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  1. Kevlie

    10k Lysterium challenge completed!

    Hello fellow Entropians, I don't post here often, but 10k lyst challenge for an un-amped/low depositor miner is a huge deal! Took me a while to complete. Next stop 30k :) Enjoy the video and please subscribe to my channel!
  2. Kevlie

    Un-amped mining is still possible!

    Hello all, Today I hit 971 ped of lyst during un-amped mining run. It gets pretty boring to do these few hour runs every other day, but when I hit something like this, it is worth it! :yay: Please subscribe to my channel for more low cost player content P.S Sorry for the audio of the...
  3. Kevlie

    This creature didn't carry any loot

    Hey guys, So I was hunting feffoids this evening and after half hour into the hunt I received four no looters in a row all with messages ''This creature didn't carry any loot''. I was under impression this should not be happening after loot 2.0 ? Any one of you else experienced these issues...
  4. Kevlie

    How dare you?

    How dare you?
  5. Kevlie

    Winning first Event

    Hey all, I do participate in events from time to time, but I never managed to win one. This time Argonaut event in OLA42. Loot was horrible for the first 40 mins, besides that my weapon broke, so I had to use pistol with half the dmg. I was in 17 place and then boom 218 ped global, which put me...
  6. Kevlie

    Public-opinion poll: How long Entropia Universe is going to last

    Public-opinion poll: How long Entropia Universe is going to last. Pure guess and your opinions are welcome. Please use vote buttons.
  7. Kevlie

    My first mining strongbox SOOTO

    Hey all, I thought I would share my first Mining Strongbox sooto. Sadly no unlimited amps :) Enjoy the video
  8. Kevlie

    Un-amped mining loot comparing 2008-2017

    Hello all :), So I mostly mine ores unamped, very rarely that I mine amped and if I do it's just a pure gamble in Foma or Hell. Here are some of my top hofs (statistics from entropia life) since 2008 (most of the finds were un-amped): 2008 Durulium Stone 263 PED Tue, 19 Aug 2008 11:44:35...
  9. Kevlie

    Miner switching to hunting profession seeks professional advise

    Hello guys, Due to recent mining loot improvements I decided to switch to hunting profession and doing pretty good lately although I still need to learn a lot... Anyway I made this thread to get some new opinion and advise regarding what gear I should be using next. Currently I am using: Adj...
  10. Kevlie

    HoF: Two hofs in 20 minutes

    I was running around dropping bombs since early morning today, when I hit 303 ped lyst. Continued my mining and I got another 264 copper. Usually its no surprise to hit 200-300 ped without amp, but two in a row... Thanks MA :P
  11. Kevlie

    Selling: Koroma (M) full set

    Selling my Koroma Male armor set. PM with offers. Buyout is tt+90
  12. Kevlie

    Buying: Rascal face (M) UL

    Hello, Looking for Rascal face (M) UL
  13. Kevlie

    Buying: Expedition armor parts (M)

    Hello, As title says I am looking for Expedition armor (male) parts. Dont need helmet :) PM with your offers.
  14. Kevlie

    Buying: buying esi

    hey all :) buying 200~ped tt esi. pm me. with offers.
  15. Kevlie

    Selling: All my avatars skills

    Good evening all :) So tommorow around 22:00 UK time will be selling all of my avatar skills. Will be puting all of the skills in auction. If you need some and can offer fair price - meet me at billys at the time i mentioned above. ( sorry for not adding the skill list) but at the moment im 30...
  16. Kevlie


    Hey all, While hunting some troxies unlocked Serendipity today! :cool:
  17. Kevlie

    Buying: Full Nemesis or Bear (M)

    As title says i am looking for one of these armor sets. Pm me with your offers, and maybe we can make a deal. :)
  18. Kevlie

    Thorifoid hof!

    Hey all! Found a little hof today :) . Also selling EWE LC-350 Dissolver(L) full tt. pm me if anyone interesed!
  19. Kevlie

    Little blaus

    Hey all, Got lucky and found this unamped 256 ped blaus yesterday ;) after a long time with no hof :)
  20. Kevlie

    Selling: Fanfare Trumpet

    Hello all :) selling this Trumpet i looted from argos few months ago ;) tt is 22.65 ped (full 26ped). If some1 gives me an interesting offer its yours!
  21. Kevlie

    1000 post in 5 years!

    So after few years in Planetcalypsoforum i am in 1000 post club! ;) next stop 2k post, in 2018?:scratch2: See you all in EU!!! :laugh:
  22. Kevlie

    Cheap trip to Paris

    Hello Entropians :) So me and my gf are thinking about 2-4 days trip to Paris somewhere in May. Maybe some of u have been to paris and can tell me where can i find cheap hostels? What are the main obejcts i should visit in these few days? What is the cheapest way to enjoy this trip? :)
  23. Kevlie

    Help: Cant login

    Hey everyone. So i have a problem i cant connect to server or smthng. When i enter my acc and pass i see " Connecting" and then i get this msg: "The entropia universe is currently offline for maintenance or upgrades. More information....". Also when i write incorrect info i get the same msg. Two...
  24. Kevlie

    Lets count to 100 until server is online

    As title says lets try to count to 100 until server is online. Ill start : 1 :laugh:
  25. Kevlie

    Selling: FULL Vigilante (M)

    As title says i am selling mine Vigi set. Pm me your offers or post them here. :) I keep my right to cancel this sale at any time. Vigi set is SOLD