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  1. Menace

    Question: Who's active? Who's recruiting?

    Just came back to EU after a LOOOOONG hiatus. Who's recruiting and active in hunting?
  2. Menace

    Loot Wave Theory?

    It’s a wave pattern. The peak is the high point of the natural loot cycle. That peak could result in a 5 ped kill paying out 8 PED or an ATH depending on the multiplier at play. Works the same for mining when the probe “finds” a claim at the peak of the wave it results in a profitable find. What...
  3. Menace

    Info: Valivill's Beautican service

    In 2017 I logged in after being gone for years. My avatar was a GIANT! I’m considering spending some time in game again so will need to get that fixed so I’m a normal size and not a Sasquatch. When you normally in game?
  4. Menace

    Loot Wave Theory?

    I remember the good old days of 16.2 second wave peaks with only 2, 4, and 8 second time shifts. Back when noobs wondered why “certain SOCS” would leave piles of mobs laying around with one person solely looting in a seemingly odd manner. mining was always harder to time but it was possible...
  5. Menace

    How is it consistently ~95%TT returns over large data sets?

    Which is EXACTY what happened.
  6. Menace

    How is it consistently ~95%TT returns over large data sets?

    In order to give Menace 100k ATH Mind Ark has to take a 100 Ped from 1000. Then in order to give you a 5k HOF they have to take an additional 5 ped from that thousand. Now 1000 people are complaining about losing so that MA can boast about 95% return rate and one person can party like a rock...
  7. Menace

    Suggestion: Loot 3.0 ideas

    Better TT returns means less of a binge/purge wave system. Would you still play the game if a “good loot” was 110% return cuz the average for everyone was 98% return? Would you grind all month 6 hrs/night to withdraw $20/mth cuz most the player base was breaking even? If you want global and HoF...
  8. Menace

    End of the year sale?

    I heard they're gonna auction the PED cards of all the inactive accounts from the players lost to fear, common sense, and the reality of the state of EU. Should be about 850,000 PED cards all ranging from 1 PEC up to 3 PED.
  9. Menace

    Help: I need help choosing what to use my ped on as a beginner

    Ya'll remember the old days when you could make money off EU? We had a college kid in our SOC who made about $1000 in 2 mths during his summer vacation. Never deposited a thing. Ohhh EU... What happened to you? Oh yeah.. that's right.. you knew better than your player base and didn't wanna...
  10. Menace

    If Johnny Cash Played this Game What would he sing?

    I think he'd sing "Hurt". :)
  11. Menace

    I can't log into the game because EU doesn't want to send me a reader device

    My Gold Card and reader are both pooched. Never got a response from MA via support. Login once a year to keep account active and that's it (which requires 15 min of playing around with GC and reader just to get a code). WTG MA! :) lol. I think I was spending around $8k US/yr when I was playing...
  12. Menace

    My Impressions After 30 Days

    Pretty much the way the game's been since it went Gold. There used to be a level of "fun" to the game that seemed to have diminished. What used to be about playing with friends has turned into grinding missions for skills needed to "keep up". I stopped playing I guess 2 years ago? Didn't have...
  13. Menace

    Migration globals!

    Who says the sky is falling? #1 - I was just surprised at the lack of globals #2 - The sky fell 3 years ago. Maybe you missed it... maybe not. Menace
  14. Menace

    Migration globals!

    So I logged in to kill a dozen longtooth before logging out for another year. While I was online I noticed something VERY strange though... For whatever reason it appeared as though the global chat was partially broken. Last year and all previous years it was a constant stream of...
  15. Menace

    Teleporter Fees on the way, says President of the Virtual Reality...

    I can't believe how many "old faces" are still kicking around in this thread. Menace
  16. Menace

    Your greatest time in EU?

    What period of time or event was the most fun for you? For myself the best was the Monomyth event. Can't remember who ran it but was so much better than any event MA ever put on. Coming home pre-logged in to the destination I thought we'd have to be at. One time I logged in at the tower in...
  17. Menace

    Easter bo(to)x : their content

    Remember when only the wealthy owned fireworks? (Or at least burned them up?) And there were a couple/few avatars who would deposit and spend all their money on novelties and MAYBE... JUST MAYBE if an event was epic enough one of them would burn off a couple fireworks in the name of trying to...
  18. Menace

    A Strange Game. The Only Winning Move is Not to Play

    And your worst case scenario of 4 hrs/day for $100/mth equates to $1.20/hr. 1/10th of minimum wage. Don't get me wrong.... $1.20/hr is GREAT compared to other games that don't pay a dime.... But new players need a reality check. They need to understand that "logging in and earning a living off...
  19. Menace

    A Strange Game. The Only Winning Move is Not to Play

    So AT BEST.... as per your opinion. I can "INVEST" $10k so that I can make $6.66/hr. So half minimum wage with a $10,000 investment. Wow.... Epic.. Menace
  20. Menace

    A Strange Game. The Only Winning Move is Not to Play

    I love these threads. The gamblers vs. the fanbois. lol. FACT: In order to make a constant profit in this game one of two things needs to happen. 1.) Endless mindless grinding and hoarding loot and excessive math which will equate to about 1/10th of real life minimum wage per hr. 2.)...
  21. Menace

    How's the game in general?

    Been a year since I've jumped online (other than a couple logins to keep account alive). How's the game these days? Still headed in the same direction as it was a year ago? I think my ava has 200k of hunting skills.... Skills worth less than ever? Any new "fun" things to do? Planets, etc...
  22. Menace

    Question: Skildek Vaporizer - mistake or just stupidity?!

    I know... I'm gonna threaten to sell 100 CLD's and cash em out and do that weekly until MA fixes this!!!!! OR.... UNTIL THEY GIVE ME THE MYTHICAL MASSIVE "SELL OUT" ATH!!!!! I'm selling out too! Hopefully they give me the "please stay ATH" before hulk.... and dump an UL lvl 1 rocket that does...
  23. Menace

    Question: Skildek Vaporizer - mistake or just stupidity?!

    Just sell everything and quit already. Sick of you whiners threatening. No-one needs you withdrawing players anyway.... Make some room for a few more depositing players. :) So long... thanks for all the whinging threads you've started over the years! Menace
  24. Menace

    Entropia Universe Invites Warren Buffett to Play Game and Make Real Money -

    I e-mailed the Pope and invited him over for dinner... Doesn't mean he's coming. Menace