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  1. Egrim

    Selling: CLD´s

  2. Egrim

    Selling: Phantom T1-2 M!

  3. Egrim

    Selling: Impfap

    Sold .... Pew pew pew
  4. Egrim

    Selling: Impfap

    only pure peds .. pm me offers :) ty
  5. Egrim

    Selling: Full set of Phantom (M) T1-2

    selling this great set and cheap for the protection it have to offer. looking for around TT+3.9k pure peds and/or CLD´s
  6. Egrim

    Selling: (1) Common Dung

    Im selling this "uber eco" pice of shit. 1. It wont cost you anything to look @ it 2. with enough will you can find a brother to him. its so damn eco i dont rly want to sell pure peds offers.. but im willing to do a trade with : Terminator , ModMerc, Mod Fap,Roman Ram Purifier, Mod...
  7. Egrim

    Buying: Full set of Phantom (M)

    pm me price if you have a full set ;) ty
  8. Egrim

    Selling: ImpFap T0,9

    Selling a Tier 0,9 impfap ;) throw me offers..only peds
  9. Egrim

    Selling: Cb26 T6 (UL)

    TT around 7k pure peds send me the offers
  10. Egrim

    Buying: Exceptional Robot Contraction Unit

    paying what last sold for @ auction TT+26k or a alrdy compelted set of poe close to 26k ^^
  11. Egrim

    Selling: Ul cb26 t6

    Selling my cb26 T6 , last buyer backed off so its up for sale again TT is 7k fully ench = 93 dps :D BO: 50k ( TT+43k ) accepting CLDs iteams will be considered !
  12. Egrim

    Buying: emik x5

    i want to buy a x5 .. ill offer you my cb26 t6,4 (7ktt) + peds drop me and offer and we can work someting out :)
  13. Egrim

    Selling: ULcb26 T6 & Impfap

    hi Taking offer on my UL cb26 T6,4 (TT is 7k) and Impfap 0,9 (items of intrest for the imp = privateer , ms) and a T3,6 Tango (bo 25k) that might want to find a new home also ;) ill accept peds and cld as payment and Some kind of trade cb26 to a x5, drop your offers in by Pm´s No rush no need...
  14. Egrim

    Selling: Robot Flare Filters

    hi , selling Robot Flare Filters ... PM me how much you need and what % you offer, lowball % offer will be ignored
  15. Egrim

    Selling: Fapping service During MM

    yup Imp fap service for MM shoot me a offer :)
  16. Egrim

    Dome 16

    5,49 % in tax ...WTF??? lower the tax otherwise ppl wont do the dasp misson...
  17. Egrim

    Selling: Guardian Plating of the Sand King (New plate)

  18. Egrim

    Selling: UL Cb26 T6,4

    still for sale.... drop a PM
  19. Egrim

    Selling: Impfap

    Selling my impfap if i get some good offer on it :) accepting iteam offer.. items of more intrest is Landdeeds 120k
  20. Egrim

    Selling: Tango

  21. Egrim

    Buying: assassin R150 UL

    send me what price you had in mind
  22. Egrim

    Selling: T1 shadow parts

    well im splitting up my full set now if i get atleast 3-4 parts with good offers. All part avaible atm :) Pure peds Helmet SB:7k BO:9k Arms SB: 7k BO: 9k Harmness SB: 10k BO:12 Gloves SB: 13k BO: 16k Footguards SB:22 BO:25k package deal = SB 50k BO: any okey offer over 50k Auction will...
  23. Egrim

    Selling: Full Set of Male Shadow T1

    im mainly looking for 85k pure peds :) buut shoot me iteam offers to :) some iteams of intrest assasin R150 / Privateer valued @ (40k) / cb26 / X5 I might split the im taking offers on the part to atm
  24. Egrim

    Buying: Trading Full shadow M T1 for Full Eon M

    I have a full shadow T1 and i want a Full Eon M + peds or a ML/vrex 2k
  25. Egrim

    Selling: Full Shadow tier1 (M)

    yup selling a full shadow tier1 M.. rather pure peds atm... i want close to 85k