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  1. zero wolve kool

    Sweating Competition

    Objective Its all about what the mob drops, the idea of the event is to sweat a mob and if you think you have the biggest sweat pulls, take a screenshot and if your screenshot has the biggest pulls you win the round. Each round is worth 50PED and Competition will last for 7 days. Rules...
  2. zero wolve kool

    What have you done lately?

    What have you done lately? :) Im lucky enough not to have the websites I visit at work questioned as long as my work is up to date no one cares….. So I was thinking this fine morning of asking fellow entropians what they have done for charity/noobs without asking for anything in return. Now...
  3. zero wolve kool

    Laser Weapons Skills

    Hello all, Ive been thinking about buying skill chips to improve my Laser weapon skills, but Im stuck on which skills to buy... At the moment last I looked I had level 22 for Laser (Hit) and level 19 Laser (Dmg). when I last looked at the auctions there were so many different types of combat...