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  1. Fairy

    Discovery: Grrr ;) Tiger footies M (L)

    Weeee look what a coordinator had in his backpack for me :yay: And here is the info for all who is curious ;)
  2. Fairy


    HELP!!! Several bots preventing fellow colonists from reviving. They seem to have worked out a strategy to deminish our forces. So grab your guns and come help clear the revives for our lost souls. Hades central, the revive just in town to the North / Fairy Cat McCoy :sniper:
  3. Fairy

    Achievement: Weeee!! 60 Agility!!

    :) Finally i made it! Yesterday i reached 60 in agility! :)
  4. Fairy

    Achievement: Great day for Fairy! 2K evade and more :)

    What a day for Fairy today.. :D started off with a nice new lvl31 in laser handgun i get a good loot of a pair of knight shins on 22 peds then i gained a new rank in evade 2K :D then i get a new rank in bravado, at 264 now and a golden swirley on 71 peds but thats not the end of it, oh...
  5. Fairy

    Happy Birthday Cyan!

    :birthday: I wish you a very Happy Birthday Cyan! Be a bit careful on the food and drinks will you, dont mix everything ;)
  6. Fairy

    WoF in PvP, thx for the excitement!

    Oooh it was great fun.. :D And im in the ghostly end if i encounter someone in there, no doubt about that :tongue3: I died and died and lost way more than i would normaly since i had my mind in WoF mode, you know 'just one more before i unload at storige' :D 'i dont wanna loose time' lol thats...
  7. Fairy

    Happy Birthday Doomie!!!

    Happy Birthday!! I wish you a great day :)
  8. Fairy

    1st solo HoF =)

    I got my first solo HoF :yay:!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yay: Been waiting for it for about 2,5 years and suddenly I got it and its a big one, I am so happy :D What was in it? one korss (L) and one imp korss (L) ~2k tt value, and alot of the regular stuff. //Fairy
  9. Fairy

    Hi I´m new...

    Hi I’m new to this (or any) forum so I thought I would introduce myself. :D My avatar “Fairy” entered calypso almost a year ago, but on the crappy computer I was using at the time, almost anything but running for tp´s in the deserted wilderness made me ctd so I had to put it on hold. I...