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  1. Fjolla

    Selling: Skills

    You bring me ESI, and i chip out for you :) Prices: LWT - 290% Rifle - 310% Anatomy - 290% MMS - 290% RDA - 280% Wounding - 250% Combat sense - 200% Combat reflexes - 200% Whats left: ~12k LWT ~9,5k rifle ~9,5k anatomy ~8,7k MMS ~8,5k RDA ~7k wounding ~6,1k combat reflexes ~6k combat sense...
  2. Fjolla

    Selling: Mod EK-2600 & Archon Sword

    All sold, thx.
  3. Fjolla

    Selling: Skills

    If you are interested in combat related or general skills throw me a PM. (Sry commando and KS is already sold) :beerchug: !!
  4. Fjolla

    Selling: Armor plates

    Hey. Selling: 7x 5b plates 7x 6b plates 7x 6a plates Drop a PM if ur interested. Regards, Fjolla
  5. Fjolla

    Selling: i2870 (or trade for imk2)

    SOLD Thanks.
  6. Fjolla

    Buying: Imp 2870

    Found it! !!
  7. Fjolla

    Buying: Improved mk2

    Closed! !!
  8. Fjolla

    Selling: Mk V ME

    SOLD (to short) ..
  9. Fjolla

    Selling: Mk.V ME

    Taking offers on my A-3 Justifier Mk.V Mentor Edition. EDIT: PED's only plz, not interested in items! SB: +25k End date : 2009-12-31
  10. Fjolla

    Selling: ESI's,Neme(M),LavenderCoat(M)

    Moved to ingame auc!!
  11. Fjolla

    Question: Hit ability

    I recently reached lvl 80 hit on laser rifles and i did some testing on how much i actually hit the target now. I shot exactly 4000 times, and 3231 of those where hits giving a hit ratio of 80.775%. Afaik it should be closer to 90% hits at lvl 80 and those 80% should be what i hit as a fresh...
  12. Fjolla

    Uber: 1935 Atrox mature

    Good day in the new VU, a small payback after the usual losses in all professions. CB 13(L), ruby and oils :)
  13. Fjolla

    Selling: Angel shins (F), Lavender Coat (M)

    BO Angel shins (F) +2,5k (SOLD for +2,1k) BO Lavender coat (M) +1,4k (current bid: +1k) Buyp :)
  14. Fjolla

    Uber: 21531 Itumatrox

    Finally, a 5 digit loot !!! UL angel shins F and a limited HL 12 :yay: Happy happy happy, time for some :shots: PM me if ur interested in the shins :)
  15. Fjolla

    First tower or Miner

    Hehe.. I got my first HoF before i unlocked Mineral sense as was my goal in my previous mining thread :P ..and i've had one more claim over 300 ped so far lol. Im atm lvl 35 prospector and i thought i'd try this thing again. Reaching lvl 50 will be hard as hell but getting a tower wont be easy...
  16. Fjolla

    Uber: 6039 Allophyl

    A small payback finally; Sold of big part of my inventory this week and started chipping out commando 2 days ago lol. (5991 ped adrenal oil and the rest is thin wool)
  17. Fjolla

    Question: Play smart..

    Some people say that u can profit by hunting smart, not above ur lvl and so on. I know a lot of people who profit in the long run with P4 on drones, P5 on argos and a lot of other combos. What i wonder is, why do some avatars profit on the exact same action, with the same gear, same/less skills...
  18. Fjolla

    Selling: Support skills

    Have a bunch of small Support weapon chips for sale, (~11-15 ped TT). Send me a PM if u want some @ 8800%. .................Python pwns u know ;)
  19. Fjolla

    Selling: Lavender Coat (M)

    Give me an offer and i might sell it to u :P No auction, just tell me what u wanna pay for it and well see :) (wont consider bids below 1k though)
  20. Fjolla

    Selling: Angel shins (F)

    Selling these newly looted shins for a friend.. SB: tt+5k BO: tt+6k A direct trade for an Imp EP 21 will also be accepted :)
  21. Fjolla

    Selling: Angel foot (F,L)

    Bid via PM or in thread.. full TT (33 PED) U know u want'em ;):wtg: I'll sell when i get a good offer, simple as that :P
  22. Fjolla

    Discovery: Angel foot (F)

    My first discovery :) PM if u want them
  23. Fjolla

    Uber: 1118 zinc

    Downgraded to of211 again and got this nice little hof :), my best in mining so far. (oa104 attached)
  24. Fjolla

    Selling: Boar M

    +12,5k PEDs. Don't u just love :banana: ?
  25. Fjolla

    Selling: As 147

    Nice gun for skilling! PM if ur interested.. this is not an auction, no end date, no BO. Just give me an offer if u want it and hopefully we can make a deal :)