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  1. Centech

    Dont buy resold shares!!!!!!!!

    There are many people trying to manipulate the share market. Don't be fooled into buying them for a premium. There is no shortage. The sale is not over.. There are still tens of thousands of shares available from mindark at face value. Several resellers and uber's with lots of ped invested in...
  2. Centech

    Lets Remember Its Just a Game

    Some of you saw my thread earlier.. and some of you saw the replies, most notably from Leafren. That thread was deleted because it included some direct accusations, which I shouldn't have made anyway. This thread is meant to be a bit more proactive.. I just want to encourage everyone to...
  3. Centech

    I'll just leave this here

    Should be of use to 99% of the posters here.
  4. Centech

    Selling: Possibly Selling or Trading Something

    That's right. I have something and it might be for sale. I'm taking offers for an unspecified time or until I get an offer I like. It is complete but missing some parts. It is also a partial set with all the parts. I measured the decay and it comes out to some pecs per use. It's unique and so...
  5. Centech

    Is there anything to do in space?

    I've been trying to follow the updates.. wont lay out the money for anything until prices go way down.. Is there actually anything to do in space atm? I guess you can hope to find people wandering around and pvp.. but other than that? Weren't there supposed to be space mobs and space mining and...
  6. Centech

    Forum post SDS

    So can we discuss whatever the fuck we want now that the ill advised greedy planet reselling failed?
  7. Centech

    Did I miss a memo?!/nevereverdie/status/77206709646536704 So first he was banned.. then it became some stupid publicity stunt 'in jail' then he 'escaped' but supposedly was turned into an official non looting avatar.. and now I guess we are back to he can do wtf he likes again? Can MindArk...
  8. Centech

    Mining.. WTF?

    I know there have been other threads about this.. but seriously.. WTF? I have been mining for 4 years.. I have mineral sense unlocked.. I don't max the TT finder any more. Extracting even a tiny claim takes forever with my 105 extractor. I have expensive L finders that I maxed before that I now...
  9. Centech

    where are pics of new mobs/places/items/etc?

    I dont play five fucking games and I'm not gonna go to five fucking forums. This is EF it's about EU, the game we all play. I dont care if neomaven cashed in by selling us out to FPC. So lets see some screenshots of new stuff. Help a brother out who is at work. Thank you.
  10. Centech

    Is anyone a lawyer?

    I would like the advice of a lawyer about something that happened within EU. I could find one outside ofc, but if there are any lawyers who actually play that I could speak to, they would obviously have a headstart on understanding the intricacies of a possible crime or fraud within the game...
  11. Centech

    Its not you, its me.. ok.. it is you

    MA sure seems concerned about me. Am I gonna get spammed every 2 weeks forever now? I even replied the first time telling them why I'm not playing.. of course that got no response. PS. WTF happened to the way thumbnails are created?
  12. Centech

    How do you complete quests in jail?

  13. Centech

    Time Travel Crystal

    So.. it's been crafted. Can we actually go to Ancient Greece now?
  14. Centech

    Infinite Stamina? Bug? Exploit? More stupidity from MA?

    There is currently a mission that seems to be bugged. It is the Rocktropia police mission where you get +1 Stamina. It seems to be repeatable, at least for some people. Members of a certain very high level society seem to be repeating it every few minutes. Nobody wants to own up to the full...
  15. Centech

    Tyranny of small decisions

    The 'Tyranny of small decisions' refers to a principal where many small discrete decisions which are correct in their own limited context combine to make a larger impact that is very different, if not completely opposite, of the desired overall longer term effect. Or, to put it more simply...
  16. Centech

    Q&A With Centech

    Since MA/FPC/SDS/QWERTY/Whatever they are called now suck so much.. I thought I'd give you all something to hold you over. Go ahead, ask me anything!
  17. Centech


    It's been a while now.. I think at least 3 tentative release dates have passed. So.. whats up? Is the 'real' NI coming or not?
  18. Centech

    Buying: All sorts of stuff.. Prices inside

    Land Area : 30k Hangar 20k : Modfap 50k : Mod Merc : 35k Full Shadow : 20k I know these prices seem a little low atm, but give it a little time.. offer will stand.
  19. Centech

    Stick A Fork in It

    It's done. I sense a great disturbance in the force.. It's as if all the market manipulators, speculative buyers, and resellers called out in agony.. and were silenced.
  20. Centech

    And the new owner of Planet Calypso is...

    SEE Virtual Worlds AB. Swedish public company register : SEE Digital Studios AB JÄRNTORGET 8 413 04 GÖTEBORG Directors : Biallas, Martin Joachim, Behrmann, Marco I can't wait to see trox moonwalking. :laugh: :rolleyes:
  21. Centech

    Gifts if you arent on Calypso?

    I logged in this morning to check out my gifts and I didn't have any. :( I'm guessing its because I logged in on Next Island. Anyone else have the same happen? Will I get them when I go back to Calypso?
  22. Centech

    Did the sale of EF destroy the community?

    This is something I've been thinking a lot about the last few days.. Entropia Universe.. is a Universe.. it is growing, and it includes at least 3 different 'games' at the moment. PC, RT and now NI. But they aren't really separate.. travel between them is trivial.. Just yesterday I was on all 3...
  23. Centech

    Kudos MA

    I must say, even by the incredibly high standards MindArk has set in the past.. this update is an EPIC FAIL. Almost every single EU player I know, including myself, is unable to get the new update working. Excellent work. If FPC is really a separate company now I'd like to see them sue MA for...
  24. Centech

    Selling: Female Shadow (no helmet)

    Almost full female shadow, no helmet. BO: 60k It's all untiered.
  25. Centech

    So.. Wheres the azz?

    Surprised nobody has asked.. Where can you find azz these days for the mission? I remember the old mermoth LA (not myrene, the other one) was good pre-VU10 but I dont even know where that LA is nowadays let alone if it still has azz.