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    Buying: Cld

    bump it up!
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    Buying: Cld

    Buying CLD@1400 ped each. Add me ingame if you wanna sell, my inbox here is full. Cheers!
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    Selling: Cld

    I can take the last 7!
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    Selling: Emik Enigma L4 UL with great tirs

    20k offered.
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    The great reputation spreading thread

    Merry +Repmas everyone :D
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    Question: Is it possible to build a lag free setup?

    Thanks for the reply guys! Not gonna upgrade yet, since i have a decent setup. But it's always good to do some research before I start spending monies :)
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    Question: Is it possible to build a lag free setup?

    Pretty slick! Up and running yet?
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    Question: Is it possible to build a lag free setup?

    Lol, that would be an idea.. Don't you have a pretty mean setup Kimmi? SLI and whutnut?
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    Question: Is it possible to build a lag free setup?

    Just curious, Is it possible to build a rig that won't lag at the bigger 50-100 ppl events, like sand king or the arkadian events? Or are the servers lagging anyway, no matter how a badass-computer you have? 100 avatars on radar and 60 fps would be sweet, instead of my 9 fps.
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    Mindark Semi Annual Financials 2013

    Now I'm curious to read falling sky-threads from 2005-2006. Anyone have some golden ones?
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    Selling: Modified EWE EP-40 Mercenary

    What's the offer atm?
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    Selling: Misc Makeup (eye shadow, lip liner, face paint ect)

    Have 322 ped of misc makeup items that I want to sell. Give me some offers in a PM or chat me ingame! BO 350 ped /Krimanji Krimey Groening
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    Selling: Tier Components 1-10, Armors, Gunz..

    Selling some stuff! Tier Components. I-X. Div Alien loots Ghost, Gremlin, Vigi M Apis Might be selling the shop as well if I get any good offers. Emerald Lakes Mall Floor 2, second shop to the right. heya!
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    Selling: Uber Armors (L)

    Bump it up!
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    Buying: Buying CLDs

    Still buying!
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    Selling: Uber Armors (L)

    Unloading some of my limited armors. Atm sentinel and shadow parts. Both male and female. More armors coming soon. Placed in shopkeeper inside Emerald Lakes Mall, floor 2, second shop to the right. Enjoy!
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    Buying: Buying CLDs

    Buying CLDs @ 1400 ped Hit me with a PM or add me ingame /Krimanji Krimey Groening
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    I'm new. I mean NEW! Tips and tricks?

    Welcome! Being a newcomer today is totally different from when I joined the universe back in 2006. So I am also pretty curious about what people will tell you what to do :) The one thing that I have to say is that patience is golden. Good luck, and will see ya out there!
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    Selling: Chronicle M (6 parts)

    up up and away
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    Buying: BLP SIB weapon, mid-high level

    I have a tier 7 Svempa T15 for sale at +25k. Hit me with a PM if interested.
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    Help: Stuck in Space

    Dark fudge.. Now I'm stuck as well.
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    Selling: Chronicle M (6 parts)

    Let's hump it up!
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    Selling: Chronicle M (6 parts)

    Bump it up, Scotty!
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    Selling: Chronicle M (6 parts)

    Shabba ranks.
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    Selling: Chronicle M (6 parts)

    Selling/Trading this fine piece of armor. Gloves are L, rest is UL. Lots of monies spent tiering it, Tiers are ranging from 2.7 to 3.5. Price 45k Trades possibe, Items of interest: CLD, High dmg handguns (X5, Smugglers, HL, L4 etc). Hit me with a PM if you have an offer.