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  1. Cinni

    HAve you ever fallen asleep while hunting?

    Or am i the only one?:scratch2: My finger is shooting, but i am sleeping??? Not good with ammo loss on no mob!:laugh:
  2. Cinni

    HoF: First Hof Finally!!!

    Finally a HOF!!! Woot! I am happy! :yay: Never really Hof'd...well, once in an event w/ full team. But that doesn't count, i tell ya!
  3. Cinni

    Achievement: Rda

    After waiting oh so long, finally...RDA appears! :yay: I'm happy!:)
  4. Cinni

    Show and Tell time! Let's see some nature pics!

    I loved the sunset thread so much i thought it'd be fun to show off some other nature pics. The world outside of your home. The beauty of this place we live on and it's creatures. (no EU pics...real one ;) ) Here's a couple of mine: A seagull in the ocean. Icicles outside the house...