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  1. dakusingh

    Buying: ModMerc / ModMerc Ancient / Mod Fap / Skill Chips / Higher end gear etc...

    PM Me if you are looking to sell any higher end gear - Interested in but not limited to Armor, Hangers etc... Omegaton Fast Aid Pack Modified High End Mindforce Items including Restoration Chip (Not Limited) Thanks.
  2. dakusingh

    Selling: Star Mercury Anti-Material Rifle & Evil Amp

    Hello, Taking offers on a EVIL AMP Star Mercury Anti-Material Rifle (L) (Full TT) Drop me a PM! Looking for PEDS only!
  3. dakusingh

    Selling: EWE EP-40 Mercenary Modified

    EWE EP-40 Mercenary Modified - 125k Hello, Taking offers on a EWE EP-40 Mercenary Modified Currently t0.9. Drop me a PM! Looking for PEDS only! SOLD for +120k - April 12th 2012 Thanks!
  4. dakusingh

    Question: MacBook Pro 13-inch

    Would anyone know if the new gen MBP 13 spec'ed: 2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 4GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x2GB 256GB solid-state drive The 13's use a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics Now, this is the bottleneck, which i can live with. What i wanted to know is will EU run "ok" with low settings? or...
  5. dakusingh

    Help: Unsupported video card

    hello, im currently away and on a laptop, i tried to launch EU but this comes up first Unsupported Video Card! "Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family" Continuing to run might lead to unexpected results or crashes. On the requirements, i have a "tick" next to the Graphics card. When i click...
  6. dakusingh

    Buying: Lwt

    Looking for LWT, 300pedTT worth of it. PM and give me yourprice! I dont have ESI!
  7. dakusingh

    Selling: Shadow (M) With no F/G

    Selling This on behalf of a socmate Selling Shadow (M) No F/G No Rush to sell! Accepting bids Via PM or Post on this thread! Thanks
  8. dakusingh

    Shadow (M) With no F/G

    Looking for the current market value of Shadow Armor (M) with no foot guards! Thanks
  9. dakusingh

    Selling: GeoTrek AL15 Taurus (L) @ 133%

    Selling : GeoTrek AL15 Taurus (L) Price : 133% (280 Peds) PM Me or check ingame auction! Have around 10 to shift!
  10. dakusingh

    Selling: EWE EP-40 Mercenary Modified

    Selling : EWE EP-40 Mercenary Modified I Have found another weapon which Ive always wanted! Thus me reopening thread! Price Adjusted due to market conditions This thread is not for price checking. Bid via Thread or PM. Also Selling ML45 Good Luck !
  11. dakusingh

    Selling: LP485's Apis

    Selling Apis LP485's at 215% @ Zues TP or Service Center for the next hour or so. ps. also selling V-rex 1000's for 189% in zues
  12. dakusingh

    ATH: Svempa T5 (L) - 32896 PED

    What can I say, my first ATH ! oh and I also screened Beenes global so grats him as well ! :) Thanks for all the PM's Guys and Girls Now hopefully i can get one in hunting, my primary profession ! Currently Sitting on #31 in ATH list :) Good Luck to all And yes i was standing on the...
  13. dakusingh

    Improved Fap

    After failing to aquire myself a land area and also missing my old fap, i have decided to buy a IMP FAP. I sold it a few weeks/months ago to buy Land Area but i couldnt find a decent enough LA so now im in the market for Imp Fap again. PM if your selling one.
  14. dakusingh

    Top 50 Soc Skill Rank - Change

    I think the top 50 needs to be changed from total skill per capita to ESI filled levels per capita. This will then really represent the top 50 skilled if its changed from current system to the new ESI Levels filled instead. for top skilled 9000 in Handgun and 1000 in scanning is not the same...
  15. dakusingh

    B: Land Area

    PM ME with price + location + current dna. Thanks
  16. dakusingh

    S: Improved Omegaton Fast Aid Pack

    Considering Selling my IMP FAP. Prefer Pure Peds PM or Bid in thread Will sell if offer is right. Sold for 260,000 PEDs to mit
  17. dakusingh

    XFire Sigs

    Check them out... kinda cool
  18. dakusingh

    S/T : EON (Shadow Arms) No FG

    As Title says, Selling or Trading : EON with Shadow Arms and No FGs. (M) Unlike my Previous Sale, i will only sell if the offer is right. I am looking for Pure Peds or another Armor Set + peds. Reply to thread or PM. Thank You Current Bid : 90,000 PEDS Buyout : 101,000 PEDS
  19. dakusingh

    S/T: Modified Starkhov AS-117

    As Title says. Selling or Trading :Modified Starkhov AS-117 I am moving to Laser, so need to sell this fine item. This is a Selling Thread and not a discussion, Please Keep it Clean. Name: Starkhov AS-117 Modified Class: Rifle Type: BLP Damage: 62 (93) Range: 99 Attacks: 60 Dmg/sec...
  20. dakusingh

    Shadow Arms (M)

    Buying Shadow Arms (M) Pm Me
  21. dakusingh

    Selling DOA Foeripper + Suprem (M)

    Hello, I am looking to sell both DOA Foeripper & Full Suprem Male The BO is set at 225k ONO I can accept trades with Items + Peds. I have the right to refuse sale. PM or Post here :) If you want to make a bid individually then please feel free to PM me There is not a end date as this...
  22. dakusingh

    Svempa T5 Weapon PC and Blueprint PC

    Hello, Im looking for a Price Check on both the Bluebrint for Svempa T5 Unlimited (Level 5) And also a Price Check on the Gun as i cant find it in Auction. Thanks
  23. dakusingh

    S > Rjme

    SOLD 1
  24. dakusingh

    PvP Video Marauders Vs Supremacy Reign HQ

    Offical Rig Fight between Team Marauders Vs Team Supremacy Reign HQ :) if you can Mirror this file on another server and PM me the link i would be really grateful :) as this host will "remove" the file soon :wtg: have fun watching it :yay: Click Here to download Mirror 1 FileFront
  25. dakusingh

    Team Wales

    All the others had one, so i thought we should also have one