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  1. antonioliveira

    Question: Protected/Unprotected

    Every item is by default "unprotected". Is there any way to place them ALL protected at once, or do we need to go to each and every one and change that?
  2. antonioliveira


    Is tracker working? I get blank mining and hunting pages and last crafting is @05:53.
  3. antonioliveira

    Suggestion: Other Planets Discussion

    In the forum "Other Planets Discussion", create sub-forums, one generic that would encompass two or more worlds and one for each planet. It would facilitate to look for something from a specific planet. Via dropdown menu you could select the planet(s) by ticking the box(es): □ Arkadia □ Cyrene...
  4. antonioliveira

    Question: What’s happenned to Deathifier?

    When I got the daily hispidus mission, I used to go to OLA #36 (NE from Solfais Crater TP) where I would find low maturity mobs. I went there today, after a long break, for the said mission and I was surprised for the hispidus extremely low numbers so I went and check the creature management...
  5. antonioliveira

    Question: Pet Rarity

    Does anybody know the rarity scale of pets? The basic ones are simple enough to sort: common, uncommon, and rare. From there on it gets tricky (for me at least). How would you organize epic, legendary and mythic from least to most rare?
  6. antonioliveira

    2019-02-19 vu

    p => , u => . We don't have , or . to update the client.
  7. antonioliveira

    Question: Playing

    If you weren't a MA employee, would you play EU? Follow up question: Why?
  8. antonioliveira

    Daily Missions

    I just took my Daily Hunting Challenge 1, and I got Combibo, 50 of them. The text of the mission states: «Recent CDF biological scans indicate creature activity (...)» First of all the "recent" scans are not that recent, and surely not at all accurate (they never were). Then, the funny thing...
  9. antonioliveira

    Space Combo

    I've been entertaining the prospect of buying a spaceship (privateer or mothership) along with a hangar and an ul space thruster. I know there can be huge price gaps depending on the SI, and the privateer/mothership differences, nevertheless I'd like to know what you think a fair price would be...
  10. antonioliveira

    Selling: FFA Stars

    If you're going for the Christmas Ring 2016, here's a little (very little) help: Selling 745 FFA star points SB: 5 pec per point => 37,25 ped total BO: 12 pec per point => 89,40 ped total Post bellow or PM, but better ingame (full PCF inbox isn't that hard:() Sale will occur Monday...
  11. antonioliveira

    Plot Deed

    While browsing the auction I've seen some plot deed offers. The thing is, it doesn't say much. I'd like to have a plot deed with more info on it, namely the size of the plot and if it has any buildings on it. To make an informed decision on buying a plot through auction, it would be necessary...
  12. antonioliveira

    Colonist Jumpsuit Mission

    I would really like to have the mission "Colonist Jumpsuit" removed from the daily mission terminal. It's not a daily mission at all and it looks like they're trying to foist it on us. Better solution would be a specific NPC/terminal (non daily/hunt) or an action library button, like Mission...
  13. antonioliveira

    What are they doing out there?

    I went to Camouflaged Camp [55558, 61804, 140] again (was there on the mission some years ago) and got to look at their computer screen. What are those guys doing after all? Are they watching Earth races? Or is that SingTel publicity? :tongue2:
  14. antonioliveira

    Hacking Robots

    In the time there was no official position from MA concerning the virus threat warnings I didn't update EU. And this virus thingy got me thinking so here we go. New skill: Hacking - The ability to unlawfully subvert and gain control of electronic equipment and technology. Welcome to the robot...
  15. antonioliveira

    Calypso News Network - 16SEP2015

    Calypso News Network 16SEP2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE An argonaut warning to all colonists on Amethera continent has been released by CDF. The construction of a gorge on a mountain, just NE of OLA #11, that will serve the future road from Silver Ridge to Miwak, has resulted in an increase of...
  16. antonioliveira

    Gaia's Cradle Shed Shopkeeper

    FYI: Selling assorted stuff in Gaia's Cradle OLA #56 Shed Shopkeeper, aprox. (267,562). The list (will be updated as possible) can be found in Entropedia.
  17. antonioliveira

    Buying: Terratech UL

    I'm considering buying an UL Terratech PH-3. PM if you want to get rid of yours.
  18. antonioliveira

    Info: Southern Ithaca Settlement Plot Claims

    Post to check which plots are claimed. Number of plots available: 58 Size Small - 20 x 20 (size 400) - 39 Plots Size Small+ - 40 x 20 (size 800) - 13 Plots Size Medium - 40 x 40 (size 1600) - 4 Plots Size Large - 60 x 60 (size 3600) - 2 Plots Feel free to add your claimed plot mentioning: Plot...
  19. antonioliveira

    Info: Livas Settlement Plot Claims

    Post to check which plots are claimed. Number of Plots: 48 Size Small - 20 x 20 - 32 Plots Size Small+ -40 x 20 - 9 Plots Size Medium - 40 x 40 - 6 Plots Size Large - 60 x 60 - 1 Plot Feel free to add your claimed plot mentioning: Plot number (and/or name); size; /pos; date of claim; CLD cost
  20. antonioliveira

    NASA needs YOU!

    Can you conceive an habitat for deep space exploration? :wise:
  21. antonioliveira

    What a waste

    I found myself thinking: What a waste. The time and effort spent in building a planet, 2 continents and an assortment of islands, several dozens of unique creatures with different maturities, a complex crafting system with hundreds of blueprints and a huge load of materials to craft them. And...
  22. antonioliveira

    Sorting Out Estates

    With the ever so growing deeds market, auction is becoming increasingly confusing and error-prone. In order to avoid this, and just like the Items category, MA should implement categories in the Estate part of the auction, sub-dividing at least into 2 categories (Deeds and Other Estates). But...
  23. antonioliveira

    HoF messages in chat

    In the past we automatically had global messages printed in global chat in one color (purple'ish) and HoF messages displayed in a slightly lighter color. I'd like to have that possibility back, since now we can only program a color for globals, which encompasses both situations. It can either...
  24. antonioliveira

    HoF: Basic Pattern Pants

    Normally I have nothing to post here, but today... First 5 digit-HoF and 2nd HoF above 1K PED. Happy, after a series of months in a downward spiral.
  25. antonioliveira

    Question: Why is Calypso upside down (or at least sideways)?

    The ancient Greek had deities wherever they could, and with the winds, beside Eolos, the ruler of the winds, they decided to have gods for each cardinal direction, called Anemoi. The main ones were Boreas, ruler of the north wind; Notus, of the south; to the east, Euros; and the winds from the...