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  1. Mel

    News: Summer Mayhem 2020 Results

    Gz to the winners. I would like to whine, but it's a winners thread.
  2. Mel

    Zip's Pure Peds Payouts!

    register Hormel Mel Jorell
  3. Mel

    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    First it's a bug, then it's unintended yog pet buff. What it is, is disgusting. People exploiting almost 2 years? The players have to demand that past Mayhems, where this was exploited, be looked at? Really? That 2 years of exploitation by some players ALL the time, be just "oh well", and...
  4. Mel

    Info: Gorgon Armor Stats, pics and upgrade details.

    Is it soul bound?
  5. Mel

    Buying: Where are all the Improved M2870?

    They will pry mine out of my hand when they shut the servers down.
  6. Mel

    Best Atrox spots

    If you want a constant supply of dominants, there's a small spawn of trox Doms with some Trax OA just SE of Troy. You need a tagger, but if Doms are ur thing.
  7. Mel

    Planet Calypso Content Release 2019.0.5

    One of the creepiest things I ever saw, and this was long time ago in yellow pvp above Atlantis, where Calamusoids were. A family group, all conjoined, male+female+children..made that way, 3-4 mobs that all split apart when you attacked. Only saw one like this, thought my angel must be in...
  8. Mel

    Selling: Overcharged Omegaton A204

    bump it up
  9. Mel

    Selling: Overcharged Omegaton A204

    Bump to the OC A204...;p
  10. Mel

    Selling: Overcharged Omegaton A204

    bumpers up
  11. Mel

    Selling: Weapon Damage Enahancer 1 and 2 BP's

    100qr Weapon Damage Enhancer 1, and 89.3qr Weapon Damage Enhancer 2 Blueprints for sale. 90k clicks for qr already done for you. 600 ped for both. sold
  12. Mel

    Selling: Overcharged Omegaton A204

    Omegaton A204 Overcharged Selling this beauty, first 7k offer takes it. Fits on a lot of lasers, more lazors.
  13. Mel

    Entropia Universe 16.5.0 Release Notes

    Tried all above fixes, had to uninstall/reinstall, and only calypso downloaded since is where i am...good to go.
  14. Mel

    Entropia Universe 16.5.0 Release Notes

    Exact same for me, last pop-up is try again anti-virus running.
  15. Mel

    Infinity Armor - CRITICAL

    You are an honorable Project Entropian.
  16. Mel

    Moral dilemma

  17. Mel

    FYI: Random out of place Argonaut Warrior/Leader pileup near Fort Victoria

    I go there if I want Warriors/Leaders, and they're usually spread out a bit, and then spawn includes some armax and atrax, a few thori. But you can pull just argo with range. I've always liked that area. And thank you for all your work.
  18. Mel

    Biggest unamped HOF you got?

    Believe was still using F-103
  19. Mel

    Biggest unamped HOF you got?

    I started this game about a month before the asteroid event, and you were on my radar near pvp when you hit your big one. Seemed at the time I was so But my only tower, about 9 mnths later, 8k+ belk, unamped because my lvl 2 or 3 amp broke the very drop before, lol, not kidding...
  20. Mel

    Selling: Selling Overcharged A204

    bump bumpity up
  21. Mel

    Selling: Selling Overcharged A204

    Offering at SB 12.5k +tt, BO at 13k +tt. Please PM here on forum. ty
  22. Mel

    Selling: Selling Overcharged A204

  23. Mel

    Selling: Selling Overcharged A204