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  1. DavinFelth

    Iron mission compensation.

    I had an idea : any iron mission you are currently on for a codex you started you get granted 1 codex level boost across the board. My personal example is Daspletor. I'm 55.7 into rank one codex and killed 30/5,000 iron. Now completing my codex rank may not equate the iron kills, but I think...
  2. DavinFelth

    Suggestion: Option to remove the red outline on mobs

    I haven't tried the new update that much yet, I think it'll be cool one some aspects, but really one thing I don't like more than anything else: The red outline on the mobs. To me it really ruins any immersion. Mobs don't look like part of the environment. It also ruins the graphics of the...
  3. DavinFelth

    Selling: Some Blue Prints that may be of interest

    First section are UL Blueprints with the QR listed after Settler Shin Guards 32.1 Settler Arm Guards 15.3 Pioneer Gloves 1.0 Arkadian Key 1 22.5 Techno Pants 1.0 Luna Pattern Shirt 1.0 Weapon Cabinet 1.0 Corner Retail Counter 1.0 Retail Counter 1.8 1.0 Nepotism Potion 4.0 Charisma Potion 1.0...
  4. DavinFelth

    Spider Elites are a pile of poo

    Oh cool?! Spider Elites shared loot.. sounds like fun! 20 minutes later ... Oh awesome i've lost almost half my peds! Loot returns were like 10-70%! Oh and ubers looting loads of platinum and gold tokens - nice! It's this a 15 event or just another cash grab from MA...? or is there any...
  5. DavinFelth


    What is this hof from avatar "Gary" on mob "Gary the Alien"? What the heck??
  6. DavinFelth

    8K Bery - MA serioulsy? What is this shit?

    Gratz to whoever looted that, seriously But what the hell. Number one hof is that mob... I'd be fine with an 800-1k ped Bery, but 8k??? That makes no sense. This game ... I don't even have words for the state of it anymore. Everyday I go - "lets see the noob hof of the day" and everyday there...
  7. DavinFelth

    Uber: LOL that hof board

    wow.. top hof is Argo Scavanger number two is a Foul WTF and what the biggest or one of the biggest crafting hofs ever to as far as I can tell a noob. just saying
  8. DavinFelth

    Selling: Nemesis Gloves (M)

    Selling freshly looted Nemesis Gloves from an Atrox Please send me an offer, you can see auction history, but none really sold recently.
  9. DavinFelth

    Uber: Noob stikes again?

    11k Argo Elite! Wow. Quick scan looks like new player. Congrats to him - put a picture up if you are reading this (and have a pic):eyecrazy::eyecrazy:
  10. DavinFelth

    Selling: Set of 6a armor plates

    I'm selling a set of 6a armor plates. The TT value varies as they are under full condition. Total TT = 134.5 and I'm looking for +24 each Grand total of 302.5 so will knock that down to an even 300 ped. Please send PM as you won't find me in game. Thanks! *edit* Sold ! **
  11. DavinFelth

    Selling: [Large Chadriak Mushroom] x4 for sale

    Simple, as title says I have 4 for sale. PM me in game or on this board.
  12. DavinFelth

    Question: Evades?

    I am getting TONS of evades lately. More than I can remember. I also thought MA lowered the evades mobs give, but they are insane lately. Mobs can cost 1-2 peds extra because of evades. It's pissin me off hardcore.
  13. DavinFelth

    Selling: Inventory/Clerance

    Hello all. I'm too low on income to support myself in this game currently. I am putting up all items that I'm not set on keeping up for sale. Please contact with need for info on tiers or other specifics. I did my best to remove non-tradeable items and stuff I want to keep. Also: I'm...
  14. DavinFelth

    At a loss.. please tell me what to do!

    Hey all. I wanted to thank everyone for their great feedback, posts, and reading my last thread called "fed-up" I had some initial success hunting smaller mobs and managed to use my tokens to get an LC-150 CDF edition (L) When I got near the end of it - I deposited some cash and bought an...
  15. DavinFelth

    Fed up!

    Yep you guessed it! Another whining thread. I have to do it - gotta do something. I took nearly 1 month off the game - longest time ever since I started playing years ago. I went pretty hard during migration and just found other games to keep me entertained for a while. They get boring fast...
  16. DavinFelth

    Question: How goes the current Robot Attack / WoF ?

    Hey all. I been away from the game for a week or two (longest almost ever) and I plan on keeping this break going - unless the next update offers some juicy content. So I have to say seeing Big Bulks, and the start of WoF does peek my interest. So question is.. how is it out there? Please...
  17. DavinFelth

    Buying: Omegaton A105

    Looking for this amp. Please PM me or msg me in game. Thanks!
  18. DavinFelth

    Uber: Longtooth at last

    After over 2 days of crap loot - bam outta no where! 2nd biggest hunting loot ever.
  19. DavinFelth

    Achievement: Commando!

    A really proud moment for me. I tried to explain it to my wife, but really couldn't. I remember getting to lvl 60 and thinking ... lvl 70 will take forrrrever. Well here I am! Look out EU!!!!! Also just for fun is a global I got before it... the rare skill gain / global at the same time.
  20. DavinFelth

    Mob Battle Arena?? Just saw this on facebook?? Mob Battle Arena's coming soon to ROCKtropia. Check out the RockTropia Android Video Vixen bitch Slapping the Molusk! - ( Multi-platform )
  21. DavinFelth

    Buying: Boar Gloves (M)

    Heya - I'm buying Boar Gloves (M) or anything comparable. If you have a pair PM me or add me in game. Hurry up before I loose all my peds doing other crap! :laugh:
  22. DavinFelth

    Uber: 3566 Mutated Beladoth

    Get your Kicks on LA Six! My highest hunting loot ever ----- 2x as the next biggest one. I never thought I'd be top of the HoF list either. Just felt like it came outta no where! About 17k of Adrenal Oil:eyecrazy::wtg::wtg:
  23. DavinFelth

    Selling: Omegaton A104

    MU is low on this item, but I value it greatly - it's my work horse amp. (doesn't mean I will sell for more than MU - I'm just saying - it's good) Let me know if you want to buy.
  24. DavinFelth

    Selling: Gravis GBP-32

    Recently looted on Arkadia. Sales history show 2 sales with average mu of 1.5k. I'm open to offers!
  25. DavinFelth

    Log of me not loggin in!

    *Edit* I just logged in Dec 10th, 2013 After over 20 days. I don't know why, I was just wanting to check things out. I figured I would be waiting until next VU and even though this one was looking terrible I thought I'd at least take stock and what not. I got my shares from CLDs and sold...