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  1. DurakJung

    Missing Peds

    My peds keep go missing. Each time I log on they start to disappear. Sometimes at a rapid rate. The only clue I have is they dissapear only when I log on. When I am not logged on no problem.:scratch2:
  2. DurakJung

    Best Atrox spots

    Just looking to finish of last of old missions. Halfway through Bronze Atrox and wondering anyone have a favourite camping spot. I have tried Land #40 and #2 however the best spot (Global wise) for me has been the bottom end of Ithiaca which has been one of my favourite areas for many years...
  3. DurakJung

    Question on shops

    Any shops selling or specializing in tier components?
  4. DurakJung

    Buying: Tier 7 Components

    WTB 210 Tier 7 Components. Any shops that specialize in component selling?
  5. DurakJung

    Selling: FFA mayhem Stars

    Selling Mayhem Stars. 19626 points By pm only for in game meetup. Will do a good deal on bulk whole lot preferable sale. Radiant 5 Dazzling 2 Twinkling 7 Glittering 22 Sparkling 38 Gleaming 100 Lustrous 215 Glossy 222 Dim...
  6. DurakJung

    Question: Oil Rig Ashi

    Has Ashi PVP area and oil rig been changed? :scratch2:
  7. DurakJung

    Strength Tokens

    Can anyone tell me where you hand in strength tokens on Calypso?
  8. DurakJung

    I dont Know. Help Needed

    Not actually eu related however have had this problem for over 12 months. I keep getting this bounce back message on both Windows live mail and my iphone msgs. It either comes back to me or to the people I email or msg. I have and use 3 computers. However it appears to attach to certain...
  9. DurakJung

    WoF Off !!

    Posted by Hurrikane today Copy of post in Aussie private forum I just did. What are your thoughts?
  10. DurakJung

    Selling: Selling Male Shadow (L)

    Bulk Deal only Selling price 450 peds Sold Shadow Helmet (L) (T1) 23.13ped 203% MU 45 Harness (T1) 58.74 272% MU 160 Arms(T1) 47.31 184% MU 87 Gloves (T1) 13.7 218% MU 30 Thighs(T1) 50.25 195% MU 100 Shins (T1) 8.97 239% MU 20 Feet 30.14 239% MU 72...
  11. DurakJung

    Selling: Selling Male Perseus (L)

    Sold Perseus Helmet 64.33 ped 183% MU 118 Harness (T1) 117.16 200% MU 236 Arms(T1) 71.77 175% MU 126 Gloves (T1) 51.65 174% MU 90 Thighs (T2) 70 175% MU 110 Shins 59.14 181% MU 107 Feet (T3) 64.19 191% MU 123 910
  12. DurakJung

    Healer Needed

    Looking for a personal healer softner for the match below for 3 hours to heal and maybe soften. If interested pm me or I can meet you ingame Australia v GB match on Sunday night 22nd March at 10:00 MA time (21:00 AEST).
  13. DurakJung

    Selling: Unique Master Coat

    Selling this rather unique reflective Coat. This coat has been around for sometime and was originally quite expensive to make. Starting price is TT + 450 ped No BO however will be sold to highest bidder in one week from today. Which will be next Saturday 3rd January 2014 Will be sold sooner...
  14. DurakJung

    Selling: Male trooper armour

    Selling the armour set below. Starting Price TT + 200 ped No BO Will sell to the highest offer in one week or if a reasonable offer comes forward sooner. Which will be Saturday 3rd January 2014 Bought this set a long time ago. I hope all the below is true as I have just copied from the...
  15. DurakJung


  16. DurakJung

    Url insertion test How do I make a link just say a simple name EG; the url above just to say Wof 2014
  17. DurakJung

    How Do you leave Planet Toulan?

    As the thread title states. How do you leave Planet Toulan?
  18. DurakJung

    Selling: Tier 4 ML-35

  19. DurakJung

    Selling: 26 CLD's

    26 CLD's for sale Sold
  20. DurakJung

    Buying: 5 CLD's

    As the Title says Buying 5 CLD's PM with a price
  21. DurakJung

    Selling: Guns, Attachments, Armor, Amps and Much More

    All other items sold Some General Chrome Master Coat
  22. DurakJung

    Selling: Adjusted A-3 Justifier Mk.V Tier 5.2

    Adjusted A-3 Justifier Mk.V Tier 5.2 remaining tiers 48,46,63,60,100. For immediate sale, peds only Gun will be withdrawn from sale in 48 hrs from time of posting. Starting price is 20k.
  23. DurakJung

    Selling: Meckel & Loch ML-45 Tier 4.6

    Remaining tier rates 5-76 6-69 7-157 8-121 9-99 10-149 Priced for quick sale Will also trade
  24. DurakJung

    Selling: Selling ML-45 Tier 4.6

    Sale withdrawn as I did not know the auction rule. Mods please remove thread Jung
  25. DurakJung

    Table test

    122345 566 4555 5353 535353 535353 122345 566 4555 5353 535353 535353