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  1. allarom

    Selling: Easter Ring 2020 / Christmas 2019 / Halloween 2018

    I don't own any of these rings, but I would sell them for around the same price if i were to sell.
  2. allarom

    Question: How to fap to get fap decay compensated in loot ?

    None of those mentioned above, d) let the mob hit you, fap, kill, loot
  3. allarom

    Decay from Scanning added to loot pool?

    tested with a friend. shared loot team. he was killing a mob, I scanned multiple times meanwhile. 0 loot for me
  4. allarom

    Gender change

    I want to change the gender on my hands so I could finally finalize one of my sets by buying F gloves!
  5. allarom

    Halloween Mayhem 2020

    It's called "Mayhem" for a reason
  6. allarom

    AMA video will be delayed

    yep, take 5 months if needed. I am sure that the text version is safe to publish by then
  7. allarom

    AMA video will be delayed

    instead of announcing a delay, wouldn't it be much less work if you announce something that will be delivered in time?
  8. allarom

    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    This is getting ridiculous already, @Ludvig|MindArk what is taking so long? we have another mayhem going on already ... can we at least get some ETA?
  9. allarom

    Info: Do not color your texts manually into very light nor very dark colors

    It is impossible to read some texts due to forum styling differences. If I use a light theme, I have to highlight all the manually colored white/light texts to be able to read. The same goes for dark themes if the color matches the background. Very annoying "feature" ...
  10. allarom

    Increase auto-loot ranges.

    Here you go lol:
  11. allarom

    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    as far as I understood, it added 25% to your total reload. meaning 25% was added to the top of 130% = 162.5% total reload
  12. allarom

    Info: Support case "solved" under a year!

    I got answers to a few of my cases actually, but this one looked a bit funnier. seems like something is happening in their support section!
  13. allarom

    Info: Support case "solved" under a year!

    They have woken up! I finally got a response from them (after 10 months of waiting!)
  14. support case closed!.JPG

    support case closed!.JPG

  15. allarom

    unable to run entropia universe

    You lucky bastard!
  16. allarom

    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    why, lol?
  17. allarom

    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    They don't have to prove anything, read their statement first!
  18. allarom

    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    I understand that it most likely gets ignored by MA, but maybe some update on this?
  19. allarom


    the progress bar is filled after 5000 kills. it doesn't matter where you were in the old iron mission
  20. allarom

    Discovery: Perfected Daudaormur Fang

    your ability to pull out rare items is getting ridiculous already :D GZ!
  21. allarom

    Price Check Regeneration Chip 11

    I've seen these going for ~3k
  22. allarom

    Help: Impact on returns when converting looted Shrapnel and keep going

    it's nothing more than the brain's ability to remember things that stands out a bit more :D
  23. allarom

    Help: Impact on returns when converting looted Shrapnel and keep going

    your return does not go down, your calculation is changing. you actually cycling much more while converting it. example: you gain 900p shrapnel during 1000p run. it's 90% return you convert it to 909p ammo and get back 818p shrapnel. it looks like your return is now 81%, but actually, you...