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    Buying: Genesis Star Excavator Adjusted

    Possibly looking to buy a Genesis Star Excavator Adjusted, PM me if you are looking to sell cheers.
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    Selling: Skills

    Hello, looking to sell my skills I have 272k skills on my avatar so if theirs anything you need pm me, can tell you what I have available. Can provide collateral for about 2k Esi’s Here’s a few I’ve got to to give an idea: Handgun: 7595 Rifle: 8372 Wounding: 6640 Weapons handling: 6326...
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    Selling: Dragon Armour (M)

    Sold To short
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    Selling: Dune rider set (m)

    SOLD mods please close
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    Selling: Redulite ingots

    Have 17 redulite ingots to sell pm your offers Cheers
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    Selling: Esi

    Sold please please close thread.
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    Selling: ML 35 tier 4.6 dune rider male armor + 5b plates

    dune rider male armor As the title says I'm selling Dune rider set missing harness(won't split) Helmet tier 2.3 Arms tier 1.9 Thigh tier 1.9 Gloves tier .9 Shins tier .5 Feet tier .9 pm me your offers on this fine armor.
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    Selling: Sandstormer shins male tier .9

    sold please close
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    Selling: Dune rider harness F

    Hi been spending most of my time running the keys to try find a male harness and this popped up lol clearly I cannot use it so it's up forsale. Tier rates are pretty nice 144,135,75,142,109,133,60,130,55,137 Anywho drop us a pm if ur interested. Would accept a swap for male shins, part trade...
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    Selling: Selling phantom male tier 0.9

    Set sold please close
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    Buying: Dune rider harness and shins

    As the title says I'm after male Dune rider harness or sandstormer harness. Drop us a Pm with ur price Cheers
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    Selling: Full paradox male

    Armor sold please close
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    Buying: Ark underground deeds

    Pm me with ur price. Ty
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    Selling: Ranked scorp/phantom/ hedoc mayhem + other bits

    Ok here's what I got Phantom full male tier 0.9 Hedoc mayhem tier 4.3 tt+ 2600 Beast blp amp tt + 76 Pm with offers I'll consider offers with cld or ark deeds
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    Buying: A106 amp

    A106 amp or improved a105 Got one mods please close. Thanks
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    Buying: Dante amp

    Need a Dante ASAP so drop us a pm if you have one. Cheers
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    Selling: Full Liakon male tier 1.9

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    Selling: Evil amp/ part trade for Dante

    Hi there. I have an evil amp I'm looking to Either sell for tt+ 2100 or do a part trade for a Dante plus some peds my way. Drop us a pm if ur interested. Cheers
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    Buying: Paradox m parts

    As the title says I'm currently in the market for the following paradox male armor parts I'm aware some of these are rare parts, but would be nice to get a close to complete set if possible. So I'm after: Shins Gloves Foots Drop us a message if you have any of the following cheers. :)
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    Buying: Dante amp

    Got one now please close thread
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    Selling: Jarhead M tier 1

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    Buying: Combustive attack nano VII L high tiers

    As the title says looking for a few of these L chips with anything over say 200 ish per tier or higher so if you come across any in you travels drop me a PM
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    Selling: Pegasus male L set

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    Selling: UL Corrosive attack nanochip VII tier 2.2

    UL Corrosive VII & combustive VI UL Updated Stats: Max damage with enhancers is: 54 Great chip for skilling pyro Looking at upgrading so time to part ways. Looking for about 1.2k Combustive attack...
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    Buying: Combustive VII or VI UL chip

    As the title says after a VII or VI combustive chip with ideally tier 1 or more but if not and the Lvls 1/2 tier stats are pretty good I may still be interested. So drop us a pm if ur thinking of selling. Cheers