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  1. Mel

    Selling: Weapon Damage Enahancer 1 and 2 BP's

    100qr Weapon Damage Enhancer 1, and 89.3qr Weapon Damage Enhancer 2 Blueprints for sale. 90k clicks for qr already done for you. 600 ped for both. sold
  2. Mel

    Selling: Overcharged Omegaton A204

    Omegaton A204 Overcharged Selling this beauty, first 7k offer takes it. Fits on a lot of lasers, more lazors.
  3. Mel

    Selling: Selling Overcharged A204

    Offering at SB 12.5k +tt, BO at 13k +tt. Please PM here on forum. ty
  4. Mel

    Selling: Selling Overcharged A204

    In time for Mayhem, first tt+15k offer is good to go. Peds only, PM here or in game. ty, Mel
  5. Mel

    5 years since Droka uber

    How can this be? I recently finished Droka Iron, and it never occurred to me to look at the "latest ubers" page on EntroiaLife for them. You might have to log in to see page on tracker. It's unlikely that tracker missed many, if...
  6. Mel

    Selling: Protector of the Empire Male

    SOLD I can't play as much as I'd like, or this armor should. Personally looted the red banana, and awarded this complete set by Marco. All parts are Male tier .9, never really saw the point. I will offer this set for serious, reasonable offers only, ped or cld's only, not interested in...
  7. Mel

    Everyone knows that.....

    everyone knows they are potentially cheating and/or exploiting when doing it in game, with few exceptions. Your account is in virtue of reading the ToU, and here's what it says, and this is what matters..... AS A PARTICIPANT IN THE VIRTUAL UNIVERSE OF THE ENTROPIA UNIVERSE YOU ARE REQUIRED TO...
  8. Mel up with Packet Loss

    WTF is up with this: I have filed support cases before re lag issues.....I live on the US West coast, my ping runs 170ms on avg, and have always had intermittent packet loss issues, always on hops. MA referred me to, who said anything under 200ms ping is in the green as...
  9. Mel

    Selling: Manuari Stoikow Anti-materiel rifle, prototype (L)

    Land grab beauty.....not many shots, but with 202-404 dmg, 134m range, could come in very handy...:cool: Best offer will be taken in next 24 hrs over 1500 ped, thanks Land...
  10. Mel

    Thanks Carebear

    Saw Carebear chatting in game somewhere, checked and found entropia tools again functional. Thank You.
  11. Mel

    Selling: Manuari Stoikow Anti-Material Rifle Prototype

    Do you need a one shot kill in pvp at times? What, you're only level 12 BLP sniper and you still want an over 800 critical shot at nearly 140m? lol This gun is in a rare class of damage....criticals over 800 possible without an amp...what can I say. I'm not really educated about damage to...
  12. Mel

    UL Eon Feet Fem & anti-material rifle

    Not sure on these, didn't have much time to search forum, but don't easily find. Manauri-Stoikow rifle, 202-404 dmg, will post stats tomorrow. Ideas? Offers? Spare ped?lolol thanks Click to enlarge Click to enlarge tt on rifle is 21 ped
  13. Mel


    Yup, another CND baby making commando....all natural pew pew pew :wtg: I'm a pretty eco player, but wouldn't have taken this long to achieve if had just started and primarily used one weapon, pistol or rifle/carbine. Made combat sense with laser rifle, then switched to pistol that was lvl...
  14. Mel

    Buying: Imp2870

    Offering 55k for this fine laser pistola... Thanks Mel
  15. Mel

    Info: How to speed up your current PC

    There are some pretty simple things you can do to make your system perform better. Do a google search "how to speed up your pc", or will find hundreds of articles with lists of things you can do, and links to software suggested. The reasons why, and how to do it, are much better...
  16. Mel

    Buying: Imp MK2

    Am offering POE Male + peds in trade for this fine weapon, the only item within reason that I would consider giving up my armor for. Might also be possible to work out a 3 way deal selling armor, then pure peds for imk2, but I don't want to sell armor w/o deal for gun. Please PM if you have...
  17. Mel

    Loot Happens

    Team name kinda says it all for me, and I'm still smiling this morning...:D An amazing evening of hunting for Hunters Unlimited and Gods of Chaos. I think I used some adjectives on Vent that I don't normally verbalize....:eek: Teammates kcjeeper from HU, Deeveon, Vale, and Jeff from...
  18. Mel


    Last year the supposed "annual" migration began July 17th i believe. No word this year, but am really hoping Calypso has some sort of "leap month" and it's just delayed because of that phenomena...:scratch2:
  19. Mel

    Random Act of Lootius

    Been a while since I had a loot worthy of posting here, but this is my highest solo loot by a wide margin...:yay:...only item a gnome mask, but not complaining.
  20. Mel

    Noober Hunter in 2yrs 1mth 3days 7.5hours

    My own definition of noober of course...+70agi, combat sense, wounding, avoidance, medicine, medium hp, +100k skills.....150hp was the last to fall in place last night... Still a noob miner with mineral sense and extraction unlocked. Only skill chipped in the last year was a 13ped chip of...
  21. Mel

    Any idea where the armax went?

    Been running round for a few hours looking for the event armax spawn with no luck....I assumed they just "migrated", but no luck finding them. Anybody else know if/where they are?
  22. Mel

    Can Mineral Sense be unlocked with Survey?

    I had assumed, (ya, assumptions can be a problem) that mineral sense could be unlocked with survey as CGA can be. Looking at Wiki, only prospector is listed as skill level needed for mineral sense. Is this correct? Can u not unlock mineral sense with survey? Anybody have definitive knowledge...
  23. Mel

    w0000000t....Mel's first Tower-o-Belk

    gotta love it....Lootius said.."Let there be a tower of Belkar", and there was, and it was (not an ATH) it was Rich K, this how ya do it....u start at zychion for a little corn,merp,trox,nundo,maff,feff,armax,bibo hunt and mine going se...rofl...then then...
  24. Mel

    Being Eco....Why?

    This forum has been good to me, more info and guidance than any mentor or single person could ever provide. I only wish that I had found, and understood that, earlier in my PEU carreer. And I want to thank each and every one of you that has selflessly contributed here. I struggle, personally...
  25. Mel

    Trax for breakfast

    Trax and strong coffee, nice way to start your day...:D