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  1. Daniel Steps

    Question: PEWPEW - What would you want to buy in the EU webshop ?

    webshop announcement: Although quite discrete, which is good for most occasions, i'm not (at the moment) persuaded to buy the 3 first items suggested in the webstore. But the good...
  2. Daniel Steps

    Question: issue summaries to mindark's attention via forum?

    Suggestion: unless it already exists (support case isn't ideal, a pooled-knowledge/comments-post/summary-on-a-particular-issue-without-having-to-go-through-pages-of-badly-written-posts would be useful ... can we use the current system: reserve the OP for summary of an issue, can it be updated...
  3. Daniel Steps

    Selling: /Swapping: Enkidd Howler S.4 tier 0.9

    Selling/Swapping: Enkidd Howler S.4 tier 0.9 I'll swap for a tier 0 + peds or ... PS. Feel free to explain the point of tiering it up, i don't see it.
  4. Daniel Steps

    Selling: archon sword, gremlin M, 5a set, marber bravo T1.7, fap90, vehicles, etc

    <removed> Selling: Archon sword: SOLD Philosopher sword, Gremlin M + 5a plate set Polaris ML (some parts are dying :P) + 6a plate set Thunderbird ML (gloves+helmet died :/) + 6b plate set Pixie M + 5a plate set marber bravo T1.7: SOLD fap90 T3, s.i. heart faps for inbetween mobs...
  5. Daniel Steps

    Buying: 1x or 2x Archon sword

    Might end up buying an UL gun, but interested in 1x or 2x Archon sword if i can't find a gun that agrees with me... So pm me if selling 1x or 2x Archon. Have fun. :yay:
  6. Daniel Steps

    Selling: INGREDIENTS for Archon's / Hero's / Philosopher's Sword

    Archon's / Hero's / Philosopher's Sword 1) I have some/most ingredients for these crafted swords .. small amounts though .. I'm looking for a crafter (or trader) to buy these ingredients .. 2) Let me know what you lack to make more swords? Thanks.
  7. Daniel Steps

    Selling: Makeup components: facepaint, foundation, rouge, eyeshadow, cosmetic pen, lipgloss, lipliner

    Got these for sale: facepaint (blue) 4 + (turkois) 1 + (olive) 3 foundation (tan) 1 + (chocolate) 1 + (brown) 5 rouge (carnation pink) 5 + (pink-orange) 6 + (cardinal) 3 + (hot pink) 2 eyeshadow (hollywood cerise) 2 + (slate grey) 3 + (white) 5 cosmetic pen (royal purple) 4 lipgloss (silver)...
  8. Daniel Steps

    Crashing with 'out of ram'-msg, know a solution?

    The last few days i have been getting an 'out of ram'-error message accompanied with crash of the game. Next is the 'do you want to send the info to MindArk' but although i click allow/yes, it won't do that. Then starts the problem of repairing the files ... which doesn't even work ... I...
  9. Daniel Steps

    Selling: demonic excavator L bp L's (30 filling the RT book)

    SB: 75 ped Current bid: 77 ped by nlnforever BO: 150 ped
  10. Daniel Steps

    Question: Anybody have an UL item with tier number above 1xx ?

    As you may have noticed L items can go from xx to xxxx. I am yet to see an UL item with tier number higher than 1xx. Hypothesis: it is coded into the UL items to have tier numbers limited to 1xx. Can anyone disprove this hypothesis with a screenshot and widen my knowledge? Limited forum fame...
  11. Daniel Steps

    Selling: Eon (M,L) set

    As title says i'm looking to sell a (for now full tt) Eon M,L armor set. Preferably selling as a set. If you bid on parts, make it worth my while breaking up the set.
  12. Daniel Steps

    Changes to the Mentor Edition reward system: suggestions?

    Anybody have a good suggestion about how to make the mentor reward system better, as in: making abuse impossible but still rewarding to the mentor? For example receiving hunter face guard M.E. (which seems to be the most 'popular' one atm) is NOT very rewarding. Other suggestions? 0. Each gift...
  13. Daniel Steps

    Selling: Genesis Star Com Unit

    Genesis Star Com Unit tt: 2.3 ped price: (market decade, no other info ingame: 2345%) ... Make me an offer :) PS. (this unit is not on the current bot event list, but since exceptional robot optical lense and exceptional hyper charger are re-used, so might this one one day, maybe even this...
  14. Daniel Steps

    What mob would you like to be?

    Simple question, i'd like to see what mob people would wanna be (and why).
  15. Daniel Steps

    Is each mob an avatar? Does a mob have a ped card and inventory too?

    This is only a semi-serious issue (some facts suggest no such loot system?), but a fun one perhaps ... Is each mob an avatar (simply not operated by a person, simply NPC-behaviour is activated, but the same 'build' as an avatar so it could be operated by a person)? Does a mob have a ped card...
  16. Daniel Steps

    Selling: tier1 gnome M armor set

    Selling a gnome M armor set (tier1) SB: tt+... BO: tt+26
  17. Daniel Steps

    Achievement: Marvelous

    Aparantly i'm now marvelous :P Lvl 60 all natural May Lootius show us the meaning of abundance!
  18. Daniel Steps

    Selling: Oculus Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 's

    More specifically: Oculus Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 1 0.22 PED Limited (Vol. II) (487) Oculus Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 1 0.34 PED Limited (Vol. II) (487) Oculus Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 1 0.49 PED Limited (Vol. II) (487) Oculus Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 1 0.34 PED Limited...
  19. Daniel Steps

    Selling: Ambulimax Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 's

    More specifically: 20 Ambulimax Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 1 0.33 PED Limited (Vol. II) (487) 21 Ambulimax Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 1 0.12 PED Limited (Vol. II) (487) 22 Ambulimax Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 1 0.36 PED Limited (Vol. II) (487) 23 Ambulimax Leather Texture Blueprint...
  20. Daniel Steps

    Selling: Genesis Rainbow Sword (L) 355 ped tt

    Genesis Rainbow Sword (L) 355 ped tt Requirement: lvl 66 swordsman dmg & hit. Make a bid, great eco if you got the skills to use it.
  21. Daniel Steps

    New bug/feature?

    Dear Support, Still noticing the "i'm shooting ammo but not inflicting any damage nor receiving any message"-bug. Happens a few times per hunt that i noticed, so probably a few times more. I selected the health bar of the mob, so it's not that i shot the ground or air. I saw the ammo count go...
  22. Daniel Steps

    Selling: Exceptional Robot Optical Lense + Exc Rob Hyper Charger + Genesis Star Com Unit

    Selling: Exceptional Robot Optical Lense + Exc Rob Hyper Charger + Genesis Star Com Unit
  23. Daniel Steps

    Selling: 1 Odenfield ventricle syst, 1 Energy st, 1 Electro Matrix, 1 Hydraulic Manifold

    1 Odenfield Ventricle System, 1 Energy Storage, 1 Electro Matrix, 1 Hydraulic Manifold
  24. Daniel Steps

    Selling: blueprints with qr

    Selling blueprints, preferably per book. bp book Textures (61 bps) (total qr 525) sb=.../bo=130 bp book Textures L bps (58 L bps) (total qr 2505) sb=.../bo=240 bp book Components I (61 bps) (total qr 823) sb=.../bo=350 bp book Components II (23 bps) (total qr 338) sb=.../bo=250 bp book...
  25. Daniel Steps

    Selling: Gremlin (M) armor set

    As title says: selling: full armor set Gremlin (M)