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  1. Pirx Danford

    Selling: All the things

    Sold most, might put some leftovers here later on...
  2. Pirx Danford

    Selling: Dominax Original Viper (UL)

    Cheers, so I have one of those and as I am not using it. This are the tier stats Anyhow feel free to make me an offer, full TT is 204 PED. If many interested parties show up I might turn this into an auction. :)
  3. Pirx Danford

    Big news!

    Hey folks as per forum rule 2.10 advertising is forbidden I'll just let you know I finished writing my novel. If anyone is interested I'll gladly give more details via PM. Or maybe a moderator tells me about a proper way how to let everyone know? Sorry if this thread is already going against...
  4. Pirx Danford

    Selling: FOMA Apt Alpha West 7E and 7F

    Cheers, so I am toying with the idea of selling these two neighboring apartments. If I get a tempting offer, preferably for both at once, then I might sell, mainly I want to see if someone is interested. PM me :yup:
  5. Pirx Danford

    Creeped out by coldness - Anyone else feels the same?

    Cheers, so there were a few minor details before the huge Cry Engine VU, which provided a hint of the ongoing activity around us, giving the universe a vibrant feeling. The lack of such details is actually creeping me out and basically what leads to me not logging in for weeks sometimes, because...
  6. Pirx Danford

    Selling: Possibly selling Sakura city apartment

    *sold* - tyvm :-) Hiyall, no clue whatsoever what the current market rate is, so this sale is flagged with a definite "maybe selling" sign. What I have is the totally empty Chikara Koufuku Condos, 1H. Nice view to the race track. Just make me offers and if I like one I'll sell. If against...
  7. Pirx Danford

    Nginx real life experiences?

    Gday, so just yesterday I learnt about the success story Nginx is having. I looked into it and all the arguments to use it are quite compelling. Well we have many nerds here in EU so maybe someone did the switch from Apache to Nginx already. What I would like to know is if the transfer went...
  8. Pirx Danford

    One Click

    *Click* Softly the trigger on my universal vehicle repair toolkit, the RK-5, responds to my press and while I aim it at the reactor I hear the typical sound it makes when it kicks into action and transfers the nanobots that will take care of applying the welding wire into healing the structure...
  9. Pirx Danford

    Party on the 18th of June

    As posted here, the Federation of Free Wanderers will host a party at the 18th of June for all friends of the soc and members of the soc. It will start tentatively about 18...
  10. Pirx Danford

    Info: FoFW 5 Year Anniversary

    As leader and founder of the Federation of Free Wanderers it is my proud duty to announce that on the 19th this month our society will have survived 5 years within the Entropia Universe. It should be a fair reason to allow me to be a bit sentimental and extend my thanks to all the friends that...
  11. Pirx Danford

    Selling: Jormungand MK1 (C,L) Blueprint (L) with 96 attempts

    This is an auction for a Jormungand MK1 (C,L) Blueprint (L) with 96 attempts. Given the rapid changes in the ingame auction and the expressed interest in here I will set the startbid at 500 PED and the buyout at 2000 PED, which should make for an interesting range of possibilities. Rules of...
  12. Pirx Danford

    The internet is empty - A farewell to IPv4

    On Monday the last free ip-address ranges were assigned to the respective national registries. Read more details here Of course this won't have a direct impact on us at first. National registries will recycle addresses or trade them between each...
  13. Pirx Danford

    Any good place to hunt Mourners?

    Cheers, wanted to try my luck to loot me some hunter thigh guards. But it seems there is nearly no good spot to hunt Mourners? I tried Area #33 and also north of the Hadesheim crater, but #33 is much too sparse and albeit the maturity is nice N of the crater its too sparse and much too many...
  14. Pirx Danford


    Cheers, at this time I am considering buying a house but have no clue about the market prices. Please advise me :) Also if anyone feels like making me an offer for a house please do so, but no promises that I will take the offer up. When I am more educated about the matter I will be more...
  15. Pirx Danford

    Stickynote - open for service

    Hi all, some of you have used the helpful tools Carebear provided to us at entropiatools and came to get used to them. But now ET is down and Carebear has gone MIA, so instead of moaning about it I decided that this is a challenge to me. We have the technology! Visit -...
  16. Pirx Danford

    Entropia Universe - how to prepare for the case of death

    Entropia Universe - how to prepare for the case of death This information is put together for Entropia Universe participants, who want to consider how to prepare their account for the event of their own death. Moderators please feel free to move this thread to its proper location if there is a...
  17. Pirx Danford

    New PED card features

    Hi, yes I know this is not the nannyverse, but I have two suggestions that might defuse some of the trade and auction problems that arose in the past. 1) Right click on pedcard -> set withdraw limit. A dialog box will let you define an amount of money, like 100 ped or whatever. From then on...
  18. Pirx Danford

    Planet Partners need Event Organizers

    This thread is a continuation of something I tried to tell to MA already and was discussed in the soc chat also. I was told I do expect too much of MA and that EU is more like a sandbox system where we as players contribute things like events. Also I thought about just watching what will...
  19. Pirx Danford

    Enhanced Ticket System

    When reading about the fee troubles in auction suddenly an idea crossed my mind. Tickets! They could be used for many things, not only events. This is a short list of some sorts of tickets I can think of: - regular Event-Tickets - Travel-Tickets - Free Auction Fee Tickets - Quest-Tickets -...
  20. Pirx Danford

    Shop #34 on CND reopened - mining amps

    Hiyall, after a long closing period I decided to reopen this store. It is located directly east from the Section D TP towards the inner ring. Besides a huge amount of odds and ends I will put in there (Stuff I made while skilling furniture crafting and various looted stuff) mainly this will...
  21. Pirx Danford

    Spam Mail

    I just received a spam mail with this content: "Make furor in bed tonight Indulge yourself into a breath of ocean freshness and flower aroma! Forget about asthma!" :laugh:
  22. Pirx Danford

    Wanderlust? The Federation of Free Wanderers is recruiting!

    Hello traveler, We are the Federation of Free Wanderers. Founded in June 2006, we will soon be 4 years old and still going strong.To keep it that way we want to grow and find new friends to join us. What we can offer is a friendly circle of mature players, who have very diverse interests and...
  23. Pirx Danford

    Article for Slashdot

    Hi, if not yet deleted its visible here Hope you folks like it. Also I sent a notification to 2 german news sites... this will surely hit the news big anyway :D
  24. Pirx Danford

    Selling: Fi/Ra/Co Dante

    Hi, made an auction at another forum so I won't post another auction here. But if anyone wants a quick deal and buys my Fi/Ra/Co Dante at the BO of +3000 PED from in here I believe its not bending any rules. Else PM me and I'll send you the link to the auction. If a mod has any problems with...
  25. Pirx Danford

    Selling: CND Apt in Alpha West

    Hi, I have the apartments E and F on floor seven and consider to sell one of them. Guess I'd like to keep E but its really not too important for me. This is not an auction and there really is no BO, just PM me or put an offer here. There is also no end date, I will sell if I get an offer I...