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  1. Dredge

    Selling: CalyTrek CR Spirit MK.I

    Selling my CalyTrek CR Spirit MK.I Tier 3.9 Remaining tiers: 88 97 83 60 48 87 PM or add me ingame if you are interested. SOLD thread can be closed
  2. Dredge

    Selling: Pixie, Gnome, Kobold, Shogun

    Time to clear out a few of my armour sets that are gathering dust Selling the following which are full M sets: Pixie TT +20 Gnome SOLD Kobold TT +30 Shogun SOLD
  3. Dredge

    WildD3amons Recruiting

    WildD3amons are recruiting After a few changes in our setup its time for a new recruitment thread! Established in 2005 the WildD3amons family currently consists of 3 societies. We are always looking for new members covering all levels from day one beginners through to Ubers. We have...
  4. Dredge

    Johan roadkill deadmeat

    Have a great birthday mate, I hope Lootius looks after you :birthday:
  5. Dredge

    Martial Arts and Power Catalyst

    Been doing the Daikiba mission on and off for a while with TT powerfists finally reached lvl 20 Brawler hit and unlocked Martial Arts then realised how close i was to Power Catalyst so switched to an Attack chip and unlocked that aswell 2 unlocks in 1 day :dance:
  6. Dredge

    Serendipity Unlocked

    It was a long time coming but finally i'm there :yay:
  7. Dredge

    ouko recruiting

    Hi all The Society is currently looking to recruit some more active players. We currently have members form various time zones but the majority are based in Europe. There is no minimum requirement for skills or equipment but we do now have a skill based promotion...
  8. Dredge

    My First Mining HOF

    Never had the gold swirles before while mining and my first time is a HOF:yay: