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  1. Svammelman

    Selling: Zombie Blood, Plasma & Leg

    As finding the first zombie Blood, Plasma and Leg ill place them all in an aucion for 48 hour the auction is for 1 Zombie Leg 1 Zombie Plasma 1 Zombie Blood Startbid 300 ped Buyout 5000 ped Happy bidding :wtg:
  2. Svammelman

    Zombie Blood

  3. Svammelman

    Zombie Plastma

    Zombie Plasma "not plastma as the title says ;P"
  4. Svammelman

    Zombie Leg

  5. Svammelman

    Buying: Imp2870 A205 ML35 Dante

    Im intrested in a few stuff to buy Improved 2870 / Allready bought from Pm A204 / Allready bought from Pm ML35 / for 12k Dante / 2.3K Pm me if you are intrested, or have something for sale that we can discuss the prise on. Ps: please dont remind my title A205 wrote it wrong it should say A204
  6. Svammelman

    Selling: "Prototype Rocket Launcher XXX (L)"

    This little one is now placed on auction due to lover bids in here than ingame. I had allready got a confirmd 3000 ped offer for it so thats what i placed it for now on auction. well thx for the offers that you gave anyway, but dont be shy and place some real ones ingame to.
  7. Svammelman

    Selling: "Prototype Rocket Launcher XXX (L)"

    Ups placed two posts with it, the other one is the right one