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    Uber: Ummm.. nice comeback

    Grabbed a lvl 5 amp(normally use lvl 7/8) and added it to my TK220 and went to foma... With the thought of well just want to try foma, a few weeks since last time Enter dome 3 and drops a few.. get a few large and some smaller ones.. not even a global.. go a little bit further and when my amp...
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    Uber: 11750 Caldorite

    Had a nice iron "tower" before.. not even a real tower but now, finally i got it!! yihaa! about damn time TK220 no enhancers and D-class amp
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    Selling: Shopkeeper pad

    Selling shopkeeper pad (F) pm me here or in game with offer and it might be yours :) Black Pathway Legion
  4. Pathway

    Finally i got my tower :))

    I finally found what i has been searching for :p.. at lvl 42.5 Prospecting i get my tower. And not very surpriced it was iron, but a tower is a tower :) TK220 and LVL7 amp
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    Skill transfers must be thru ESI?

    Maybe a noob question but is that a Must? I have no experience with skilltransfers :p I mean if there is a avatar that is selling ALL his skills and have found a buyer and there is like 200k+ skills there is an infinite work just to get the esi's for it or is there other ways?
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    Uber: a few more vasts :)

    Have had some luck lately on FOMA Got this a few days ago: and this morning i got this nice to actually hit something nice :p So.. where the h**l is my tower? :(
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    Uber: Finally some kinda large!

    About time i got a "new" Vast.. have got Vasts before but they where not this big :):yay::yay: (i mean.. Vasts in the old PE was like 700-900 ped) OF-105 and OA-104 :)
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    Achievement: Finally!

    Got wounding last week.. a few days later medium hp.. and now Combat sense :yay: next unlock is faaar away btw.. never chipped hunting skills :) forgot the screeny :p there u go :D
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    Achievement: At last.. medium hp :P

    hurray =) :yay::yay::yay:
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    Achievement: Yay... Avoidance

    about time i got Avoidance... :p Click to enlarge
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    Achievement: finally!

    Click to enlarge Slow ass fap-skiller :)
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    Achievement: Wohoo just like a ATH :P

    Click to enlarge Nice.. 81 Agi :))
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    Achievement: Finally cool!

    Click to enlarge yay.. :yay: HP-skilling here i come!!
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    Uber: I did it again lol

    Click to enlarge Just so needed hehe
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    PC Improved DOA Strikehammer

    Just for the fun :) How much is this gun worth today?.. and how many it in game?
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    Almost 1337 :)

    at least a little profit from skilling this :) a little something to be happy about killing time hehe :yay: Click to enlarge
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    2nd uber 1 day later :)

    Click to enlarge Speaks for itself :) btw.. im lvl 4 Attachment engineer :P
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    My first uber!!

    Got back after 4 years break.. :) Click to enlarge
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    Just wanna show :p

    Click to enlarge How about it? €15 / month for this connection I love Sweden :D
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    A little guitar-guru.. already :P

    Just have to show you guys this! Watch and learn.
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    2nd Vast :)

    :tongue2: :dunce: Click to enlarge wiee.. mining have been bad for a while and then i ran into this :p
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    499ped Esto old :)

    Skilling a bit and had a surprise.. Lame loot but still peds : ) Click to enlarge
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    Oldies but goldies :)

    I was looking at my screenarchive and found some goldies :D.. Chronichle loot :) EON Thighs :) Angel Harness F : )
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    My first Vast :)

    Had a really bad miningtrip, but suddenly.. i couldnt belive what i saw :laugh: Click to enlarge
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    Hey, look at this Scam! :)

    Maybe this is inapropriate but i just have to show it :laugh: Link to laugh