful Items :yay: got f vigi foot guards earlier ....
  14. Zapforker

    Feff Hof

    A little love from MA :yay::yay::yay:
  15. Zapforker


    globals since 19.05.2007 feffs are cool
  16. Zapforker

    7 a day :)

    This run was still a loss .. believe it or not :rolleyes: done with hunting for now ....
  17. Zapforker

    Dance for Peds

    I wonder what this very Rare Event goes for these days :laugh: 20k peds .. or more ???:eek: PM me with offers .. but i only consider dancing for not less than 30k BO :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  18. Zapforker

    PC: Saturn Globe lamp

    Hi I just wonder how much this beauty goes for nowadays :confused: It seems pretty rare ... only 30 sold in EU auction so far :scratch2:
  19. Zapforker

    Vast Blaus and a couple of globals

    1. My HOF 1371 blaus some solo globals (all within 1 hour) a little Team Action .. thx Sledge
  20. Zapforker

    Some globals ...

    Well not much ... but it's getting better
  21. Zapforker

    Karma Killer rocks

    Bought a karma killer yesterday ... Well it seems to be a very nice gun :D including a 20 Ped ESI :D
  22. Zapforker

    a little Atrax Prowler

    :D no items ..
  23. Zapforker

    a nice snarg and some gazz

    After all the WoF and team hunts 2 nice solo globals :D
  24. Zapforker

    Pacman must die continues

    3,4k :wtg: A really nice hunt and warmup btw .. no items
  25. Zapforker

    Pacman must die

    We had a little Hogg hunt yesterday We managed to score 13 !!! globals :-))) 2 ESI included, one 14 peds and one 244 peds !!!! :wtg: