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  1. RedThothCrowley

    Buying: Mod 2350

    As the title says. Looking for this fast little heal box!
  2. RedThothCrowley

    Selling: Adj Maddox, Mod Ares, Mod 2350

    Taking offers on: Mod 2350 heal tool T0.9 SOLD Adj Maddox IV T2.9 Mod Ares Ring
  3. RedThothCrowley

    Selling: Stockpile of S&B Ardenner 16

    Here's the link if you don't know the gun. I have about 20 of these. Mixed TT. Will sell singles or all at once. On Caly.
  4. RedThothCrowley

    Selling: 2 small Chadriak Mushrooms

    As the title says, I am selling two small Chadriak Mushrooms. If they don't sell today, I'll list them on auction tonight. I am at work, and currently can't get in game. Price: 60 ped each or close offer
  5. RedThothCrowley

    Buying: UL mid level laser rifle/carbine

    Willing to listen to all sales pitches. What gun do you have?
  6. RedThothCrowley

    Selling: Silver Fang m.01 Starlight

    Selling this great tagger. 150m range. Tier 3.4 Priced to sell! SB: TT +700 BO TT +700
  7. RedThothCrowley

    Discovery: Longtooth Matriarch Creature Control Capsule

    Big swirls for just a pill I'll be selling this if anyone wants to be the first LT Matriarch!
  8. RedThothCrowley

    Buying: Maddox IV and Maddox IV GDC

    Looking for 5 Maddox IV GDC - Will pay around market value. Also need a single Maddox IV - Looking to pay around TT + 750
  9. RedThothCrowley

    Selling: Robot Parts

    Here's a list - I may have others that don't start with the word robot. Just ask and I will check. 925 Robot Buffers 4 3.08 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 926 Robot Casing 1 1.01 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 927 Robot Energy Source 5 0.70 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 928 Robot Filter 1139 41.00 PED STORAGE (Calypso)...
  10. RedThothCrowley

    Selling: Socket Components

    Ongoing sales thread for looted socket components - Will update regularly Make an offer 1009 Socket I Component 6 0.60 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 1010 Socket II Component 24 2.40 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 1011 Socket III Component 382 38.20 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 1012 Socket IV Component 373 37.30 PED...
  11. RedThothCrowley

    Selling: Paint - Lots of Paint

    Taking offers 814 Paint Can (Black) 1 1.00 PED 836 Paint Can (Blue) 3 0.15 PED Shagadi Tall Urn (996) 837 Paint Can (Blue) 14 0.70 PED CARRIED 838 Paint Can (Blue) 98 4.90 PED Shagadi Tall Urn (996) 839 Paint Can (Burgundy) 9 1.71 PED CARRIED 840 Paint Can (Burgundy) 84 15.96 PED...
  12. RedThothCrowley

    Selling: Full M Jarhead - T1+ - Midastree textured

    Found a new home
  13. RedThothCrowley

    Buying: Full M Nemesis possibly Jaguar

    Got what I needed
  14. RedThothCrowley

    Thyroid Oil

    What the heck drops Thyroid Oil these days? Feffs used to, but after over 50 kills, all they seem to drop now is Weapon Cells, BLP packs, Surface Hardener, and Shrapnel....
  15. RedThothCrowley

    Buying: Small Chadriak Mushroom

    50 PED each. If you have over 10, I'll offer 55 PED each. Fast sale, pure PED. Need 75 total
  16. RedThothCrowley

    Buying: Mod EK-2350 (would consider Imp)

    Got what I needed
  17. RedThothCrowley

    Selling: Rsb s1x2

    Sold sold sold
  18. RedThothCrowley

    Selling: Neurostim B + C

    Make an offer. Amount I have fluctuates. Usually at least 30 - 50 depending how many boxes I have recently opened. Sorry, I have no A, all sold.
  19. RedThothCrowley

    Buying: Full Set Nemesis M

    Send me your offers
  20. RedThothCrowley

    Thoth's Healing Service pt.2!!!!

    Current FAP: Adjusted Hedoc Mayhem Charge: Decay + Tip (You decide tip) My other thread has gotten quite old and I've recently returned to the healing business, so off we go with a new thread. I am currently using the Adjusted Hedoc Mayhem. Fast, large heals. It make a UR125 look wimpy...
  21. RedThothCrowley

    Buying: Philosopher's Swords

    Looking for 2 of them Want to pay in the range of +55 for a Tier 0 or +60 for a Tier 1 or +70 for a Tier 2. Willing to talk. Send me your offers.
  22. RedThothCrowley

    Selling: Full M Nemesis Tier 1

    All parts Tier 1, some approaching upgrade. List value is +950. I will let it go for +900. Peds only. New Price: TT +850
  23. RedThothCrowley

    Selling: Gremlin M

    Some parts T1 Average of daily/weekly MU is TT+145. I am willing to let this go for TT+100 for a quick sale.
  24. RedThothCrowley

    Buying: Bear or Jarhead

    Looking at buying either Bear or Jarhead UL (M) Any offers out there?