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  1. d1ab0liq

    Selling: Cheap Skills Insane Half Price

    Aim: ~2267~ ESI needed: 15.04 PED, Final chip size: 13.53 PED -840% = 109 PED Anatomy: ~7584~ ESI needed: 870.71 PED, Final chip size: 783.64 PED-403% = 3155 PED Dexterity: ~3388~ ESI needed: 40.51 PED, Final chip size: 36.46 PED-621% = 226 PED Handgun: ~4407~ ESI needed: 93.08 PED, Final chip...
  2. d1ab0liq

    Info About MindDark

    All info u can get about Mindark company ...... The big question is who the fuck is director Simmonds David William born in 1961.... is this game ruled by and old man.... no wonder why people losing money "the old must be replaced by new " Președintele Simmonds , David William Birth Year...
  3. d1ab0liq

    Hangar Renting

    Hangar Renting -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm looking to rent an hangar, if you have a hangar that you want to rent out plz send me a Pm with : 1. Price /week/month 2. Location 3. How long you can rent it out
  4. d1ab0liq

    Sell Dark Divinity Skirt (F)

    Dark Divinity Dominion Skirt (F) Start BO 350 U Can Find Me In Twin :wtg:
  5. d1ab0liq

    I need your help/advice

    Hello Everyone, I have a problem and I'm out of ideas atm so I need some advice... A while ago I TTd by mistake an amp , Omegaton A106 Back then I was pretty newbie and I didn't realize it in time its value nor the fact that it was missing. I put a lot of stuff in the TT that day and...