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    having a problem

    hello, ive been asking around on who to ask about getting my sign in and password to log into entropia life. i do have an accound thats why i cant create a new one. i took a 9 year break and now i cant remember my login and password for enropia life. my avatar name is harry RAVEN jackson...
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    whats the going price now days on some jarhead male armor?
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    new sig

    can anyone help me out on making a new sig for this forum? want a sig that has something to do with the society i am in and that is Pyrates of Calypso. if you can help that would be awesome! thanks ahead of time :)
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    need help!

    i was just wondering what laptop or comp to get or what parts to get for a comp to build my own to run PE smoothly. preferably want a laptop. any suggestions would help thanks :).
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    PC: full bear Male UNL

    whats the price on full bear Male UNL now days?
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    Buying: bear parts!

    Looking to buy bear parts or a full set when I return to eu next weekend. So if you know anyone selling let me know pls thanks. Also looking to buy full set of 5b plates. So if anyone knows of anyone selling a set pls let me know. Thanks
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    PC of a centurion coat (M)

    What is the going price of a centurion coat (M) wondering cause I'll be interested in buying one when I return to game. Thanks RAVEN
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    hello everyone!

    hey i have been playing awhile and was wondering if anyone would like to help me start a soc. i was thinking of calling it "The Chaos Agents" and i was thinking of setting some minimum requirements to be able to join. but i wont be playing PE till about febuary or so just want to get this...
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    (PC) ghoul set male

    what is the price of full ghoul (M)? just wondering im might be interested in buying a set.
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    PC: full set of ghoul (M)

    what is the going price for ghoul male now days im interested in buying a set when i return to the game.
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    CND apt.?

    what is the going rate for a CND appartment? i am interested in getting one if not to spendy :). thanks :).
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    PC: price on Apt. on CND

    what is the price that appartments are going for on CND? and if anyone is interested in selling one?
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    who thinks??

    who thinks we need a armax LA? with big armx like alpha's, old alpha's, prowlers, and stalkers? i think we do that would be fun :). i love the armax there fun haha :). i would have to go in the LA though with a friend haha but still would be fun. (SoFc)RAVEN
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    PC: bear (M) WO shins

    just wondering how much bear armor is without the shins? thanks
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    can someone?

    can someone make me a new sigge? just wondering :) thanks :).
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    WTB: full vigi (M)

    i want to buy full vigi male i am offering TT+550 so if anyone has a set that they want to get rid of ill pick it up for that price :). thanks
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    just wondering.

    how fast does biotropy go up? seems like i have been skilling it for awhile and i am only like lvl5 :P. just wondering :) thanks.
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    i think.

    i think i am going to start mining more often now :). i got my first global lastnight after dropping 20 bombs and not hitting anything. then bam 239 ped blausarium :). i was in pvp4 and then i started seeing neomaven was in the zone so i was scared as hell lol. but yeah i am going to start...
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    has anyone else?

    has anyone else had some wierd lagg ingame? yesterday i was lagging so bad against the argo south of nymph. i couldnt really do anything it sucked cause everyone around me was getting globals except me :/. and sometimes i get that in other spots too. was also hunting phasm youngs and had some...
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    PC: full gremlin (M)

    i want to know the pricetag on full gremlin (M) pls thanks :)
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    BUYING: vigi parts & Ek 2600

    buying vigi parts and Ek2600 more interested in the Ek-2600.
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    how many TP's?

    how many TP's are on amethera? i know i dont have them all that year and a half break killed me :P. let me know pls :) thanks :).
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    i want to know

    i want to know what peeps has the five sets of PoE armor ingame? doesnt NEVERDIE have a set?
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    PC: adj hero?

    whats the price on a adj hero now days? just want to know. thanks :)
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    who else is from AK?

    who else is from alaska here just wondering :D. i am from prince of wales island in southeast alaska. :P