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  1. bard119

    Improving the game with subsidies

    Does anyone remember the advertisements? (eg, Pepsi advertisement on a billboard as you pass through Port Atlantis) And there was an option to turn off ads in the options menu, which stated 'turning off ads can affect your loot returns.'
  2. bard119

    515k ath chat

    You've never heard of video editing software? Why would they continue to record if there are 0 clicks on the BP left?
  3. bard119

    Lemony Snicket's Unfortunate Tale - Hunting with Longtime

    1% TT loot buff - Changes name to MeLoveYou LongTime 5.05 Dolla :LOL:
  4. bard119

    How long to kill everything?

    In an alternate universe, every time you kill a creature, it splits into two.
  5. bard119

    Achievement: 200 Health

  6. 200-Health.jpg


    200 health
  7. bard119

    News: Announcing Triton Industries Shares

    Toilet paper (L) or (UL) ? :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
  8. bard119

    Public Apology.

    ** knock** **knock ** Would you like to take a look at some fine rubber nipples?
  9. Mindforce-Harmony.jpg


    Mindforce Harmony unlock
  10. Butchering.jpg


    Butchering unlock
  11. bard119

    What can you do with a hanger

    Or if you're a pirate, HangArrrrrrr!
  12. bard119

    Goatts Mart, Deer Mall Floor 1 Shop 2

    Pets, mindforce chips, weapons, and a few assorted items. Currently stocking multiple stacks of output amplifier components under markup (149-150%). Restocking regularly when I am on Calypso. Deer Lake Mall, Floor 1, shop 2.
  13. DeerMall-Map.jpg


    Deer Mall Map
  14. bard119

    If you had 20k PED to "invest" in the game right now, how would you spend it?

    1000 clicks on EP4 on full condition. Because I'm going to get two ATHs in a row! :hammer: :dunce: :dunce: :dunce:
  15. gold-ingot.jpg


    gold ingot markup
  16. bard119

    Meta Codex

    😄 😄 😄
  17. 42.jpg


    42 Life
  18. bard119

    using entropia pocket when you dont own a mobile phone ?

    Are you willing to bet your entire PED card and items that you will never fall victim to any type of security breach, ever? Keylogger, phishing attempt, server breach, someone watching you enter the password over your shoulder, or randomly guessing your password...
  19. bard119

    Suggestion: EU needs a VOIP system

    Yes, actually, I believe I looted a few from other creatures, but I don't remember which. I'm probably not the only one. I assume many other people have looted them too. I don't think they were that rare during the time when they were promoting the VOIP service.