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  1. antonioliveira

    Server Downtime for Maintenance

    I thought they were bringing the buildings back to NI, but no luck there. Looks like I'll be leaving before they work that out.
  2. antonioliveira

    Removal of Iron Challenges

    I was under the impression that the iron missions would be available until stage completion. Once you finished a stage you wouldn't be able to get the next stage and codex would become the only thing. I guess I misread something or they changed their minds. Again.
  3. antonioliveira

    Gaia's Cradle Shed Shopkeeper

    Shopkeeper is full again. Enjoy your vacations.☀
  4. antonioliveira


    It appears he's Product Manager @ Paradox
  5. antonioliveira

    Suggestion: Lights on chest for nighttime

    You could have stopped there. I guess they can figure out something is very wrong with day/night cycle.
  6. antonioliveira

    Gaia's Cradle Shed Shopkeeper

    After a short break, replenished shopkeeper.
  7. antonioliveira

    Objectcollisions: This starts to get pathetic!

    And the new tree design in Fort Argus, very pretty and easy to get stuck.
  8. antonioliveira

    List of boosted (L) blueprints

    It was in my post in the first page
  9. Long Polka Curtain (C) Blueprint (L)

    Long Polka Curtain (C) Blueprint (L)

    Long Polka Curtain (C) Blueprint (L)
  10. antonioliveira

    Mindark Annual Report 2019

    They got the name wrong :confused: but the guy seems quite productive. If I had to bet I'd say Persephone, even though it's in pre-production since 2018.
  11. antonioliveira

    Question: Protected/Unprotected

    The idea was to block all the items at once. Whenever one decides to sell, just unprotect that particular item. Meanwhile, got a response (extremely fast) from support and it cannot be done:
  12. antonioliveira

    Gaia's Cradle Shed Shopkeeper

    Restocked for Covid quarentine. Stay safe!
  13. antonioliveira

    Question: Protected/Unprotected

    Every item is by default "unprotected". Is there any way to place them ALL protected at once, or do we need to go to each and every one and change that?
  14. antonioliveira

    Ancient Greece Shares

    There's a fee ?!?! for buying shares now? I was going to buy a few to keep track of revenue, but with fees, well, maybe next time, good luck, you'll need it.
  15. antonioliveira

    List of boosted (L) blueprints

    [GeoTrek LP175 Sphyra (L) Blueprint (L)] [Ziplex Z15 Seeker (L) Blueprint (L)] [Long Polka Curtain (C) Blueprint (L)] [Predator Arm Guards (L) Blueprint (L)]
  16. antonioliveira

    Planet Calypso Content Release 2020.0.2

    Has anything been discovered on this?
  17. antonioliveira

    Communicate already FFS!!!

    The technician presents 100 BP's as default instead of 1, hence the cost of 1,00 PED, each one is still 0,01, with the respective QR.
  18. antonioliveira


    Is tracker working? I get blank mining and hunting pages and last crafting is @05:53.
  19. antonioliveira

    Everything Down ?

    Everything down. I can't TP out, can't access AH or storage. Logged out and can't log back in, client loader with red dot of "All systems are down for maintenance"
  20. antonioliveira

    Gaia's Cradle Shed Shopkeeper

    Happy New Year 2020
  21. antonioliveira

    Gaia's Cradle Shed Shopkeeper

    Post-Halloween restock
  22. antonioliveira

    Suggestion: Other Planets Discussion

    In the forum "Other Planets Discussion", create sub-forums, one generic that would encompass two or more worlds and one for each planet. It would facilitate to look for something from a specific planet. Via dropdown menu you could select the planet(s) by ticking the box(es): □ Arkadia □ Cyrene...
  23. antonioliveira

    where'd attempt tame go?

    Your avatar whips the mob until it's dead or tameable. In this later case, your next operate will attempt tame.
  24. antonioliveira

    Question: What’s happenned to Deathifier?

    No official statement yet? In this case, no news is bad news..
  25. antonioliveira

    Arkadia Moon Deeds Sale

    The deeds are already paying (when they have at least 1 pec).