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  1. allarom

    Info: Do not color your texts manually into very light nor very dark colors

    It is impossible to read some texts due to forum styling differences. If I use a light theme, I have to highlight all the manually colored white/light texts to be able to read. The same goes for dark themes if the color matches the background. Very annoying "feature" ...
  2. allarom

    Info: Support case "solved" under a year!

    They have woken up! I finally got a response from them (after 10 months of waiting!)
  3. allarom

    Buying: Sigyn Gloves M

    If you are someone who owns these or you know somebody who owns these, please let me know!
  4. allarom

    Buying: Sigyn M set

    PM me the offers. Thanks!
  5. allarom

    Selling: Liakon M T2 set, S0ph13 L12

    Liakon M T2 set SOLD S0ph13 L12 +1000
  6. allarom

    Buying: WTB Merry Mayhem M set

    as title says, looking for Merry Mayhem M set
  7. allarom

    Info: Summer Ring 2020 Stats

    Equip Slot: Right Hand Increase Critical Chance: 3% Increase Critical Damage: 20% Life Steal: 8% found it while randomly browsing lol
  8. allarom

    Missing mob Subject SH-30

    Can somebody fix this mob on EL? thanks
  9. allarom

    Question: can anymody explain this?

    found this older video of mine. i got global effect way before the mob was dead. and no, there was no other globals around that might have triggered shared loot global (check feed and ticker):
  10. allarom

    Selling: Emik X5 T10 (lvl 56 maxed cat6/cat7 mayhem beast) Emik X5 T10 One of the best dps in cat6/cat7 and with only 56lvl maxed! This gun paid me off in one year thanks for mayhems. Be ready for upcoming summer mayhem and eomons- 200+ dps easily achievable! With max buffs, up to 240...
  11. allarom

    RENT: Emik X5 T10 (150dps) / Corrosive 13 FEN + FEN 7 amp (80.9% eff.)

    Emik X5 Tier: 10 DPS: 150 - 200+ easily obtainable with some lower level ares + pills Efficiency: 54.6% - Fully enhanced + Mayhem B apha/beta/gamma (still better than using 120% L guns tho) Maxed: 56 BLP Pistoleer - No better options available for this level (dps wise) Collateral: 35k PED This...
  12. allarom

    Question: MA's numbers vs 1M cycle summary

    efficiency: 55% looter level: 47 (current) cycled: slightly over 1M NET tt return: 94.44% (this is with all used/received MU excluded) I've used total of 19.3k of MU and received 51.5k of MU. So i am facing at 97.58% of an overall return MA's statement: Nothing adds up here tbh :D (actually...
  13. allarom

    Suggestion: Make skilling great again (solution)

    Solution for this would be to remove PM token placements from lower categories and add these to higher ones. Rough example for the idea: cat1 - 0 Places cat2 - top 1 Place cat3 - top 1 Place cat4 - top 2 Places cat5 - top 2 Places cat6 - top 3 Places cat7 - top 4 Places cat8 - top 5 Places...
  14. allarom

    Selling: Combustive Attack Nanochip 8 T2.9

    Price: +1,4k
  15. allarom

    Buying: Combustive Attack Nanochip VII

    WTB Combustive Attack Nanochip VII unlimited version
  16. allarom

    Buying: MacMahon Vengeance

    WTB MacMahon Vengeance. High tier is a bonus, not mandatory pm me ingame "Allar allarom Mark"
  17. allarom

    Info: allarom's week #1 FEN log

    Have been farming tokens from spiders all week for now and results are kind of interesting... and i felt like sharing it Gun+amp = 56% effiency (sacrifice i have to make to get best dps on my level) Animal looter = 37 Week #1 (16 - 21 October) Total input 54094 Total back in tt 47719 88.21%...
  18. allarom

    Suggestion: Possible fix to "This loot is claimed by someone else"

    Sometimes I get attacked by half damaged mob, kill it, get the message. Sometimes i get same message when killing full hp mob. I have nothing against this message in general, but sometimes noone never comes to loot. Maybe make it so if noone comes to loot by the time when corpse despawns...
  19. allarom

    Uber: 25k PED Explosives on quantity?

    Haven't posted here for years. Only reason is to show how mad EU sometimes is. Usually i've made only lvl 2 explosives. I've not deposited for years now and didn't planned any near future. Slowly started to sell out my storage and Equipment. Had 600 PEDs on my card and gave it a try. 30 clicks...
  20. allarom

    Selling: Gyro fap-14 smuggler T3.5

    +1800 ped Open for offers
  21. allarom

    Selling: MANTA k-5 Smuggler, Gyro FAP-14 Smuggler, Melee Trauma Amplifier VI, Songkra Corrosive Dagger

    MANTA k-5 Smuggler, Gyro FAP-14 Smuggler MANTA k-5 Smuggler T5.3 +5k Melee Trauma Amplifier V: 2.953 dpp, 53.31 dps Melee Trauma amplifier VI: 2.925 dpp, 55.36 dps Improved Melee Trauma Amplifier V: 2.942 dpp, 55.36 dps Fully enhanced: Melee Trauma Amplifier V: 2.934 dpp, 71.76 dps Melee...
  22. allarom

    Selling: Gyro fap-14 Smuggler T3.5

    BO: 2.4k SB: 1.9k Req. lvl only 5!!! Fully enhanced 16.60 heal/sec Auction will end after one week from this post or BO
  23. allarom

    Selling: Manta K5 smug, Trauma VI, Paradox M, Viking M, Gyro fap-14 smug, 5B, 5D, a106

    Manta K-5 smuggler T5.xx ( - for stats) Melee Trauma Amp VI Gyro fap-14 smuggler T3.xx Paradox M full set T2 mostly SOLD Viking M full set T0.xx SOLD 5D plates 5B plates - Removed from sale a106 SOLD Will figure out prices as soon as i'll get...
  24. allarom

    SUGGESTION: Universal ammo for melee fighters / repair balance

    Nothing to do with this ammo if you're melee fighter. Good idea would be if i can load it to my repair balance, so i can use this balance with repair terminal or portable repair unit. If MA needs that it's not used reasonably instead of giving bad return while hunting, it can be restricted...