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  1. Spongey Bob

    "This is Saturday's line up"

    Tonight DJ Izzy Rocking The Blues Straight after Izzy will be DJ Oz 00.00 MA :dj:
  2. Spongey Bob

    DJ Cuilwen

    DJ Cuilwen Welcome back on the air!! :dj:
  3. Spongey Bob

    "Obscured In Clouds"

    David Westmoreland "Obscured In Clouds" Every week Dave plays a full album of one of the classic's Tune in every Thursday :dj:
  4. Spongey Bob

    Oz on AHR

    Welcome to Oz's Maiden Voyage on AHR! :dj:
  5. Spongey Bob

    Saturday's AHR Line-up

    DJ Izzy Kicking off the night with some Blues at 21.00ma New York Rose!! With Happy Hour at 00.00ma Then New to AHR DJ Oz rolling into the night Only On :dj:
  6. Spongey Bob

    Spongey! walk on after Izzy and Rose :dj:
  7. Spongey Bob

    Happy Hour - New York Rose

    New York Rose! Saturday night Only One thing to do.. Tune into Happy Hour! :dj:
  8. Spongey Bob

    Spongey is back

    Look Out!! Spongey Is Back :dj:
  9. Spongey Bob


    DJ Aganon Ripping up The Air :dj:
  10. Spongey Bob

    DJ Yoshii

    Tune in for DJ Yoshii mixing it up Wednesday's & Sunday's :dj:
  11. Spongey Bob

    DJ Cuppy

    DJ Cuppy is on the air. Tune in & check her out on :dj:
  12. Spongey Bob

    DJ Robbie

    Tune into DJ Robbie for his first show on AHR. If you like a mix of music with plenty of golden oldies Robbie will be on Mondays at 10 MA. :dj:
  13. Spongey Bob

    Happy Birthday Bonnie

    Happy Birthday Bonnie. Hope you have a great day!! :birthday:
  14. Spongey Bob

    JC Birthday

    :birthday:Happy Birthday John :birthday: :cheer: Thanks for all you work on the forum :cheer:
  15. Spongey Bob

    DJ Honey

    AHR Proudly Presents a New DJ Hot To Rock DJ Honey Honey Hits The Air For Her 1st Live Show Tonight Her Time Slot Is Right After Blood at 18.00 on Mondays :headbang: :headbang: :dj:
  16. Spongey Bob

    DJ Izzy Rocks It

    We all know Izzy as the Blues Man of AHR But he's a man with many talents Izzy does Rock to.. :dj:
  17. Spongey Bob

    Happy Hour With New York Rose

    The One The Only New York Rose!! That's right New York Rose's Happy Hour show Tune in for the hardiest rocking flower in EU Sunday 0.00 - 3.00 ma :dj:
  18. Spongey Bob

    DJ Dano

    Introducing DJ Dano Coming up tonight a brand new DJ on AHR Dano plays 70's & 80's Rock & Roll Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sunday's 6.00 - 9.00 ma Tune in & check him out :dj:
  19. Spongey Bob

    Info: AHR DJ schedule

    Click here for up to date schedule for main site click below :dj:
  20. Spongey Bob

    DJ Jon Khandr

    Jon Knandr Hits the decks tonight as AHR's newest DJ Jon plays everything for 80's 90's right up to modern day Plenty of classics for all Mondays and Fridays 21.00 - 0.00 ma :dj:
  21. Spongey Bob

    The Blue's man Izzy

    Izzy takes a new time slot Right after NYR at 3.00 - 6.00 on Sundays Tune into the Blues Man for his normal Blues set with a mix of light Rock :dj:
  22. Spongey Bob

    DJ Hitchhiker

    ""DON'T PANIC"" Hitchhiker is on the airwaves blasting out the universe! 18.00 - 21.00 ma Mondays 0.00 - 3.00 ma Fridays Mondays is a mix of Rock, Pop & whatever takes a fancy & Fridays is dnb dubstep and chillstep :dj:
  23. Spongey Bob

    Buying: Buying Cornsilk paint

    Looking for up to 900 cornsilk paint cans PM, Add in game or reply here Thank you Spongey
  24. Spongey Bob

    It's the Hat!

    Houston theres a bug in the hats Female hats are bugged right now.. Please MA get this fixed before Kim's Interview with DJ Bonnie.. Rose wont come out of hiding if you don't.. Rose loves her hats.
  25. Spongey Bob

    Blood Maelstrom

    AHR's very own ceaseless vortex of destructive energy Blood MaelStrom is live now Blood's normal time is Mondays 15.00 - 18.00 MA. Hard Rock & metal.