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  1. Mants

    Buying: Mid Range UL gun

    As the title says looking for mid range gun. Lvl45-50. Up to 13-15k peds pm me offers thanks
  2. Mants

    Buying: WTB ArMatrix BP-20 FEN

    As the title says interested in this gun. Let me know price if you have one on pm Thanks Mants.
  3. Mants

    Buying: CLD`s

    Let me know if you have any Currently paying 2130 per deed thanks Mants
  4. Mants

    Buying: M2870 improved

    Wanting any tier. Paying pure peds Send me pm if your selling one Thanks Mants
  5. Mants

    Selling: FEN Token`s

    As the above says i am selling the FEN gold tokens Not sure what the demand for them is but i have 141 of them and 9 plat toekns If you are intrested drop me a pm thanks Mants
  6. Mants

    Selling: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 1 tier 5.4

    Hi all As the title says i am contemplating selling the above rifle. Its been a great weapon for me so not in a rush to sell but if the right offer came in i would let it go Dante fits it perfectly also. Pm me offers thanks Mants
  7. Mants

    Selling: Ares Ring improved

    As the title says selling a ares ring improved Looking for tt+660 8% reload 8% critical damage increase 0.6% increase chance of crit great ring for a great price PM me thanks Mants
  8. Mants

    Renting the Following items

    All the below items are for rent. Collateral is required for all rentals. AUD’s and CLD’s are accepted as collateral. (Any payment received from the deeds whilst in my inventory will be deducted from the rental price) More items will be added to the list once there is the demand for it...
  9. Mants

    February Frenzy - LA 50 That Freaking Cold Place

    Announcing the Febraury Frenzy If you want to be in with a chance to win this amazing prizen then head on over to LA-50 That Freaking Cold Place and hunt some Neconu Rules You must post a picture of your gloabls and hofs on this thread or on our facebook page to be in the running for the...
  10. Mants

    LA-50 That Freaking Cold Place Global Giveaway

    Head over the LA-50 ([20160: 51089] That Freaking Cold Place Hit a global of any size and you go in to the random draw with the chance to win 50 peds at the end of the month. Post your pictures on our facebook page or in this thread This will be drawn live on my twitch stream so make sure if...
  11. Mants

    Selling: Full Set Male Ghost armour - foot gaurds

    Great armour to hunt bigger mobs. Selling full set without foot gaurds Pm me offers thanks Mants
  12. Mants

    Selling: Maddox 4 Tier 3.9

    As the above says i am selling this great pistol Tier 3.9 and ready to tier to 4 Great blp gun with beast amp has some nice dps Pm me with offers thanks Mants
  13. Mants

    Contacting someone about account

    My Entropia life account I can no longer acces as I have forgotten the username and password and no longer have acces to the e mail registered I have e mailed the support but no response. Anyone have any thoughts on how I can fix this Thanks Mants
  14. Mants

    Info: LA-50 That Freaking Cold Place

    That Freaking Cold Place the only place to hunt neconu on calypso If you want the challenge of huning these mobs then head on over to LA-50 with Taxes now only 3.50% Hunting 2.99% Mining Low Maturity. 6 Dna slots filled with all Neconu Missions Items dropped from Neconu Hunting...
  15. Mants

    Buying: Adjusted jag parts

    As the title says I’m looking to buy some adj jag parts. Pm me with part and price if you have any for sale Thanks Mants
  16. Mants

    Imp 2870

    Looking into a new gun and woundered what sort of price range I should expect for the imp 2870. Thanks in advance
  17. Mants

    Buying: CalyTrek CR Spirit MK.I

    if you are selling one please let me know thanks pref tier 0
  18. Mants

    Selling: Selling CLD`s

    I have 4 CLD`s for sale 2010 each Pm me on here or in game
  19. Mants

    Selling: Tier 3.9 Maddox VI

    As the title says im selling my mad 4 at tier 3.9 stats below pm me offers thanks
  20. Mants

    Selling: Jag HArness (M) Angel Shins (M) Starkov As-117

    AS the title says i am selling the above Make me an offer but in no rush to sell so please make them sensible thanks Mants Jag Harness tt 161.77 Angel Shins tt 30.11 Starkov 117 tt 7.57
  21. Mants

    Selling: ESI`s

    selling esi`s 13.86tt 13.17tt 92.49tt looking for 1000% pm me with offers thanks
  22. Mants

    Selling: DOA Slugstorm (L)

    As title says tt=275.67 Great Tiers 1 - 952 2- 895 3- 629 4- 953 5 - 914 6 - 827 7 - 1227 8 -578 9 146 10 - 1259 Looking for 117% at twin peaks now or pm me
  23. Mants

    Selling: Appartment

    Hi I am selling my appartment located at the Genesis HQ tp Looking for a price around 800 peds. Please drop me a pm if your interested thanks Mants
  24. Mants

    Buying: CLD`s

    I am interested in buying a few CLD`s. Please pm me with prices thanks Mants
  25. Mants

    Selling: Misc items

    Hi all I am having a clear out of items. If you are interested please send me a pm with your offer. Sensible offers only, i am not desperate to sell. 7 Armor Plating Mark.6A 1 18.43 PED 38 Armor Plating Mark.6A 1 18.75 PED 39 Armor Plating Mark.6A 1 18.43 PED 40...