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  1. Centech

    Info About MindDark

    Lol expose information nobody has seen before.. I have David Simmons' business card in my wallet and have met him multiple times. He's actually a nice guy. Current state of EU is still shit though I'm afraid.
  2. Centech

    MA.. Bots.. Egg.. Vanguards... Awesome

    All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again! ..I need to go listen to some InfoSoc.
  3. Centech

    Selling: A Complete Set Of High End Cyrene PVP HUB Weapon - Win that Chronicle

    PLEASE RETURN MY FREEZE RAY!! LOOK IT HAS MY DAMN NAME ON IT!!! Seriously how did nobody tell me this exists? If you can't sell the set I'm interested in the gun, but tbh only because of the name so I'm not gonna pay a lot. Mostly I just wanted to point out I have an item named after me now...
  4. Centech

    Entropia Universe Android App Released

    Lol craft from your phone now.. Seriously just shut down EU and open an online casino already.. Who do you think you are fooling?
  5. Centech

    Auction of Items from Banned Avatar

    Nostrop. Too bad the good items were stashed on another avatar before the ban hammer fell.
  6. Centech

    FYI: Release Notes Aug 28th – Instances, Guns, Tools, Tons of BPs!!!

    I don't know what that website is and I'm not creating an account on it. Anyway it looks like its just a tracker.. I know the NAMES of the discoveries, but I have no fucking clue what a 'hard work potion' etc etc is. I am talking about screenshots of actual items+bps.
  7. Centech

    FYI: Release Notes Aug 28th – Instances, Guns, Tools, Tons of BPs!!!

    new items? So is anyone gonna post new discos or is everyone just gonna continue to bitch and moan about which planet is 1337 and which sux0rs?
  8. Centech

    stolen unlimited isis lr32 :"(

    Everyone knows its impossible to steal in EU. All trades are final.
  9. Centech

    About the biggest scam in EU history

    I predict this will be the greatest thread on EU history. Until it gets closed. How are sumah and rilort doing these days anyway?
  10. Centech

    Annual Financial Report 2011

    No trolling at all. Shouldn't they? What happens if everyone withdraws tomorrow? If they just rely on new depos to pay out old withdrawals, thats a ponzi scheme. See Bernie Maddoff and Full Tilt Poker.
  11. Centech

    Annual Financial Report 2011

    Every year returns get lower, and MA loses more money.. I'd really like to see the proof that they have all the money from player assets in an account somewhere. I get the feeling fort knox is empty.
  12. Centech


    I am not a crafter and I LOVE people who cut prices. Please cut them as low as possible, then take off another 10%. Thanks! What OP is advocating is called price fixing.
  13. Centech

    Question: DOA should be handgun or rifle?

    You need to remember that some of us have skilled rifle for 6 years and spent large sums of money on DOAs. This is the sort of thing that would be catastrophic if MA just decided to change it one day. I wonder how many people chiming in even own one..
  14. Centech

    News about the special item !!!

    Sure in the end a Warant got an uber item handed to him.. what else is new.. I'll tell you what's new.. It took.. 3? 4? Many years.. but.. MINDARK ACTUALLY FOLLOWED UP ON SOMETHING!!!!11111one!!!!111eleven
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  16. Centech

    Are you happy?

    I'm stuck with a valuable friend. I'm happy, hope you're happy too. One flash of light but no smoking pistol.
  17. Centech

    ? Planet Calypso Survey ?

    HOW DARE YOU QUESTION THE LEGITIMACY OF Humble Creator of Entropia Universe Jan!
  18. Centech

    Full 1250 TT ESI from Charybdis at Solfais Crater Group Hunt-May 13

    Aww I as all ready to rage that some noob with a cb5 got the loot but it turns out to be someone who actually deserves it. Gz!
  19. Centech

    MindArk Recruits New CTO From Ericsson

    Why is everyone so happy? You all know this guy personally and what a great leader he is? The goal sounds great and all, but what on earth does being Chief Technology Officer have to do with increasing the playerbase? Someone should buy MindArk a business textbook. Can anyone explain wtf that...
  20. Centech

    Discovery: Rare Robot Secret Transmitter

    Now that you are famous, care to explain your offensive name?
  21. Centech

    Discovery: Fenris Assault Shotgun

    While killing a boss mob? What does that even mean? Does the mob have a name?
  22. Centech

    Celebrities playing EU?

    Not sure I believe the Elijah Wood part but is sure sounds like your gf is familiar with EU. :D
  23. Centech

    Results from the inactive participants hunting event April 27-29

    Humble? Didn't you buy a fucking castle with our money?
  24. Centech

    ATH: First Tower... First ATH

    Uhm. That would be $550,000. Five Hundred and Fifty Thousand, US Dollars. Are you sure about that number Sir?
  25. Centech

    Legal to have Lottos or other drawings in game...?

    What a bunch of hypocrites.. if you are all so against gambling uninstall EU right now and never look back. As for the lottery bit.. he is obviously just using the lottery as an independent random number generator that is public. He could just as easily say he'll pick a number out of a hat but...