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    Selling: End of my Skills (Anat/LWT/Mark/WeaponHandl/Few craft)

    Hi there, it has been a long time since I went here :) Well I now need to withdraw all my PED so last skills to sell. You bring ESI for : 7K Anat 7K LWT 7K Mark Already on esi : Weapons Handling Skill Implant (L) 11.69 PED CARRIED Weapons Handling Skill Implant (L) 11.48 PED...
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    Selling: Last skills & some BP's (with some QR)

    Hi all, it's my last few days on EU so I have few skills left and some BP (I only post those with more than 10 QR). Looking for real fast sell cose everything will go anyway sunday night to a resseller. Please feel free to make any offer I havent really prices in mind, day/week value on...
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    Selling: Malachai Ash (M)

    Hi, Markup on the screen are wrong (it's around +2.X K now) but feel free to make any offer around +2K (not under) and it'll be yours.
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    Selling: Skills-Stuff

    Hi, not quitting. PED only. You can send me PM and we meet ingame. I'am mostly available till Sunday. Full gremlin+5B T1(all part exept Face/Harness ARE Already Tier1) - let me know your price and I'll see. Skills I'am keeping my crafting skills. So ask what you want/need of my 220K...
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    Uber: 3X1K+3BP = light ET spam

    Made few weeks ago... On the arber hof it's a Limited OA105 BP around fourty click sold 1K+ 1522 PED OA105 Click to enlarge 1953 PED Arber Click to enlarge 1784 PED OA104 Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
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    Selling: Clothes Set M = Malachai Ash/Pleat/Urban/Jungle

    Selling this set. Can be also sell part by part. Price are TT+ of the day as BO (as you can see on the picture) exept for Pleat Coat and Malachai Ash. Jungle Trenchers(M) tt+20 Click to enlarge Urban Nomad Black Slacks(M) tt+105 Click to enlarge Urban Nomad Black Jumper(M) tt+105 Click to...
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    Selling: Mayhem Harness & Helmet (M)

    Send PM with your offer. PED or item in trade. With Leaf recently
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    Uber: 1K OA105 + 1K 101Light = Arber Video Hof

    Click to enlarge Click to enlarge cRkENBAvOpw
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    Uber: 8812PED Simple I

    Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
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    Selling: Adjusted V1 (trade possibilities)

    +12K SB +14K BO 500 PED minimum bid. End in 48h or when BO meet or if item received. If you put any of those items on the table we can have a right now deal : -Camo Jungle + dante (you can also come without the dante) -Ml35 + dante (you can also come without the dante) -Dante + 10K ped...
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    Selling: MeeMee need new home (2930ME)

    Hi all, selling for a friend a Omegaton M2930 Mentor Edition, already at Tier 1. You know the gun, you want it, lets send me a msg. You dont know it, well learn then send me a msg ;)
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    Selling: AdjV1/Angel(M/Shin-Tight)/Vain Arm

    Selling. No discussion, if you are interessed, send PM. I close the thread. -Adjusted V1 -Angel Shin (M) UL - SOLD -Angel Tight (M) UL SGA - SOLD -Vain Arm (M) UL - SOLD Everything at tier 0.9 (or not far). Only PED. EDIT about Adj V1 : UPDATE Still a +14K PED BO or item can be...
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    Looking for a Sign (old EU)

    Hi all, I runned a contest on Entropia France few days ago where I was rewarding from few crappy stuff from my storage the first personn who will find if in the VU 10 the "Kill Zone" sign. It appears that nobody suceed to find it and of course if you write a support about it (just to ask if it...
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    Buying: Adj V1

    If you have it or know someone, please send me a PM, PEDs are ready.
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    Buying: Arms Shadow (regular) or Angel SGA

    Arms Shadow (regular) or Angel SGA (M) As title says, looking for regular Shadow Arms or Angel Arms SGA. Male Let's PM :wtg:
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    Buying: Shadow Arms (M) (regular)

    non SGA prefer but if you have them you can try to make an offer. I already have someone with a pending deal but I want to try to find someone else with a lower price. Just PM if you want to sell them. Ty
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    FYI: Mayhem Harness + Helmet

    So here is some pic Harness Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Helmet Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge FYI : To add a thought about what Lorfat made few days ago (here...
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    Selling: Shadow Foot (F)

    SB/BO : 9K pure PED offer or possible item involved in a trade : - Angel parts (M) Gloves/Foot (SGA or Not) -Shadow Arms M (SGA or not)
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    Buying: Mayhem Helmet (M)

    Ok, so Mayhem will be over in few hours, and you have spend one terrible week to make some hardcore session to try to win one of the ten prizes available in each category. Good. 8th Jannuarry, we'll know who finished in the top 10 of each cat and who won what. You suceed ! Nice, I have to...
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    Achievement: 2009 report !

    Hehe, this is it, it's now one year i'am back on EU, so it's time to make a little summary. Skills I started again from 0 everywhere (my highest skill after I sold out in 2006 was 400 in MF I believe), I skilled up naturally around 145HP and 125K skills between December 08 and September 09...
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    Selling: Angel Helmet (M) SGA

    Sold(message too short)
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    Uber: This Trooper was an angel ;)

    A socmate became dad few month ago so he gave me his Salamender to avoid dust on storage, and i like to tag a lot of Droka/Legio/Trooper between Jason and Fort Ares to skill Dodge... lot of colors for a nice Christmas.... Click to enlarge ... an angel passes ... Angel Helmet (M) SGA Click to...
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    Discovery: Sentinel Foot (F) SGA

    After few bad weeks on Chomper with Manu (Fapper), i had a BL1300/Martial in storage from a soc hunt so i decided to run some test on Falx with Manu. I just want to say even if i play 30 hours / week since i'am back on EU (over one year now) and i had a really really bad SGA result, i'am just...
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    Selling: Sentinel Foot (F) SGA

    Ok so just PM me. I mean, there is not a lot of people who could be interessed by this part (i already heard two nick) so lets PM me.
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    Buying: Genesis Firefly (L) All ammount Any TT

    Hi, considering I now max it and I still need to try a lot the L version to think about buying the UL version, i'am buying all the Genesis Firefly you have @ any TT and we'll discuss the % in the trade window ;) PM or IG look for a "La Faction Beta" member and i'll be there (when not hunting...