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  1. aframo

    Buying: Songkra Corrosive Dagger

    Prefer non tiered, PM me your price. ty
  2. aframo

    Selling: Adjusted EP-41 Military,Tier 6.98

  3. aframo

    Buying: Improved Omegaton A105

    PM me or add me ingame, thx
  4. aframo

    CLASSIFIED Recruiting !

    - C L A S S I F I E D - A society for friends and friends of friends! Classified society is back and we're currently expanding and looking for active & relaxed players. A big Bonus if you are into team hunting since we aim to bring back the good old days soc hunts. Requirements: Level 50+...
  5. aframo

    Buying: Explosive Projectiles Blueprint 3

    Looking for a low QR, PM me or add me ingame
  6. aframo

    Selling: Afromans DrugStore | Pills, Loot & Gear |

    Welcome! Here you'll find pills, loot, weapons, armor etc. PM or add me ingame: Affe Aframo Mr Afroman PILL PRICE STOCK [AccuStim 5mg] 2 PED - [AccuStim 10mg] 5 PED 10 [AccuStim 15mg] 18 PED 3 [DevaStim 5mg] 2 PED - [DevaStim 10mg] 5 PED 4 [DevaStim 15mg] 18 PED 2...
  7. aframo

    Afroman's Hunting Log 2020

    Affe Aframo Mr Afroman (2007.05.01) Hey guys! All my hunting results within Entropia Universe will be found here, only the TT in/out will be tracked. The log will be updated in monthly basis, see post #2). Gear: Adjusted EP-41 + Imp. a105 (L) Weapons (L) Armors & Viceroy, Adj. Pixie Hedoc...
  8. aframo

    Buying: Dehera Immolation Sword

    Looking for this sword, tiers not important for me. PM me if you have one for sell and let me know your asking price.
  9. aframo

    Selling: Vigilante Adjusted M full set.

    EDIT: Close thread
  10. aframo

    Buying: Ghost M set.

    Hey, Looking for a full set of Ghost M set, PM me if you have one and what price you ask. Take Care, Afroman
  11. aframo

    Selling: Mutated Aurli Bone

    Got 1x for sell, BO 540 PED
  12. aframo

    Selling: 100 Christmas Boxes

  13. aframo

    Selling: Pills - Accustim 15mg, Medistim 10mg and Hyperstim 15mg

    Selling 3x pills. 1x [AccuStim 15mg] 30 ped 1x [MediStim 10mg] 7 Ped 1x [HyperStim 15mg] 30 Ped Or take all for 55ped!
  14. aframo

    Help: Excel for huntinglogg

    Hello! I used to have a decent excel file someone shared to me few years back, it basicly calculated everything like total turnover, MU gain etc etc. If you have any good excel setup for logging, sharing would be much appreciated :) Take Care, Mr Afroman
  15. aframo

    Buying: Lokabhu Sword, Khorum Ice and Leoi shock dagger

    PM me your price, prefer low tiered.
  16. aframo

    Buying: 7x Armor Plating Mark.4C

    Add me ingame (search Aframo) Paying +10 for each!
  17. aframo

    Selling: Skills 20%

    Add me ingame (search *Aframo* in player register) and bring your ESI's! NOTE: YOU HAVE TO PROVIDE THE EMPTY SKILL IMPLANT You pay 20% of the TT from the Implant you get after the extraction. (Example: 10 PED AIM Skill implant x 20% = 2 PED ) SKILL POINTS % PRICE TT VALUE...
  18. aframo

    Selling: All skills 10% (LWT, RDA, AIM etc)

    ...................... delete thread
  19. aframo

    Selling: Calypso Land Deed 's

    Hey! Got a few CLD's for sale! PRICE: 1735 PED /each (Price is compared after ingame auction, and it will be adjusted overtime...)
  20. aframo

    Selling: Grande Finale, Skills @5-30% !

    Delete thread
  21. aframo

    Selling: Grande Finale, Skills @ 10-everything must go 10-30%

    delete thread, missclick.... new one cming
  22. aframo

    Selling: Skills clearout! @ 100%

    December Skills clearout! @ 50% close thread
  23. aframo

    Buying: ESI - Empty Skill Implant

    Buying ESI's @ 880% Sizes from 10 - 100 PED TT PM ME OR ADD ME INGAME (aframo) Take Care, Mr Afroman
  24. aframo

    Selling: Selling different stuff / Storage Cleanout

    BLUEPRINTS: FULL SET OF DISCO ARMOUR BLUEPRINT SET - TAKING OFFERS Disco Arm Guards Blueprint 0.02 PED Disco Foot Guards Blueprint 0.01 PED Disco Gloves Blueprint 0.01 PED Disco Harness Blueprint 0.02 PED Disco Helmet Blueprint 0.01 PED Disco Shin Guards Blueprint 0.02 PED Disco...