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    Selling: Easter Ring 2019

    2019 Easter ring, 10K ped, not looking for trades. pm here or in game.
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    Buying: Rubies or Ruby

    This thread could be closed.
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    Buying: 2018 Summer Ring

    Post can be closed.
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    Events, Skills (market prices), what's going on?

    To those who have not noticed the event placements have set off a huge devaluation of skills. Why does anything but dps and hp matter?
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    Selling: 2016 Gold Rush (M) foot

    Won a pair of 2016 Gold Rush (M) foot guards and they remain unworn. Have been rather inactive the past year and missed replying to a couple inquiries concerning them. Someone is selling five pieces for 7.5K so I'll use that as a base price. If anyone has interest 1.5K ped including tt gets...
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    Is it True

    Is it true that the top player in this game who has won multiple items in random events owns a coffee shop and serves empolyees of the very people who run this game? Who has multiples of the top rings and scopes and armors? Is this made up or is it real?
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    Pet Stable, Increase Focus not working

    Using an Eudoracell I have noticed a problem. I am not sure if this is for all pets. The Increase focus on the bunny works fine but if I also use the 5 ped stable bonus, the stable bonus or the pet bonus does not work. I tested this against my wifes Eudoracell. We both had our Eudoracell...
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    Buying: Arkadia Apartment

    I would like to buy an empty apartment on Arkadia. Nothing fancy is needed and would likely pay more then market value within reason. I'm currently on Arkadia so lmk if your selling. edit: Still looking and will edit this post once I find an apartment.
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    Buying: 2 CLD's

    Would like to buy two Calypso land deeds. Paying 1275 each. Please send PM if selling.
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    Selling: Fire Forge 8000M Tier 1 and Full (F) Ghoul Armor Tier 1

    Selling Fire Forge ARR 8000M tier 1.6 for 1100 ped. Price includes tt value of 17 peds. armor is sold
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    Selling: Full (F) Viking Armor Set

    No longer for sale
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    Selling: Full Viking (F) and Ghoul Armor (F)

    Selling a complete 7 piece (f) Ghoul armor set tt+ 5.5K Ghoul armor pieces are between tier 1.2 and 1.8 except the gloves which are 0.8. 7 piece (f) Viking armor set tt+ 1.5K please send a pm if interested.
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    Event Question

    NM this question.
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    Selling: Full Viking (F)

    Full Viking (F) Set for sale. Set is not tiered.
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    Selling: Salamander Thigh Guards SGA (M)

    Selling Salamander thighs SGA version. Item has been sold
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    Help: Login Problem

    I have been able to login in several times but it takes me roughly one hour to do so and I am thinking this is not happening to most or is it? I can get to the login screen fine, I enter my name and password and then click enter. At that point it freezes for about 10 seconds then music begins...
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    Selling: Female Phantom Armor

    This item has been sold.
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    Selling: Male/Female Phantom, Male UL Thunderbird

    Selling full female Phantom armor and a full unlimited male Thunderbird set. Male Phantom sold Female Phantom sold Male Thunderbird sold I am not looking for trades at the moment, please pm if interested. Thanks
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    Selling: Full Phantom (F)

    full set of female Phantom armor (sold) Thanks
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    Selling: Full (M) Thunderbird and (F) Phantom

    These two full UL armor sets have both been sold. Selling full unlimited (M) Thunderbird (sold) Also selling full (F) Phantom (sold) Thanks
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    Christmas Wish

    I have one wish I'd like to make of Santa. Since many players don't have the time or peds to take part in the Merry Mayhem event this coming week that perhaps he could activate a 2/1 (3/1) skill bounus for Christmas week. Some of Santa's little helpers might be feeling kind of left out of the...
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    Buying: Buying (F) Phantom or (F) & (M) Ghoul parts

    Would like to buy the (F) Phantom as a set or near set. Also looking for a (F) or (M) Ghoul set or parts other then the feet. If you are selling please send me a pm, including a sell price would speed things up. Thanks
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    Emote Question

    I dragged the little sporty icon onto my screen and started it but I do not see a way to end it. I have tryed clicking the icon again and the stand/stop command under navigation and also logging out but my character is still doing the sporty thing. Can someone tell me how to stop this emote? Thanks
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    After One Month of Playing

    Hi everyone, I thought I would give my thoughts on the game now that I have been playing for one month. I understand that is a very short time so my comments are going to be very broad based. I deposited and have been playing a lot over the past month, it has really been about 5 weeks as I...
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    A Couple questions

    Hi, I have three questions which I have not been able to find the answer to. If anyone could reply I'd appreciate it. Is there a way to disable or extend the auto log out timer? The items in my inventory always seem to move around, is there a way to stop this from happening such as a lock or...